Is Jason Bond Picks a Scam? (Jason Bond 3 patterns that make me money!)

So, is Jason Bond Picks a scam? Do the Jason Bond 3 patterns to success that he teaches for FREE finally disprove the ‘Jason Bond scam’ nonsense? Is there a Jason Bond training scam?

Is Jason Bond a scam or a legit trading service – read on to find out! Jason Bonds trading patterns are proven to work if you dedicate yourself to learning them. Many people think that Jason Bond is a scam – let’s find out!


If you are in a hurry, or just want to learn Jason’s swing trading strategy for FREE (this is NOT a Jason Bond training scam!):

Watch Jason Bond Picks FREE swing trading masterclass that shows you he has made $100,000 in 8 weeks trading part-time!


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jason bonds scam


If you watch the free masterclass above, it will be very clear to you that there is no Jason Bond training scam – you can learn his strategy for free. Jason Bonds scam only seems to exist in the heads of Twitter trolls that seem to be jealous that he is a very profitable stock trader.

People are always asking me: ‘ Is Jason Bond Picks a scam? Does Jason Bond Stock Picks actually work? Can you show me some Jason bond picks user reviews? ‘.

I always just tell them to do a Google search and make up their own mind. Jason Bonds scam does not exist in my opinion! I know, because I am a genuine subscriber that is making money on a daily basis following his alerts and strategy.


Jason Bond training scam

Do you want to see my proof that the Jason Bond training scam idea is just nonsense?

Do you want to learn to trade stocks and use a part-time swing trading strategy that allows you to make 100% – 200% per year on your portfolio? I want to show you that the Jason Bond trading patterns really work and that I make money by trading stocks that follow his main 3 patterns.

Read my recent article that shows in detail how I followed Jason Bond’s alerts and made 10% – 20% profits in a week mirroring the trades! I show my exact trades and Jason’s buy/sell alerts to prove that his service is legit.

I get asked about Jason Bond stock alerts and penny stock trading in general all the time. Sometimes the question comes in the form of an obnoxious comment on this blog or on Twitter.

I tend to just ignore the internet trolls these days – let’s just say mental illness seems to be quite common online!

Jason Bond is a scam

Jason Bond Trading Patterns

Is Jason Bond Picks a scam? No. Jason Bond Picks is not a scam. But do you know that you probably have been scammed by the education system already?

It would have been much cheaper and more profitable for most people to just learn Jason Bonds trading patterns than to spend $100,000 on a university degree.


‘JasonBondPicks Scam’ special offer – $5000 worth of stock trading education for free. These are the secrets to Jason Bond 3 patterns that he trades every day! The Jason Bond trading patterns are not complicated, but they WORK.

When people tell me they think that they think Jason Bond Picks is a scam – I tell them to just watch the free stock trading DVDs (worth $5000) that he gives out to anyone that is interested in learning to stock trade. In this free online training, you can learn Jason Bonds trading patterns for FREE!

So, it is just idiotic to ask if Jason Bond is a scam – just learn his 3 main patterns for free and then decide for yourself!

Click on the DVD online training below and learn all this trading strategies for no cost. People think that Jason bonds scam is to buy a stock and then sell it when he alerts it to his subscribers.

I have found this to be untrue – often I follow Jason’s watch list and get better trade entries and exits than he does!


Jason Bond Trading Patterns for FREE! Click the DVD below! How can FREE be Jason Bond training scam?

Is jason bond picks a scam

You can get access to 4 Stock trading DVDs (Worth $5000) for FREE thanks to Jason Bond Picks! Learn Jason Bond 3 patterns to swing trading success!


I have never known a stock trader to give out such great value training information for free! I mean who gives $5000 worth of informational products to you for FREE!?

My number 1 piece of advice if you are worried that Jason Bond Picks is a scam, is to watch his entire free library of stock trading educational videos. Then you can decide if he is for real or not!

You can access the $5000 worth of stock trading training for free here. Jason Bond trading patterns are easy to learn and easy to implement – trust me I have used them for years now to make money in the stock market.


You Have Already Been Scammed – But Not by Jason Bond Picks

How is that $80,000 university degree working out for you? Getting a good return on the investment? Beating the 8% interest on those student loans?

I didn’t think so! Even the fast food industry or the tobacco industry has been scamming you for years. Don’t even get me started on the Health Insurance industry….


Jason Bond 3 patterns

Jason Bond 3 patterns to trading success!


Is Jason Bond Picks a scam? Jason Bond trading patterns work.

Jason can teach you to trade stocks – I know because he has taught me, and I have made decent money by implementing his stock trading strategy. How can that be a scam? His stock alerts service is so low-cost and charged on a quarterly basis.

So really how much could Jason Bond scam from you? The $399 quarterly subscription fee?

If you are not prepared to try something for a few hundred dollars, to potentially become financially free for the rest of your life, then perhaps you need to think carefully about your risk/reward comfort zone!


Jason Bond scam

Jason Bond scam or legit trading service?


Jason Bond Free Email Watch Lists

Jason has a free weekly email list where you can try out some of his trade ideas and see for yourself just how good he is at finding stocks that can make you money. The emails often have more than 5 stocks and outline the due diligence that Jason has performed. They usually do extremely well! Try it for yourself (link below).

Try signing up for his FREE weekly email newsletter!

or check out my full Jason Bond Picks review (including many Jason Bond Picks user reviews) HERE.

Jason Bond ONLY uses 3 simple charts patterns, over and over and OVER again!



Below is a chart showing what Jason Bond earned over time as a school teacher….the blue line is his yearly income and the green line is the total earned through his career!


is jason bond picks a scam?


Not that impressive is it? Now scroll down and see the next graph showing the massive profits that Jason Bond now makes per year TRADING!!!! $365k per year trading as opposed to just $50k per year as a teacher!

This is a rare opportunity where Jason Bond will teach you the 3 patterns that he has mastered to gain financial freedom. I am extremely confident you’ll be able to immediately put them into action for yourself as well. Jason Bond Picks is not a scam – sign up right now and see for yourself risk free!

Try signing up for his FREE weekly email newsletter!



Conclusions – is Jason Bond Picks A Scam?

I like Jason Bond and his chatroom team – the trade alerts are reliable and there is a decent library of video lessons! All said and done, I have made a ton of money trading the Jason Bond Picks stock alerts.

My preferred stock trading strategy is swing trading and thus I found Jason Bonds swing trade alerts to be superb. The value that his service provides is TRULY unbeatable!

I think that the whole Jason Bond scam idea might be made up by weird hater internet trolls or maybe for more sinister reasons to do with competitors – but who knows! I do know that many traders learn to swing trade stocks from Jason.

Have a go with a FREE TRIAL like I did initially to check the service out for yourself!

Jason Bond Picks stock scam

So, before you started writing articles declaring that ‘Jason Bond Picks is a scam’, please at least try some of his free products! You might be surprised to find out that is not a scam site and provides some great stock picks and education.

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Jason Bond trading patterns

So, is Jason Bond Picks a scam? You decide, but I do not think so. Learn the Jason Bond 3 patterns of swing trading – Jason Bonds trading patterns are proven to work, and I have made money for years by trading them. Even if you think that Jason Bond is a scam, please let us know why in the comments below.

Don’t miss this FREE Swing Trading DVD (Worth $1000) AND get free instant access to THREE more stock trading training DVDs worth another $4,000 !!  I wrote a full review of this swing trading DVD here.

Jason Bond Strategy

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  • Jen says:

    He might not be a scam, but his service is oversold and underdelivered. He might make money, but it’s not as easy as he says to make money using his service. The one making money on his service is him. He probably makes millions on his service, and that is his main focus, selling the service, and not on helping or teaching others on how to make money.

  • Wesley Nolan says:

    Hi Jen, thanks for the comment. I have made money following his alerts and learning his system. His alerts have been on fire recently so I am not sure what you mean by underdelivery? Did you trade VERI? today – it was a 50% win! I appreciate your feedback though.

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