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A new service called IPO Payday has started at RagingBull.com!

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If you don’t know about Raging Bull, then let me give you a quick overview. It is the most popular stock trading alerts service and educational platform in the world! There are many great traders including:


1. Jason Bond (co-founder). Jason specializes in small cap stocks with his three simple trading patterns that he teaches to thousands of students. You can learn his successful strategy from his FREE MASTERCLASS here.

2. Jeff Bishop (co-founder). Jeff is another co-founder of Raging Bull where he teaches his excellent options strategy. Jeff is one of the best options trading experts in the world and you can learn his strategy for FREE in his popular eBook, Option Profit Accelerator.

3. Kyle Dennis. Kyle is an amazing young trader that has made millions of dollars trading biotech stocks. He was the first student in the Raging Bull empire to make $1 MM trading in Jason Bond’s service. You can learn more about Kyle and his amazing stock trading strategy by watching his FREE WEBINAR where he discusses some of his strategy.

There are many more great stock traders that run stock education and alerts services at Raging Bull. The latest addition to the team is a guy called Ben Sturgill. He is an expert at trading IPOs, so he is a very unique and valuable member of the team!

All the Raging Bull traders mentioned above are really excited to be adding Ben Sturgill to the team and to learn from him as well!


You can check out Ben’s IPO strategy for FREE HERE in his FREE WEBINAR!


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About Ben Sturgill

Ben is an interesting guy! He was a professional basketball player. He has started a new trading service on RagingBull.com called IPO Payday.

Ben has been working on his IPO strategy for a long time and he has found a way to make consistent profits on the massive moves that IPOs offer. This is a special strategy because of the huge profit potential.


IPO Payday Ben Sturgill Raging Bull

What is an IPO?

An initial public offering (IPO) is a huge milestone in a company’s growth. Before the IPO, the company is private but afterwards it is a public one. This changes the whole way a company has to be run.

When the company was private, the growth was fueled by friends and family investments and perhaps some angel investor money.

When the company reaches a valuation of $1 billion dollars, they will often make the choice to become a public company to enhance further growth. This is not a small decision as so many extra and expensive problems arise with being a public company.

So, what happens during an IPO? A company offers new shares to the public to raise capital for the company. The interesting thing is that this is the time that early investors and insiders can start to cash out.

The IPO can be floated on any of the different exchanges as long as the company qualifies. They will have to also have a team of underwriters.


Why Trade IPOs?

There are several hundred IPOs a year. So, every week there will be several IPO’s to watch and trade. They can be extremely volatile and make some huge moves up in price. Here are just some of the reasons that you might want to consider learning to trade IPOs.


1. Companies really want the stock to do well when it IPOs. When they launch, they most likely are starting to be successful in terms of revenues etc.

2. Hype causes predictable demand at the start of an IPO.

3. There is a period at the start of an IPO that you can’t short a stock – so there is very little resistance.

4. IPOs can make explosive moves even if the market is down.

5. There is a lot of activity during the first few weeks of an IPO. Multiple places that you can enter a trade that has a high degree of predictability.

6. The IPO market is HOT.


The most significant issue is that you need to be able to do all the leg work that is required to research an IPO. Ben Sturgill reads the 200 page prospectus that companies publish when they are doing an IPO. Rather him than me….

You can check out Ben’s IPO strategy for FREE HERE in his FREE WEBINAR!


Example of an IPO

If you are wondering why you might want to trade an IPO, then check out the chart below. This company exploded up almost 200% in a few weeks after their debut. This is not unusual!


Ben Sturgill


How IPO Payday Can Help You Make HUGE Profits with IPOs

Ben Sturgill puts together a full IPO calendar and strategy for you. He sends out alerts about what he is doing and why. The calendar is the primary value that you get with this service. Ben spends thousands of dollars a year to get the private information that he uses to construct the IPO calendar.

The IPO calendar includes important dates for all of his favorite IPOs.

Ben breaks the IPO into three important phases of the life cycle of every IPO and how to profit in each phase…


Phase 1

Day 1 of IPO: Ben alerts subscribers to the possibility of a trade on the very 1st day of the IPO. Sometimes it is a quick trade as the stock goes live. This can be a very fast payday! Obviously, the IPO Payday calendar includes this important date.


Phase 2

The second phase of the IPO Payday is trading the options. The options can be traded a week or so after the IPO. The calendar also shows when the options for each IPO become available.


Phase 3

The third phase is betting against the price of the stock. This phase starts after the ‘lock up period’ has ended. This is the period in which insiders can’t sell any shares. You can imagine that when the lock up period ends, there is a massive amount of selling as insiders take some of the profits.

You don’t want to be holding the stock when this lock up date comes around because the price of the stock will often drop dramatically. The IPO Payday calendar includes all the lock up dates as well so that you don’t get caught in the price plummet by mistake!

But you can profit from knowing the predictable date when the insiders will start selling and you can bet against the stock! That is a pretty cool edge!

The chart below illustrates the phases nicely. The green arrows show the first phase where you can profit on the way up. The black arrow shows what happens at the end of the lockup period and insiders take profits.


IPO Payday Review



Ben Sturgill streams his account live and actually trades real money so that he also has skin in the game! Here is a summary of what you get in the service:

  1. IPO master calendar
  2. Trading blue print for every trade
  3. Summary of every IPO coming to market
  4. Live streaming of Ben’s trading
  5. Alerts when Ben trades



The IPO market is very hot these days. The timing is perfect to start learning the life cycle of these volatile but potentially lucrative events. Ben Sturgill’s new IPO Payday system is an exciting addition to the Raging Bull team.

I had no idea that there were so many IPOs every week! You only ever hear about the huge hyped companies like Uber, Facebook and Airbnb etc. But there are so many smaller companies that debut every week that provide huge profit potential.

You can check out Ben’s new IPO Payday service here for more information.


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