Natural Gas Stock for Next Week 9/1/17 $GUSH $UGAZ $GASL $ERX

Natural gas recovered nicely this week after Storm Harvey devastated Texas. The video below (thanks to Chart Guys) also shows that the technical charts for Natural Gas are looking quite Bullish in the medium term. Natural gas has a few stocks and ETFs that are poised to run next week but I have selected my favorite one to play. Check out $GUSH $UGAZ $GASL $ERX Tip: Although Natural gas stocks are seasonal, the commercial use of natural gas is predicted to rise 6 percent in...

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Stockwatch list $EARS 9/1/17 $HIMX $EIGR and $LQMT all Winners!

Checkout this awesome success story from a student that recently joined my mentors premium stock trading education system! He turned $5k into $120k in just three months as a student! Pretty amazing story and just shows what is possible if you work your tail off in this industry! If you look through my watchlists from the last week or so, many of the stocks that I have documented as bullish have made some nice moves upwards in price. Many have reached my price targets...

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Petra Hess Millionaire Roadmap

Jason Bond continues to add to his flagship stock trading mentoring service, Millionaire Roadmap, by adding a new service by Petra Hess to the Millionaire Roadmap service – which subscribers will have access to for FREE. Petra Hess Millionaire Roadmap service is currently also offered as a stand alone service called Petra Picks. By adding Petra Hess Millionaire Roadmap service for no extra cost, subscribers are getting a service that sells for $3999 yearly for no extra...

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Millionaire RoadMap Success Story

I came across this really nice Millionaire Roadmap success story this morning. What is the Millionaire Roadmap ? Millionaire Roadmap is a premium stock trading education and mentoring program that is unlike any of the others out there. You can read more about it here. I want to share this amazing story with you to inspire you – it has inspired me! I found the original post on Jason Bonds Facebook page and it was written by a guy called Mikel. Here is the picture that...

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Stock Watchlist 8/30/17 $CDNA $HIMX $WATT

Good morning traders! Here are my top stock picks this morning! Hopefully there is some charts here that have not yet come up on your own scans/radar. Check out my other recommended resources that I have used to make serious money trading stocks! $CDNA – Fibonacci retracement play. Big bullish candle 4 days ago on big volume then a retracement (or flag if you like). I took a position in this yesterday because of the first green candle day after the flag. I wrote about...

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Best Penny Stock to Trade: $LQMT

I am keeping a very close watch on $LQMT, which is the best penny stock to trade IMO at the moment. I previously discussed this stock HERE when it made an initial ramp up on volume to $0.32. The chart I alerted earlier this month is shown below. Since the start of August we saw a pullback and consolidation base starting to form around $0.31 per share. Today we have seen a nice bullish candle forming on decent volume. I am anticipating a breakout of the $0.32 level which...

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The Top Stock Picks I am Watching 8/28/17 $SITO $EYES $EIGR

top stock picks

If you like some of these stock ideas, check out my guide to getting free stock watchlists from a group of millionaire traders. Watchlists are emailed directly to you with helpful due diligence and insights. Potential trades for everyone from short biased day traders to long term buys – very helpful! I recently joined FDA Insider Alerts which is a biotech stock due diligence service which I am finding provides excellent due diligence on these types of stocks. I wrote a...

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Stocks to Watch 8/28/17 $ABIL $CLF $MOSY $MSDI $SALT $SEDG

Before I launch into my favorite plays for this week, please be sure to check out my recommended resources page that details some of the FREE but very useful stock trading tools, DVDs and other educational products that helped turn me into a profitable trader. I often get my stock pick ideas from a few millionaire traders that have a lot more experience than I do. If you want to get these free stock updates from them as well, check out my step-by-step guide on how to get...

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Market Overview Week Ahead 8/28/17 $SPY $DJI $AAPL $AA $FCX $MOSY $AMZN $TSLA

Check out this fantastic market overview video courtesy of ZoZo Stock Watch. He gives details about all the major indices both charts and world events etc that might influence stocks. The video also details all the earnings calls that are coming up during the coming week. Overall a very nice summary to listen to while doing some stock research this lazy Sunday! He includes a nice summary of stocks that are bullish for this coming week (skip to about 30 minutes in). I covered...

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Top Stocks to Watch 8/25/17 $MOSY $HZNP $GV

  Having the Right Tools, Mentors, Mindset, Rules, and Discipline are all keys to succeed as a trader. Here is a link to one of my mentors that changed my trading life and he can help you find stocks that make big moves like the ones I put in these watchlists. If you like biotech stocks, I highly recommend you check out FDA Insider Alerts by Kyle Dennis (my review here). I am a member and I love the due diligence and longer term swing alerts based on upcoming catalyst...

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