5 Stocks Built For Every Portfolio


Investing in stocks for the long-term isn’t an easy task.  For starters, one of the most recognizable stocks index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, contains 30 of the largest and most recognizable stocks that investors are familiar with.  The Nasdaq index consists of the 100 largest technology focused names while the S&P 500 index consists of the 500 largest corporations. Having a mentor such as Jason Bond Picks can be a huge benefit. This alone is enough for...

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Earnings Season: What You Must Know as a Trader

Earnings Season

Investors and traders either love or hate earnings season as the four-times a year event is associated with large price swings in either direction for a plethora of stocks. Sign Up for Jeff & Jason’s Top 5 Stock Ideas That Will Erupt With Trump in Office! When Is Earnings Season? Earnings season refers to the period in which publically traded corporation release their financial results along with a business update as well as their future outlook. Typically speaking,...

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Warren Buffett’s Stock Picking Strategy

Warren Buffett’s stock picking strategy Famed investor Warren Buffett’s stock picking strategy has withheld the test of time. The billionaire, dubbed “The Oracle of Omaha,” is considered to be one of the smartest investors to have ever lived. This is partly due to the fact that he hasn’t changed his investment approach throughout his career which spans decades. Buffett has never shied away from sharing some of his greatest investment philosophies. Novice investors...

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Must-Know Tips for Finding Stocks with Explosive Value

finding stocks

Finding stocks Finding stocks that are going to explode in price (100%+ kind of gains) is not rocket science. It’s not magic. Sure, there’s a little bit of chance involved but in order to increase your odds of finding the next “big one” there are certain strategies that you can deploy to find that next big, undervalued stock that is ready to explode in value. Sign Up for Jeff & Jason’s Top 5 Stock Ideas That Will Erupt With Trump in Office! Here...

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A Fun Infograph About Investing In The Stock Market

Here’s a neat little infograph we came across which was recently released by Timothy Sykes. It has some good information which is easily displayed in a fun graphic.

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