Watchlist top stocks to buy 8/2/17 $LQMT and $DVAX

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Top Stocks To Buy This Week (8/1/17)

  1. $LQMT is my favorite penny stock breakout this week. I don’t usually like sub-dollar stocks but this one is building some nice momentum and breaking out! Check out the daily chart here this is breaking out above the $0.3 level so I am looking for $0.4 – $0.5 per share. Maybe a longer hold for me – we shall see! I really like the strong breakout volume and price action on this one – usually when I think that it pulls back though so be careful if entering here! That charts look good on most time frames – we could be on the verge of a huge breakout here.
  2. $DVAX I discussed this stock before it made a 50% move upwards recently. I figured it might fill the gap to $12.6 and it exceeded my target massively. Huge win! I am looking for it to base, consolidate or flag before taking a position at these new highs. There is some short interest judging by the sentiment on twitter but who knows – this is trading ! Check out the chart here

Top Stocks to Buy for 7/25/17 $DVAX and $NUS





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