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Swing Trading Strategy – How You can Learn From a Millionaire Trader

I learned my swing trading strategy from one the best stock traders in the world. The cool thing is he has recently released a DVD detailing his full swing trading strategy in great detail, the very same strategy that I used last month to make winning trades like $ROX. I really don’t know how long he will run this promotion but I suggest signing up to his free webinar and free DVD deal (the DVD retails for $997!) while it is still up. Read on to get an overview of what I learned from the DVD ‘The Basics of Swing Trading’ by Jason Bond.

swing trading strategy

I highly recommend this DVD if you want to learn 3 key swing trading patterns to make money in the stock market now! Click on the image or this link to download your free copy

Jason Bond – The Basics of Swing Trading DVD

For all the new readers that haven’t yet heard of Jason Bond, he is considered by many to be one of the worlds top swing traders. Jason has made millions of dollars trading the patterns that he discusses in great depth in this DVD. When I first joined Jason Bond Picks chatroom, this was one of the first DVDs that I bought and studied carefully. Jason Bond started to develop his swing trading strategy back in 2001 to escape the 9-5 grind of being a school teacher making only $25k per year.

Why Do I think you MUST have this swing trading DVD?

Quite simply it changed my financial life by teaching me my current swing trading strategy. It is 16 hours of teaching from Jason, teaching you the basics of trading. Here is some of the things that you will learn if you watch this swing trading DVD:

  1. What stocks to buy to capture 5%- 10% wins by picking the right market cap stocks that have institutional buyers. Tip: $100M market cap stocks can make huge moves, doubling your money in a few days due to institutional buying. Any small cap stocks can move very rapidly but will be unlikely purchases by institutions.
  2. Why you should buy high Beta volatile stocks and how to find them!
  3. How to narrow down your screened stocks to make your ‘master’ watch list.
  4. How to use a Bounce swing trade chart patterns to make massive profits!
  5. The best FREE charting software to use.
  6. How to use Momentum, Volume and Trend.
  7. Hundreds of chart examples that he explains how to pull everything together and become a great trader.
  8. You will understand how catalysts work to drive a stock. He shows you how to find the catalysts before everyone else!
  9. Learn short selling in detail.
  10. He shows you what NOT to do – examples of trades gone wrong and what you can learn from his mistakes over the years.

My Experience trading Jason Bonds Swing Trading Strategy

Read about how I made $50,000 with Jason Bonds strategy

Needless to say, I love his strategy – he is obviously an honest and smart trader. When you watch the DVD, it is very obvious that Jason knows his profession very well. There is no show off cars like orange lambos in the video! He doesn’t claim to win every trade – I have had some of my biggest losses using this strategy as well as my biggest winning trades. It is important that you know that what you get with Jason Bond is an education – not some strategy that never fails. Jason takes losses regularly – unfortunately I do as well! The key that Jason emphasizes in his webinars and videos is that you must cut those losses short so that you can be profitable overall.


The Basics of Swing Trading DVD is packed with ‘gold nuggets’ for the experienced trader as well as containing a ton of great information for beginner traders. Jason is a great guy and I promise you that you will gain a lot of knowledge that will help you gain financial freedom from the slavery of modern day life – if you work hard, dedicate yourself to learning and are prepared to take calculated risks.


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