Millionaire RoadMap Success Story

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I came across this really nice Millionaire Roadmap success story this morning. What is the Millionaire Roadmap ? Millionaire Roadmap is a premium stock trading education and mentoring program that is unlike any of the others out there. You can read more about it here.

I want to share this amazing story with you to inspire you – it has inspired me! I found the original post on Jason Bonds Facebook page and it was written by a guy called Mikel. Here is the picture that Mikel posted showing himself and his family.

Millionaire Roadmap Success

Mikels Millionaire Roadmap Success Story

Mikel has worked as a financial advisor for the last 12 years. Mikel has been very successful setting up a practice that has helped his clients to manage their money and save for their retirement. Up until about February 2016, Mikel was doing exceptionally well and life was very good for him, his wife and his 4 kids.

Unfortunately, in 2016 his father-in-law died and the family had to make a difficult choice to sell the successful practice and move closer to his mother-in-law to help her through this difficult time.

The person who bought his practice decided that paying him was optional!!! Mikel did not get paid for the sale of his practice and ended up with no income and the majority of his net worth tied up in home equity.

Mikel was left in the rather scary situation of having to find quick ways to make money for his family. He had to take a job at a mortgage company that he hated just to make ends meet. Jobs really suck, especially if you hate what you are doing!

Mikel had traded before but unfortunately he had not had success trading stocks – he had lost a 6 figure amount trying to trade his own account. Not good! This is what happens to most new traders that I know – initially they lose money.

Mikel Millonaire Roadmap Success

Mikel did something that I did a few years ago – he made the commitment to learn from a millionaire trader. He purchased Jason Bonds Millionaire Roadmap program – his top premium program that is not cheap!

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Mikel started with a pretty small trading account of just $5k. He followed Jason Bond into his recent IWM trade and make $12,000 in a day!! That is amazing considering he only had a trading account of $5k! But Mikels Millionaire Roadmap success story doesn’t end here! He continued to trade the stocks that were alerted to him and turned his $5k account into $120k in less than 3 months!!!! This changed his misfortune around and he was able to pay off debt he had recently accumulated and start to feel financially secure again!

Here is a quote from Mikel to Jason Bond on his facebook page:
“I tell you this because I am grateful. I am thankful to you and your process. I enjoy trading as it has always been a part of my life. Now, I am actually making money and am able to spend time with my family every day. My wife is still very skeptical and won’t let me trade too much at any given time, but I feel that as I continue to show her how I am able to accomplish this, she will support me more and more.You seem like an incredible individual and you have inspired me to become better in all aspects of my life. I am looking forward to meeting you in Miami.”

I love hearing these kind of stories and hopefully this inspires you as much as it inspired me when I read it. I am not a member yet of Jason Bonds Millionaire Roadmap (I am member of Kyle Dennis FDA Insider Alerts and Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading Alerts) but I am seriously considering joining the Millionaire Roadmap this year. The reason is that I keep seeing the price coming down and more services added to the Millionaire Roadmap for FREE. The value for money of this service is becoming so ridiculous that I will very likely but it soon!

What is Included In The Millionaire Roadmap Mentoring Service?

There is so much included in Millionaire Roadmap and it is growing every day! The most exciting opportunity that it offers is intensive 1-on-1 educational mentoring by Jason Bond. There are many skeptics out there so Jason Bond includes a live stream of his trading to prove he is legitimate!  The Millionaire Roadmap gives you a unique opportunity to learn the exact methods that Jason Bond and Kyle Dennis have used to make Millions of dollars trading stocks. Kyle Dennis made over a million dollars learning from the Millionaire Roadmap (read my review here) and now he teaches others in the MRM service to do the same!

The Millionaire Roadmap is worth $33,000 per year! 84% OFF Via My Link

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Here is a breakdown of the value of every service and product offered in the Millionaire Roadmap.

Jason Bond Picks – $1596 yearly

Day Trading – $3588 yearly

Top Stock Picks (Jeff Bishops ETF service) – $1999 yearly

Petra Picks Platinum (Large cap stocks)  – $3999 yearly

DVD Combo Pack (Master Jason and Jeffs trading strategies) – $4996

Millionaire Roadmap (watch Jason and Jeff trade live) – $9999

Top Options Picks – $3999 yearly

Mastermind Meetups – $999

Startup Business Camp – $1999

Total Value = $33,174

Included in Millionaire Roadmap: daily video watch lists, private chat rooms (worth $5000 alone!), live trading streaming, daily video wrap-ups, webinars, and instructional DVD’s (worth many thousands of dollars alone!). So if you want to be the next Millionaire Roadmap success story click the link below!

Checkout How This Millionaire Roadmap Student Turned $15k into $2.8 Million in 3 years!


You can be the next Millionaire Roadmap success story – the service is rapidly become the industry leader in stock trading education. Jason Bond continues to add insane value to the service at a price that is affordable for all.




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