How Does Jason Bond Find His Stocks?

How does Jason Bond find his stocks that he trades? This article will give you an insight into the Jason Bond Strategy and access to a special Jason Bond training session that is 100% FREE! Learn Jason Bonds three trading patterns that consistently deliver 20% profits in 1-5 days!


I am a huge fan of the Jason Bond strategy for trading small cap stocks. why? Because it works! Jason Bond has a proven track record of swing trading stocks for massive profits.

I am a REAL member of  his stock alerts service, Jason Bond Picks, and it is the best stock alerts service that I have ever been a part of.

Jason Bond might be mad at me for writing this Jason Bond Picks review because I am going to reveal EVERYTHING about his stock trading alerts and strategy.

No stone will be left unturned! If you do not have a full understanding of how Jason Bonds strategy works by the end of this article then I have failed.


If you are in a hurry (or just want to learn Jason Bonds strategy ASAP!):

Watch this special 100% FREE Jason Bond training masterclass that outlines his winning strategy for trading stocks. This is 8 hours of his best secrets that usually sells for $497!


Jason bond three trading patterns


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Who is Jason Bond?

Jason Bond Training


Jason Bond was a school teacher before he became a trader. He was horribly in debt ($250,000) and frustrated that he was providing so much value to his students but still sinking financially. I think we all might know that feeling….


Jason worked multiple side hustles including coaching sports and repairing roofs while working 100 hours a week. He knew there must be another way. For Jason Bond, that way was through stock trading.


Jason finally left his low paying teaching job in 2011 after he started to make a ton of money trading penny stocks. He was making WAY more trading stocks than at his job. Quiting his 9-5 job allowed him to focus 100% of his energy on his stock trading.

As his success grew, Jason setup his flagship stock trading alerts service called Jason Bond Picks. Jason Bond Picks is now one of the most popular stock alerts and education services in the world. It has over 15,000 paying members at the time of writing. Crazy right!?

If Jason Bond can leave a teaching job that he held for 10 years to achieve his own financial freedom – you can do it as well. Heck, I have done it so I promise you that it CAN be done.

Jason Bonds strategy is focused on swing trading low-priced stocks (under $10 per share). He specializes in finding stocks that have a high probability of dramatically increasing in price within 1-4 days.

Through the Jason Bond training programs, you learn how to find your own stocks using his three simple patterns and rules. Jason can help you to become a truly independent stock trader.


Why Consider learning Jason Bonds Strategy?

Jason bonds strategy works. Yup, I used it and it just plain works. I recently wrote this article all about exact trades that I made using Jason Bonds strategy (including his alert buy/sell levels).

The example trades in that article are just a tiny sample of some of his winning trades.

Jason Bond and his subscribers make a lot of money trading his strategy. I have seen him make 40% on his entire portfolio in just a few weeks (in January 2019). That is over $100,000 profit in just 3 weeks!

Here are my three top reasons for learning Jason Bonds strategy and following his stock alerts:

  •  The Jason Bond strategy is actually repeatable by subscribers. You can buy and sell his stock alerts for similar (if not better!) prices. You CAN mirror his trades. This is not the case with most other stock alerts services.
  • Jason Bonds three simple chart patterns are easy to learn, understand and trade. Simple is better if it works and it does for Jason Bond and his subscribers.
  • Jason Bond is transparent with what he is trading. He even live streams his trading account so you can see him buying and selling BEFORE he sends out alerts. This is extremely powerful! Below is a screen shot from his live streaming that I took last week.


how does jason bond find his stocks


Jason has an amazing track record, here are his trading stats for the last few years:

  • 188% profits in 2015
  • 330% profits in 2016
  • 284% profits in 2017
  • 250%profits in 2018


He trades with a $250,000 trading account and donates all of his profits to charity each year. Jason Bonds strategy took many years to perfect – success is not a quick process.

Jason Bonds training has also been responsible for the creation of several multi-millionaire stock traders. Kyle Dennis is the most famous one that comes to mind.

Kyle joined Jason Bond Picks and managed to turn $15,000 into $4MM after learning Jason Bonds strategy.


Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks is the swing and day trading subscription program that Jason runs. Jason is quite an active trader, typically several trades a day are alerted.

Sometimes these are ‘momentum’ trades which is code for a day trade – he plans to buy and sell the same day.

Most often Jason alerts swing trades where he plans to hold stocks for 1-4 days with a 10% to 20% profit target. Most of these alerts are easy to follow and they are what I have made the majority of my wins from.

How does Jason Bond find his stocks? He has a lot of experience finding stocks and I go into he does it in the next section.

If you want to read all the details about what you get if you join Jason Bond Picks, you can read my full 3000+ word review here.


How does Jason Bond find his stocks?

I promised to reveal all of Jason Bonds strategy and it starts with the question: How does Jason Bond find his stocks?

As a real member of Jason Bond Picks and a successful stock trader, I can show you exactly how the Jason Bond Strategy works. I have traded this strategy successfully and it works if you learn how Jason does it!

Check out the FREE DVDS (click on the pic or here to get them!). There Jason Bond training DVDs cover the entire Jason Bond Strategy.


Jason Bond Strategy DVDs FREE

Jason Bond Strategy: Scanning for Stocks

Jason scans for stocks using various different programs. Here are the main tools/software that Jason Bond uses to scan for stocks and build his watch lists. Jason Bonds training covers how to use these and a few other trading tools.

Equity Feed: Jason uses this program to start his idea list for the next days trading. This awesome real-time platform has changed the way that traders like us can filter the mass of stocks in the markets.

Jason uses it during the trading day as well because they have a fantastic real-time feature. I will explain later in this article what criteria he uses to filter the stocks he wants to trade.

Trade Ideas: This is an amazing software that will suggest trade ideas to you – in any type of market it figures out what is catching a bid! This is a pretty cool tool that Jason uses.


Jason Bond Strategy: Stock Charting

Jason uses StockCharts Extra package to chart his stocks. He uses it to build his daily watch list during his nightly scans for stocks.

He teaches you how to use this charting software so that you can become an independent trader. I love and use it all the time as well.

Jason also uses FINVIZ charting software for pattern recognition. He teaches subscribers how to use it to identify entry and exit points in a trade.


Overview of the Profitable Jason Bond Strategy

Jason bond loves to keep stock trading as simple as possible. He really only trades three stock patters which I will discuss in more detail in the next section. Here are a few of his relevant rules and tips that he teaches to his subscribers.

  1. Jason Bonds training focuses on discipline. He always takes profits if a stock is up 10% – 20% from his purchase price. Always. Sometimes if he is very confident that it will go even higher, he will only sell 50% of his position.
  2. Jason really cares about what the IWM is doing. The IWM is the Russell 2000 Index which gives the whole picture of what is happening with small cap stocks. Jason loves to stack the odds in his favor and only trade the highest probability setups, which includes only trading when the IWM is bullish.
  3. Jason loves to buy a bunch of stocks on Fridays. His strategy for doing this is that small companies often release positive news on Monday mornings and if you have a position from the Friday before, you can make massive profits on the Monday. This has worked really well for Jason and my experience has been that this is an awesome strategy! Almost every week I make money on a Monday from implementing this Jason Bond strategy.


You can read more details about Jason Bonds strategy in his FREE eBook (normally it’s $49 but it is FREE to my readers!).

Jason Bond Review DVD


Jason Bonds three trading patterns

Jason is an expert at keeping his trading simple. He has three simple trading patterns that make him money consistently – I know because I trade them as well! Jason Bonds three trading patterns are:


1. The Oversold Chart Pattern

You can learn about this awesome pattern in the Jason Bond training DVD. The oversold chart pattern is exactly as it sounds – a stock that has sold off steeply and it is now in the oversold regime (typically RSS < 30).
This is usually the result of emotional trading or an over reaction to less than stellar news. Jason has perfected the art of buying close to the bottom of an oversold chart.
He calls it the Fish Hook pattern because it looks just like a fish hook. Check out the example below to see what I mean!
jason bond patterns

The best of Jason Bonds three trading patterns!

2. The Continuation Pattern


The continuation pattern is the 2nd of Jason Bonds three trading patterns.

A continuation pattern is used to describe a stock chart where the recent trend has stopped for a period of time and then continued – hence the name ‘continuation pattern’.

If a stock is trending up in price, often it will go flat for a period of time or even retrace back down in price. Often the stock will then continue upwards again and it is this continuation that Jason Bonds strategy capitalizes on.

There are many continuation patterns but the most well-known (and highest probability for success) is called the Bull Flag. Jason is great at finding and trading these types of patterns.


3. The Breakout Pattern


Jason Bonds training also focuses on finding stocks before they ‘breakout’ in price.  A breakout occurs when a stock price increases above previous recent price highs, usually on large incoming buying volume.


All of these patterns are well-known, but Jason Bond has perfected finding and trading them. He even has a free webinar where he teaches these three patterns then offers an exclusive discount on his stock trading education and alerts services.

I recently wrote an article all about how I trade Jason Bonds three trading patterns along with his alerts and my entries and exits. The point is to show you that you CAN replicate Jason Bonds strategy and alerts. You can read the article here.


How Does Jason Bond Find His Stocks – Conclusions

I hope that this article has answered the question of how does Jason Bond find his stocks. I have tried to explain the Jason Bond strategy and given you a couple of free Jason Bond training DVDs to learn more.

Jason Bonds three trading patterns have made me money and I know that they can help you.



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Jason Bonds three trading patterns have delivered profits for me over and over again. I highly recommend learning Jason Bonds strategy and learning how Jason Bond finds his stocks.

Don’t miss this FREE Swing Trading DVD (Worth $1000) AND get free instant access to THREE more stock trading training DVDs worth another $4,000 !!  I wrote a full review of this swing trading DVD here.

Jason Bond Strategy

Jason Bond Picks Review


  • Jason Bond Picks


Jason Bond Picks is simply the best stock trading alerts service that I have joined. Jason Bonds training is the best! I follow Jason Bonds strategy and it is easy to replicate and fun!

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