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A few years ago, Jason Bond was $250k in debt. How did he go from being broke and in debt to being worth MILLIONS of dollars!? Regular readers know that I have made decent money learning to trade with Jason , but the video below is not about stock trading.

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It is one of the most genuine, from the heart and life-changing videos that you can watch if you are interested in leading an extraordinary life. 



I have seen a lot of ‘hate’ about Jason Bond recently on twitter and some rather negative websites that claim he is a ‘front-runner’.

I think this explains why most people are broke in life – it is people like Jason Bond who have the right mindset.

He doesn’t hate on people. He works his butt off and reads a lot of the literature that has helped people (including me) become FREE from the 9-5 job and the scripted world. He is exceptionally positive, driven and hardworking.


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Jason Bond Subscribers are HAPPY

I have seen people paying $5000 for a Jason Bond Picks product.

This is after 3-6 months of trading with him. If all these haters were right and he is ‘scamming’ his subscribers – nobody would be buying $5000 products from him after learning from him for months.

It is simple business! A bad product or service will result in losing subscribers – not massive upgrades of thousands of dollars!!


Stock Trading is Just Part of the Success Equation

I make money trading – but it is not my main source of income. It taught me how to take risks, break free from the scripted society that we live in and pursue my dreams. Just like Jason Bond discusses in the video!

You see it is mindset that makes you wealthy. Not how good a stock picker you are. When I started trading stocks and making wins in the $1000’s of dollars, I was still working a full-time slave job.

Being surrounded by traders in chat rooms making thousands of dollars a day and seeing this happen for me changed my mindset and made me realize that ANYTHING is possible.

This is the first key to success – change your mindset from what you have been conditioned to believe!


The 3 Books That I recommend

Just like Jason Bond, I read books daily on how to change my life. I read the 3 that he recommends in the video and hundreds more. Here are the top 3 books that I feel changed my life for the better forever:

  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  2. The SnowBall by Warren Buffet
  3. The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

My goal is not to provide you with full book reviews – you can find all of those books on Amazon complete with hundreds of user reviews.

I just wanted to share what I think has helped me change over the years. Hopefully one of these books will change your mindset the same way it did with Jason Bond or myself.

Here is another great list of 5 books that can help you get rich!

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