Top Stock Picks $CDNA Update and $EARS Swing Trade

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Good Morning All! What a month this has been in the stock market! I have had several nice wins on stocks that have been presented in this blog recently. These have included $ZAGG $HIMX and LQMT as well as many other big movers! The awesome swing trading strategy that I use to find these stocks is detailed here. I highly recommend that you check it out – I haven’t looked back since I signed up for the FDA Insider Alerts, the winners just keep on coming!

Update on $CDNA Bullish Flag Pattern

Back in August I did a short section in a post about CDNA. The other two stocks I discussed ($HIMX and $WATT) both did exceptionally well and were huge winners for me. However, $CDNA was initially a Fibonacci retracement play, on the first green candle after the large move up in August. It spiked a little bit up into the low $3’s the very next day but did not reach my price target range of $3.5 – $4 per share. Not all plays work out of course! However, I am revisiting this chart (below) because I really like the tight bullish flag pattern that is forming on the daily chart. I like this bullish consolidation very much and there is also a ‘golden cross’ of the 50MA and 200MA on the daily chart. I realize that the Golden cross is a lagging indicator but it is still nice to see and to have add to the overall chart story. With a potential new product launch in the works and a small float of only $16 Million, $CDNA is on watch for a breakout play in the coming weeks. I just thought I would bring it to the attention of any traders out there who like these types of bullish flag plays! The bullish flag chart pattern is quite reliable and I am sure when this starts to breakout it will pop up on a lot of other traders scans.

bullish flag

$EARS Swing Trade

$EARS is a whole different trade for me. I currently have a speculative position in this stock in anticipation of a bullish run up to a catalyst event in the fourth quarter. The chart is very choppy and not exactly confidence inspiring, but the trading strategy that I follow has a 75% success rate for me so far – patience is certainly required though, as these trades are medium term swing trades. No nice bullish flag breakout on $EARS but if you squint you can kind of see an upwards trend :). Plenty of overhead resistance on the daily chart but in a month or so I am aiming to see this grind upwards towards $1 per share, based on the Catalyst event (Phase 3 data for acute hearing loss expected in the fourth quarter). The only nice thing about the daily chart though is the higher lows! We shall see!

If you want to learn more about how I learned to trade stocks or see where I get some of my stock ideas, alerts and news from, check out my Jason Bond Picks Review and FDA Inside Alerts Review for more information.

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