Is the PowerX Optimizer Worth The Cost?

Is the PowerX Optimizer Worth the Cost?

The PowerX Optimizer is an amazing tool for swing traders. The PowerX Optimizer costs $2,997 as a one-time fee. This article looks at the program and gives you my honest opinion. I show some of my own real results with the PowerX program.


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What is PowerX Optimizer?

You can read more about the PowerX Optimizer at the official Rockwell Trading website here.

PowerX is an excellent program for helping traders to find and manage winning swing trades. The system is very helpful because all you have to do is click ‘scan’ within the first 30 mins of trading each morning and you are presented with some of the best stocks to swing trade.

The system then gives you a detailed plan for buying the stock or purchasing an options contract. You are given the optimal buy price, stop loss and price targets.

The dashboard is easy to use and the whole thing just makes swing trading ridiculously easy.

PowerX is good for beginner trades and experienced traders.

PowerX Optimizer is easy to use and very simple. The stocks that the PowerX Optimizer finds have proven track records to help you filter to only the best stocks.


Is the PowerX Optimizer Worth the Cost: Does it Work?

Yes. In my experience using the program it does work. The trades generally have a lower success rate than some strategies (about 50% will be winners). However, when they do run they run up in price much more than when they lose. The risk/reward is heavily skewed in your favor!

Here is a video talking about winning on $NKLA and $VRT. These trades were both winners that had a 3:1 profit to potential loss ratio.

Is the PowerX Optimizer Worth the Cost: Conclusions

The cost might seem high for this program, but it is worth it just for the time you will save and how easy it makes your life. If you are trading with $25,000+ then you should be able to make the cost of PowerX back in a few winning trades.

If you are looking for a program that does all the hard work for you then you will probably love the PowerX Optimizer. I know I do!

Check out the PowerX Optimizer here for more info.




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Is the PowerX Optimizer Worth the Cost?

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