Five Tips to Finding Momentum Stocks

How To Find Momentum Stocks

How To Find Momentum Stocks (stocks with upward momentum)   Momentum stock trading is a well established method of trading that has been exceptionally profitable for traders for decades. Many stock traders have created huge amounts of wealth by finding momentum stocks. I love momentum stocks and this article will hopefully give you some helpful tips and tricks on finding momentum stocks as early as possible. Scanning for momentum stocks is not always easy but it can...

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Millionaire Traders Tips to Day Trading Only 1 Hour Per Day


Day Trading CAN make you very wealthy. Learn how to become a day trading millionaire! Here are a few tips that millionaire day traders use to make consistent profits in the market. Many use first hour trading strategies that we reveal here. If you are new then it might be worth considering day trading stock picks.   Do you dream of becoming a day trading millionaire? I have written many profiles and articles on this blog all about the many successful day traders that I...

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Online Stock Trading (5 Simple Steps for Researching a Stock Online)

online stock trading

Online stock trading is not for everyone. There is a lot of things to consider before you even consider placing a trade, it is important that you have a complete research system in place to do your due diligence on every stock that you are considering buying. This can be a confusing and intimidating task for the new stock trader. In this article, I present you with a simple 5 Step formula to help you on your online stock trading journey. Disclosure: Please note that some of...

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3 Simple Stock Picking Tips

Stock Picking

Stock Picking is Not Easy!   Investors and traders know that stock picking is the first and most important hurdle to successful stock trading. Stock picking is a skill that comes with reading a lot and many years of experience. There are some general rules you can use to maximize the odds that your stock picks will be profitable . This short article will hopefully help you increase those odds so that you can maximize your profits and minimize your...

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The 5 Advantages of Being a Day Trader

Day Trader

So You Want to Be a Day Trader?   As I discussed in my last article, stock trading use to be only for professional stock traders. I think that new traders today realize how lucky we are to be able to day trade without restrictions. Day trading has changed the stock trading landscape forever.   Disclosure: Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that we may earn a commission, at no cost to you, if you decide to make a purchase...

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How to Choose a Stock Broker

Stock Broker

Why Do you Need a Stock Broker?   Picking a hot stock is just the start in making money trading stocks. You can pick the hottest penny stock but without a stock broker you will not be executing any buy orders. Today, traders do not usually rely on advice from a stock broker but it can be very helpful. Still you do require a good brokers services to invest in any stock. Back in the old days, you did not have a choice of what type of broker to use – there was only...

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10 Rules for Successful Stock Trading

Penny Stock Blog

No penny stock blog would be complete without an article on trading rules.   Nobody really likes rules – especially not stock traders! However, all the millionaire traders that I have learned from (including this one and this one) got to where they are today because they stick to their stock trading rules. Period. In the stock market, Rules = Money. Break your trading rules and you will most likely lose a lot of money (I’ve found this out the hard way!). It...

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Steven Dux Review (Scam or LEGIT?)

best options picks service

Steven Dux Profitly student and Timothy Sykes Millionaire Trading Challenge Student Turned $27k into $1MM in 1 Year from Penny Stock Alerts. This Steven Dux review will expose the truth about the Steven Dux course and alerts service. We reveal and discuss some of the Steven Dux strategy.   The registered Steven Dux Profitly user profile shows he has achieved a profit of over $2.4 Million from trading stocks. The list of stocks trades is imported directly from a broker...

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Tim Grittani: Millionaire Trader

Tim Grittani

Tim Grittani trader – What is the secret to the Tim Grittani strategy?   Before I get started on the profile of Tim Grittani, please check out my favorite tools and free swing trading course that I have used to make $50,000 trading stocks! I highly recommend that you read my review of the free swing trading online course (worth $1000!) for more details on how to download the course for free and to see if the trading strategies and chart patterns would work for...

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FREE Online Trading Resources

Do You Want Some Free Online Trading Resources?   Online trading is a very difficult career and it is especially difficult for beginners just starting out. We have put together a few resources to make your life easier if you want to start trading stocks! Be warned – online trading is not for everyone. You can maximize your chances of success by learning as much as you can about trading stocks. Just remember that only about 10% of traders make money in the...

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