How to Find the Best Stock Picking Service (Raging Bull trading reviews)

How to Find the Best Stock Picking Service and Our Raging Bull Trading Reviews. Raging Bull Stock Reviews – Which Stock Picking Service is The Best? Is it Raging Bull Trader Jason Bond? Read on for more reviews from a real member.


So how do you find the best stock picking service?

Lets face it – Stock trading is hard. Very hard. Many beginner traders never ‘make it’ with 90% of traders giving up before they are profitable.

The process of learning to trade successfully can take many years and even the traders that manage to make a few profitable trades, still struggle to find consistency. Stock trading can be a ‘every man for themselves’ game, people guard profitable strategies like their lives depend on it.

Rarely will true millionaire traders take the time to share their profitable stock trading strategies. Would you like to learn how to find the best stock picking service?

If so, then please read on!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that we may earn a commission, at no cost to you, if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Please understand that we have experience with these companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions that we may receive if you decide to buy something through our links. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


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Raging Bull Trading Reviews

I recently discovered a superb stock trading website called Raging Bull that is exactly what you are looking for!

If you visit Raging Bull  ( reviews) right now, you will no longer need to keep looking to find the best stock picking service!  Raging Bull is a website that has several world-class stock alerts newsletters that are all run by millionaire traders that dedicated to stock trading education and full transparency.


Raging Bull Trading Reviews


The goal of Raging Bull stock picks was to bring together top veteran millionaire traders and turn YOU into one of them! This is accomplished through the use of chatrooms, webinars, watch lists, live trading, and in-depth video lessons.


Raging Bull Stock Trading Reviews

One of the worst things you can do as a novice or experienced trader is to rely on dodgy stock trading chatrooms or newsletters. Learning from the millionaire traders on Raging Bull stock alerts will significantly speed up your learning curve.

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Raging Bull Founders – What is and how can it help you?


The best stock picking service on Raging Bull

Raging Bull Trader

Introducing Raging Bull trader – Jeff Bishop. Jeff founded to bring together a wide range of stock trading experts that all have quite different stock trading strategies. Jeff is also the founder of Top Stock Picks and several other successful businesses. You can get access to all of the best stock traders at, here is an overview of the experts that currently work at

  1. Jeff Bishop, Weekly Money Multiplier – Our Review.
  2. Jason Bond Picks, Swing Trading and Millionaire Roadmap – Our Review.
  3. Kyle Dennis Biotech stock picks. Kyle runs the Nucleus Program (our review), Sniper Report (long term biotech stocks) and FDA Insider Alerts (our review).
  4. Petra Hess, Petra Picks – Our Review.
  5. Taylor Conway, PennyPro Day Trading – Our Review.
  6. Davis Martin, DailyProfitMachine – Our Review.
  7. Jeff William, PennyPro – Our Review.

As you can see, we have written many Raging Bull trading reviews – these reviews are our own personal experiences with the experts and the stock trading services. However, I want to make it clear that I am an experienced stock trader and I don’t just blindly copy alerts.

If you are a beginner and you just try to ‘mirror’ the trade alerts from Raging Bull experts, you may lose money. This is why is suspect that there is a wide range of positive and negative Raging Bull trading reviews on the internet. Your opinion of the services is likely to be dependent on your level of experience and risk taking comfort levels.

raging bull stock reviews

Raging Bull stock reviews


For example, if you chase an alert that Jason Bond sends out, you may lose money. The more experienced trader would do their own due diligence and wait for a pull back in the stock if they decide that they want to purchase it. The second trader may make money from the alert while the first trader may lose money. Obviously, this would lead to very different reviews of the service.


The best stock picking service on Raging Bull

The Winner is Jason Bond Picks! The best stock picking service for beginners on Raging Bull is Jason Bond Picks.

By far the best stock picking service for new traders on Raging Bull is run by Jason Bond. Jason Bond started his stock alerts service in 2011. Jason is primarily a small cap swing trader. Jason Bond has a superb track record of profitable trades and he is an excellent teacher. Jason was a school teacher before he became a trader!

In 2013 alone he made over $235,000 in trading profits. Typical swing trades that he alerts in real-time, usually net 5-10%+ profits over the course 1-4 days. Simple. Repeat until RICH!

Read my FULL Review

Other stock picking services on Raging Bull are also excellent! The other services include PennyPro, Top Stock Picks, Petra Picks and Biotech Breakouts. These are world-class trading services, that involve more sophisticated strategies than employed by Jason Bond. I have tried all of them and they are all superb! Please check them out at your leisure at the Raging Bull website.


Best stock picking service

Raging Bull Trader – Jason Bond and Kyle Dennis share some champagne!



The best stock picking service for biotech traders

We also love Kyle Dennis and his Biotech Breakouts service, Nucleus program and FDA insider alerts trading education. You should read more about these awesome trade alerts and give them a try! Kyle Dennis has been trading alongside Jason Bond for a couple of years now (he was actually Jason’s student).

Kyle Dennis famously traded $15,000 into over $1 Million in just a few short years. We have found his FDA Insider Alerts to be very profitable. We are also members of Sniper Report, his long-term swing trades. These stocks have proven to be OK so far but only time will tell if our test account is profitable over the longer term.


The best stock picking service for options trading

Jeff Bishop recently launched an options trading service called Weekly Money Multiplier. His service has some amazing reviews so far with many people claiming to have made 100% or more in some of the options trades!

Recently, Jason Bond made over $100,000 on a single options trade that Jeff alerted him to. Crazy! Check out our review of Jeff Bishop to learn more!

Jeff claims that this is one of the few stock trading alerts services where it is possible to exactly mirror the person who is making the alerts. This is because options contracts are not influenced by the alerts and thus you can buy them at the same price as Jeff himself.


raging bull stock trading reviews

The best stock picking service for day trading and short selling stocks

We mainly write Raging Bull trading reviews, but for day trading we have found that Timothy Sykes has one of the best stock picking services around. He focuses on short selling ‘scammy’ companies that trade in the $1 -$10 per share range.

Tim Sykes stock picking services have been around for many years and have created many millionaire stock trading students. I have been a member of Tim Alerts and Pennystocking Silver Alerts services that Tim Sykes owns – I learned a ton about trading and even made some money trading his alerts. You can read more about my experience with these services here.


Conclusions – Best Stock Picking Services (Raging Bull Trading Reviews)

In this article I have given you a ton of links to my personal reviews of many different stock picking services. Be sure to read my articles carefully before purchasing a service to make sure that the style of trading will suit you.

For example, I hate day trading and I nearly always lose money if I try and copy a day traders strategy. My preferred style is swing trading where I can relax more and manage the position over a longer-term period. You might be the opposite and love fast profits in a day!

You can check out the other reviews (links below) on this site and on Google for more info.


Raging Bull Trader


Whichever stock picking service you choose to learn from, make sure that you don’t just copy the trade alerts and that you put time and effort into learning the underlying strategy. Your trading account will thank you for it!

Good luck!



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I hope you found this article useful with the Raging Bull trading reviews describing the best stock picking service that you can buy! The Raging Bull trading experts are some of the best in the world. Make sure you check out all our reviews.

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