Jason Bond Smoke Signals Reviewed

Welcome to my Jason Bond Smoke Signals review. This new Jason Bond strategy will revolutionize Jason’s services in 2020!

Jason Bond is preparing for this coming year and the volatility that is expected! This decade old Bull market might well weaken in this coming year as another election is upon us. Historically, this tends to weaken the stock market and Jason wants YOU to be prepared.

I am currently a member of Jason Bond’s Jackpot Trades and I love it! Here is a great FREE WEBINAR that Jason runs to explain his three patterns to success. He has made millions of dollars JUST trading these three patterns over and over again!

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Jason Bond's Smoke Signals Reviewed

Jason Bond’s Smoke Signals Review

Jason Bonds Smoke Signals are the warning signs you need to watch, ESPECIALLY if you’re in a stock that’s nearing collapse.


In 2020, Jason is introducing his new strategy to help you even if the stock market struggles. I think that most savvy traders are expecting that this Bull market will weaken in the coming years and it is time to prepare for this ASAP!

Jason Bond’s Smoke Signals is designed to put you back in the driving seat in ANY market conditions.

He is launching this Smoke Signals service as the answer to his currents students requests for a strategy that will work, even if the market tumbles.

If you are new to trading in the last few years, you may be lulled into a sense of security that may not be justified. When the market turns, people that were ‘raised’ in the preceding Bull market can be destroyed. Don’t let one of them be you!

All that has to happen is an Impeachment, scandal or just a single Tweet to cause a downwards spiral!


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Why You NEED Jason Bond’s Smoke Signals

Many people panic when the market starts to weaken. The end of last year was a good example. Did you find yourself sitting on the sideline and just not buying stocks?

If so, there were plenty of other traders shorting stocks and making LOTS of money! Some options traders were even buying puts and make 100% gains!

The market goes up and down and if you don’t have a great Bear market strategy, you are missing out on 50% of the possible gains that you could have.

Make sure that you trade smart NOT hard. Learn from an expert stock trader that has traded in both weak and strong markets. You can learn from mistakes but they don’t have to be yours!

Jason Bond Smoke Signals will be available soon and to get his launch offer price, you will certainly want to be at his upcoming webinar. If you are not on Jason Bond’s email list you will certainly want to be (Signup HERE).

What Are Jason Bonds Smoke Signals?

Jasons Smoke Signal alerts will target overbought stocks that you can short. Jason targets stocks that have had a significant uptrend but the smoke signals are indicating that the stock is likely to collapse.

The service will aim to profit using just a simple RSI indicator and proprietary scanner to place put options for short term gains AND to short the stock for longer term profits simultaneously!

The idea is that the put options will set you up for massive short term gains (1 week or so) while the short position in the stock will help you to make money over weeks or months.

Jason Bond’s Smoke Signals system works for SMALL accounts as well as large accounts.

Jason will share his alert when his scanner tells him that a smoke signal has been triggered. You can skip ALL of the work and just follow his advice! Jason scans for the trades on a daily basis and does all the additional research needed to pick out the highest conviction trades. Low risk and high reward trades are the PRIORITY!

Jason sends out video alerts as well as real-time alerts including exactly what Jason is doing. You can live stream Jason’s account – how transparent is that!



Catastrophic market events surprise nearly everyone. But when they happen, traders lose money. Jason Bond has the answer to not losing money when it happens – rather he knows how to profit on both sides of the trades!

There is no need to fear a market crash with Jason Bond’s Smoke Signals strategy. You can profit from other peoples fear.

Good Luck,


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I hope that you find this Jason Bond Smoke Signals review helpful and that you can learn the Jason Bond Smoke Signals strategy for the possibility of a weak stock market in the coming years!

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