Jason Bond Rooster Report Review (SCAM!?)

Jason Bond Rooster Report Review by a REAL member!


Welcome to my brief overview of Jason Bond’s Rooster Report. The Rooster Report is a new service that offers ridiculously amazing value for money if you are looking for winning stock picks.

I am a real member of the Rooster Report.
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What Exactly Is Jason Bond’s Rooster Report Service?

Jason Bond has been teaching people for many years about how he trades the stock market. The program is really simple.

Jason sends out his favorite trade idea pre-market every day. Jason listens to his students and this is exactly what they wanted!

Having students know what he was looking at before he bought anything was something that he realized the industry needed – no more chasing alerts and accusations of him ‘front-running’ subscribers.

Subscribers are loving this new service!


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Jason Bond Rooster Report review real member

This is also a good Jason Bond review to checkout if you are interested in the more expensive and extensive service that he offers.

What Do You Get With Rooster Report?

You get:

  • Over 250 (every year) of Jason Bond’s top trade ideas complete with the due diligence. These are emailed to you pre-market every day.
  • You get the RagingBull app that sends the fastest alerts in the industry!
  • A ton of educational material that would be worth the $299 a year cost alone!
  • Live monthly trainings streamed by Jason Bond.


Jason regularly makes 100% – 200% a year profits on his trading capital.


Jason Bond Rooster Report Strategy

The Jason Bond Rooster Report strategy is to find stocks that will be held into some kind of catalyst even. This can be an expected news release or earnings report. Typically, we will hold the stock idea for a few days.

The stocks are lower priced stocks, usually under $20 per share. They can be quite volatile.


Jason Bond Rooster Report Strategy Review: Conclusions

So far I have made money from the Jason Bond Rooster Report alerts. I like the stocks that he is picking and I like the daily schedule. It keeps things simple and you when to expect the idea – pre-market.

I have found that I can often buy the stock at a lower price than Jason.

I think if you are looking for a low cost but high value stock alerts service – Rooster Report might work well for you. Check it out here.

Good Luck!



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I hope my Jason Bond Rooster Report strategy review has been helpful!


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Jason Bond Strategy

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