Petra Hess Millionaire Roadmap

Jason Bond continues to add to his flagship stock trading mentoring service, Millionaire Roadmap, by adding a new service by Petra Hess to the Millionaire Roadmap service – which subscribers will have access to for FREE. Petra Hess Millionaire Roadmap service is currently also offered as a stand alone service called Petra Picks. By adding Petra Hess Millionaire Roadmap service for no extra cost, subscribers are getting a service that sells for $3999 yearly for no extra cost. How is that for amazing value!?

Petra Hess Millionaire Roadmap

Petra Hess actually started as a student of Jason Bond Picks Millionaire Roadmap. I wrote a full profile about her here. Petra Hess prefers larger cap stocks and she made about a $1 Million trading in the Millionaire Roadmap service before she started her own service. Petra Picks has been very successful so far with wins like these recent ones (below).

petra hess millionaire roadmap

Millionaire Roadmap is rapidly becoming the industry leader for stock trading education and mentoring. It features so many millionaire trading experts with the Petra Hess Millionaire Roadmap service the most recent addition. The service provides one-on-one mentoring, video lessons and live streaming of trades in real-time. Jason Bond also has 2 instructional DVD’s available: “The Basics of Swing Trading” & “The House Always Wins” that he has made available to Mentor clients for free (worth $1,494). It is pretty easy to see the value of the Millionaire Roadmap Service.

How to Join Millionaire Roadmap

If you choose to join Millionaire Roadmap, I highly recommend signing up with your email address here and waiting for one of the frequent discount sales that Jason Bond will invite you to via email every few months. The prices can be slashed by 50% or more so it is worth waiting for his email! Additionally, if you sign up at the link above you will receive free email stock watchlists that I find very helpful.

Jason Bond continues to add to the Millionaire Roadmap service and I am truly amazed at the value for money that he is currently offering in this service. I think that this has been his secret sauce when it comes to making millions of dollars in his business – he provides such great value to his customers (I am one of them!) that it is a no brainer to signup! If you are unfamiliar with Jason Bond, be sure to check out my review of his core swing trading service and see how I made $50k learning to trade his strategy.

Example of a Stress Free Swing Trade by Jason Bond

A common complaint that Jason Bond ‘haters’ will shout is that Jason ‘front runs stocks because he is a scam!’. I have never witnessed this type of trading behavior from Jason. In fact I have only ever seen him buy stocks and hold them for months – making huge profits for himself AND his subscribers! Here is a recent example. As you can see from the chart below, nobody was front running subscribers in this stock – it just continued upwards for months after the Jason Bond alert.

Petra Hess Millionaire Roadmap – Conclusions

Jason Bonds Millionaire Roadmap continues to add world class talent to the service. The service is already exceptionally good value for money and the addition of Petra Hess to the Millionaire Roadmap service just adds more value. My advice: Check out all the service has to offer, enter your email when prompted and wait for a deep discount via email to join one of the most popular trading services to ever exist!

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