How to Pick Stocks that Make you Money

Ever wondered how to pick stocks that win? 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you knew how to pick stocks that make you money? I mean REAL money! Imagine just choosing a few different stocks, purchasing them and watching as your money grows over time. Check out this free trading strategy webinar to learn just how to do this!


How to Pick Stocks


In this article I want to show you how several millionaire stock traders pick stocks that have made themselves and their followers many millions of dollars over the last decade. There are thousands of stocks to choose from out there, so any good methods that we can use to narrow them down are worth their weight in gold!

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Millionaire Traders: How to Pick Stocks

Picking stocks is not easy. If it was then we would all be rich. Some people do seem to have the experience and a real feel for which stocks will likely move up in price.

Jason Bond Picks Strategy

Jason Bond is a multimillionaire stock trader and teacher. He regularly makes 300% annual profits on his trading account. Now he teaches how to pick stocks and make huge profits using his strategy. I noticed that he often gives his complete stock trading strategy to you for free at his free online webinars (as a bonus he gives out his DVD stock trading course worth $1499 for free at these webinars) !

Jason Bond finds stocks that are generally trading in the $3 – $5 price range. His primary stock picking strategy is based on buying stocks that have an oversold bounce chart pattern. He does not like to short stocks though. Generally, Jason likes to pick small cap stocks in the valuation range of $20M -$200M. He shows his students how to pick stocks without being chained to their desk all day.


How to Pick Stocks

Jason (left) gives his top student a new porsche!


As he explains in his free trading course DVD, Jason looks for stocks that have had a rapid sell off. Particularly, he looks for stocks that have fallen by 50% or more. As the chart starts to round and bottom out, Jason looks for a good entry point with the goal of capturing a 5% – 20% price increase or ‘bounce’.

You can learn more about this trading strategy and read how I made $50,000 following Jason Bond Picks HERE.


Timothy Sykes Strategy

Timothy Sykes is another millionaire stock trader who now teaches his trading strategy to students. His main claim to fame is that he turned $15,000 into $3.5 Million by trading penny stocks while in high school and college.

Timothy Sykes is famous for short selling pump and dump scams. He knows how to pick stocks that will likely collapse in price within a few hours or days. He makes his money by borrowing shares from his broker at the current price. Then when the price collapses he gives them back at a lower price and his profit is the difference in price. It is a very nice strategy that basically leverages the fact that it is easier to bet against a crappy penny stock than hope it increases in price.

Read my full review of Timothy Sykes trading strategy and his stock alerts.

how to pick stocks

Super Trades (Superman) Strategy

Paul Scholardi aka Superman of the the stock market. This guy knows how to pick stocks that have the potential to double or triple in price in just a few weeks. Super trades focuses on low a killer stock picking combination. He finds low float stocks that also have a great ‘story’ such as a potential near term catalyst. Paul started out his journey to multimillionaire stock picker about 18 years ago on this well known trading forum.

how to pick stocks

Paul Scolardi knows how to pick stocks!

Paul shows his students how to pick stocks – I have learned from him personally and I can testify that his winning stock picks are on a whole new level. His wins are often more than $200k, with a few in the $500k – $1 Million in profits! Totally crazy! You can learn more about his trading rules and about the man himself – here.


There are many different successful strategies for picking the best stocks that can make you money. I hope this article has given you a few names and strategies that help you in your quest for financial freedom.


Do you know how to pick stocks? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jason Bond Strategy


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