Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls Review (REAL SUBSCRIBER)

Welcome to our Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls Review (REAL SUBSCRIBER!).

Find out how Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls is a unique new options trading strategy that could DOUBLE your income in just a few minutes a week! Weekly Options Windfall could be the key to making some extra money. We reveal all in this Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls review.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page. This means that if you click through and purchase anything, I could possibly make a commission without adding any extra cost to you. This Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls Review is written by a REAL SUBSCRIBER.


Welcome to our Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls review!


Jason Bond has released an exciting new options alerts service called Weekly Windfalls. Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls option trading strategy looks like it could revolutionize the industry! So, we had to check it out! Here is what we found.


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Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls review



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Daymond John Weekly Windfalls



Why You Might Want to Learn the Jason Bonds Weekly Windfalls Strategy

About Jason Bond

Jason is a stock trader that has been successfully trading stocks for more than a decade. He is a co-founder of the fastest growing stock trading education system in the world – RagingBull.com.

Jason Bond was an elementary school teacher with over $250,000 in student loan debt. He started trading stocks in an effort to make more money for his family.

Eventually, he perfected a strategy trading small cap stocks and he has been consistently profitable ever since.

Jason is an expert at predicting the direction of stocks. He uses three simple stock chart patterns to make 50% – 100% profits a year.

If you want to learn more about Jason’s stock trading strategy then be sure to check out his FREE WEBINAR where he teaches you his exact strategy for FREE!

You can also check out Jason’s FREE EBOOK called Ultimate Trading Playbook. I have personally used Jason’s stock trading strategy to make money trading penny stocks.


Weekly Options Windfall

Jason Bond Stock Alerts Services

Jason runs multiple different stock alerts services. These include Jason Bond Unchained, Jason Bond Monday Movers and Jason Bond Rooster Report.

Just click on the links to read my full trading diaries where I document every trade I make with each service!


Don’t miss my video overview of Jason Bond’s awesome new service called The Rooster Report.

A profitable stock trading strategy can often be translated in a successful options trading strategy.

Last year Jason realized that despite how successful his stock trading strategy was, there might be an even better way to make money in the market.

He devised his Weekly Options Windfall strategy to be an even more profitable money-making strategy that his subscribers can benefit from.


Benefits of The Weekly Windfalls Option Trading Service

So, what exactly is the Weekly Windfalls strategy and alerts service?

Here are some of the things that you will get with the Weekly Windfalls alerts service:


  • Jason alerts 5-10 options trades per week.
  • Trade alerts are issued in real-time along with a 30 second video explaining the trade.
  • The alert video shows Jason’s actual order placement – full transparency.
  • Jason ‘cherry picks’ the option trades out of hundreds of potential plays every day.
  • The options always expire on Friday. This gives you a ‘windfall’ of profits right before the weekend!
  • This is a strategy that you can ‘mirror’ by simply copying Jason’s trades.
  • Jason streams his portfolio live. This means that you can always see what he is holding.
  • A full education suite to learn the Weekly Windfalls option trading strategy.


The amazing thing is that Jason actually puts in less time trading his Weekly Windfalls strategy than his stock strategy, but he makes MORE money!


More Details about Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls Options Strategy

Jason told me that he does not look for massive ‘home run’ wins with his options trading strategy. It is unlikely that you will make a 300% profit from a single trade with the Weekly Windfalls strategy.

Learn more from Jason about his Weekly Windfalls options strategy in this FREE WEBINAR!

Taking small but consistent wins has always been the way that Jason makes money with his stock trading strategy. He applies this philosophy to Weekly Windfalls as well.

He regularly makes 50% profit on a trade and his claimed win rate is as high as 70%. This style of trading is consistent, and it really has given me peace of mind while trading. You can’t put a price on peace of mind!

All you need to get started with the Weekly Windfall is a $2,000 margin account. Jason focuses on selling option contracts. If you are new to options, you should check out this useful resource.


Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls review

In Weekly Windfalls Jason trades credit spreads, but he trades the ones that are at the money so he gets 35-45% premium when compared to the spread width.

In other words, he gets $35-$45 for every $55-$65 risk he takes. The risk/reward ratio is less than 1 to 1, but the win rate is really good. This is because of option price decay.

Overall, this looks like a really good strategy and does not require any trade adjustments – just stop out for a loss on the few losers. So it is an easy strategy for option newbies too.



Jeff Bishops Option Trading Strategy – How Does It Compare?

About Jeff Bishop

Jeff Bishop is Jason Bonds mentor and co-founder of RagingBull.com. Jeff is known as one of the best option traders in the world.

He also runs his own subscription alerts service on RagingBull.com called Weekly Money Multiplier. You can learn more about his options trading strategy here in his FREE WEBINAR.

I particularly like his Bullseye Trades options trading strategy.

Here are a few differences between Jeff Bishop’s strategy and Jason’s.


  • Jeff has a lower win rate (40%) compared to Jason (70%). This is because Jeff has to be right when it comes to stock direction AND the time frame. Jason’s strategy allows him many more ways to win an options trade. More on this later.
  • Jeff’s wins tend to be much bigger than Jason’s. Jeff regularly reports wins of 200% while Jason tends to make smaller wins of typically 10% – 50%.
  • Jeff’s strategy takes a lot more work than Jason’s. Jason’s Weekly Windfalls is more passive than Jeff’s option trading strategy.
  • Jeff buys options and Jason sells options.


As the seller of an option, Jason has three things that can allow him to win the trade. He doesn’t care about price direction (it helps but it is not essential to predict the stock price direction).

However, he is excellent at predicting the price direction of stocks from his extensive swing trading career.

What is Jason’s secret to winning so often with his option trading strategy? His secret is simple – he is an option SELLER. Let me explain more about why this is such an advantage.


Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls


Why Option Selling Is More Profitable and Easier Than Buying

I am assuming that you don’t know too much about options. Most new traders are scared of them (including me!). Here is a brief and basic background to help my explanation of the Weekly Windfalls strategy:

  • Someone has to sell you an option contract when you are buying. This is a market maker.
  • You collect the option premium when you SELL an option contract.
  • The option pricing depends on so many different things. Typically, the main ones to consider are how long until the option expires, volatility and price direction of the stock that the option is for.

If you are new to options trading, there is a lot of information that can give you a solid understanding of it. Check out my favorite eBook that summarizes options trading and gives you some of Jeff Bishops successful options strategy!

Here are some of the key reasons that selling options are the best way to make money with a higher probability.


Time Decay Works FOR the Seller of Options

 The weird thing about options is that over time they become worthless – they essentially decay.

So, it is important to realize that the clock is always ticking and no matter what the option will decay to ZERO. This is completely independent of the stock’s price or volatility.

So, if you think about it:

1. Time decay is not good for an option contract buyer.

2. Time decay FAVORS the person SELLING the option contract.


Think about it! The longer an option contract has before it expires, the more valuable it is. But the price will decrease every day that goes by as the chance of ‘getting in the money’ will drop.

This means that the option seller benefits, but the option  buyer doesn’t.


Weekly Windfalls service

Stock Direction – Sellers DON’T Need to Be Correct

When you pick a stocks price direction you only have a 50% of being right. The cool thing about selling options is that you can make money regardless of what the price of the underlying stock does!

This means that you can avoid much of the work that option buyers have to do – they have to carefully examine the underlying stock and figure out which direction the price is likely to move in a certain time frame.

Imagine if you are selling a call option. As the option seller you will collect a premium when you make the transaction. If you sell an option with a strike price that is above the current stock price and the premium, then you will make money. This gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to stock price direction.

I know that this is all pretty complicated if you are new to options trading. Here is a video that explains some of the concepts about why you want to be an option seller.


Why Option Sellers Benefit from Volatility

Volatility is a very complicated topic that is waaaay too expansive to cover here, and besides there are many people that know a lot more about it than I do.

When implied volatility is high, an option will be more expensive than when volatility is low. Option sellers want to sell when volatility is high and buy it back at a lower cost when the volatility is lower.

So, they have the advantage over options buyers because over time the volatility tends to go down (lowering the price of an option). This works well for sellers but against buyers.

I know this is complicated! Here is a good resource to learn more about volatility with options.


Weekly Windfalls scam

Jason Bond Weekly Windfall Review: Performance

I want to highlight the trades that Jason recently alerts to subscribers that he went 16/16 on. This was a great run and is probably not typical of the results. Still, very impressive.

Jason Bond Windfall Review

16 alerts over 19 trading days.

Nearly $63,000 in profits.

Jason averaged about 36% in profits on each trade.

And when you begin to compound those wins, that’s when growth happens. 

Even just $1000 in those trades could have made an average of $360. 

Spread out over 16 trades and it’s looking like $5760.

Jason Bond Weekly Windfall Trade Example

Jason’s option trading service has had dozens of winners in just the last few weeks alone. I do want to show you one successful options trade in more detail though.

Let’s look at a $TSLA trade that Jason made last week.

Here is what he sent out via email to his subscribers.

Jason Bond Weekly options trading service


Jason said that he thought there was a really good chance of TSLA going down in price or not rallying any further.

You can see in the chart that $TSLA had hit a resistance point, so it was unlikely to continue higher in the near future.

Jason explained that shorting the stock would not be a great idea though because of the unlimited upside risk if his short was wrong. Shorting also ties up capital.

Jason could have purchased a Put option but he would only make money with this if the stock did go down in price. Trading is hard!

But Jason used his Weekly Windfalls strategy and bought an out-of-the-money call and sold a near-at-the-money call. This is an advanced options trading strategy called ‘ a call vertical credit spread’.

This is why you need Jason! These strategies are quite confusing to me atleast…

So, Jason did all of this on Monday when TSLA was around the $340 resistance line. Here is the actual alert that Jason sent out to the subscribers so that they could copy his trade.


Weekly Windfall winning strategy


So what happened? Here is the TSLA chart the next day. Jason was right that the TSLA rally was over. But the drop in price was pretty small – HOWEVER he made 50% gains because of his clever options strategy!

But here is the thing – Jason would have made money if the stock moved in ANY direction!

This is the power of vertical spreads and options trading. It allows you to trade with defined risk, control many shares with small amounts of capital and make MASSIVE gains!


Weekly Options Jason Bond


Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls Watch List

Jason starts the day by sending out his watch list to subscribers. This is usually reasonably detailed. Here is an example of a typical watch list and trade update email.

Good morning,

The RagingBull APP has gone through beta with my services and is dialed in. We’ll begin rolling it out to ALL of RagingBull services in the coming weeks. It functions like SMS text, but is faster than text and more reliable. While all of my services currently offer SMS text, SMS text will be phased out this weekend now that beta testing is complete and the APP is functioning better than SMS text. If you have other RagingBull services, you’ll be hearing from them directly, soon, about the APP alerts starting. Again, as of this weekend, none of my services will offer SMS text, so get the APP if you want this feature. 


Open positions:

GSX $80 / $85 August 21 call spread for $2.50

AMZN $3210 / $3220 August 14 put spread for $5.10

My 2-week win streak has put up about $40,000 in profit (rough guess) and it’ll be tested this week with my AMZN position that rolled on me with the Nasdaq late last week. 

Advance notice:

Now that GSX finally cracked, I’d like to get a $110 / $120 call spread expiring August 21, maybe 2 more positions targeting an expiration in September as well. IV will be high now that it’s moving less predictably and selling call premium into any bounces makes a lot of sense to me, I doubt it regains news highs now, I’d be shocked.

I also like a GOOG put spread. Shares dipped to the 55 EMA and have slightly regained the 8, 21 and 34 just above that. I like selling in this cluster around $1490 or so because I think it’ll head back toward $1550 soon. Expiration this Friday the 14th.

A NFLX put spread appeals to me as well, but I want to see it dip a bit more. If shares hover around $485 again, which is about the 34 EMA, I’ll look to sell some puts below that level or around it anyways. Expiration this Friday. 

TSLA I’d like to mention here but I’m not as convicted as the names above. Battery day is my catalysts not to mention possible S&P inclusion and their recent earnings beat. At $1450 I’m watching consolidation for a put spread and like this to $2000 on a squeeze into battery day. $10 wide on TSLA and I’ll be looking at this trade straight through the end of September. 

The diary of a real $ trader,

Jason Bond


Hopefully, this stuff helps you understand what you can expect to receive on a daily basis with Weekly Windfalls. Here is a typical alert that you get if Jason buys or sells from his advance morning notice.


‘Afternoon guys and gals,

I bought to close TSLA 8/14 $1375/$1365 put credit spread for $0.193 (close to max profit) and GOOG 8/14 $1490/$1480 for $2.10, which gave me ~$7000 profit there.

Good day all in all!

Jason Bond’


Conclusions – Jason Bond Weekly Options Windfall Review

Jason Bonds Weekly Windfalls option trading service seems like it could be the perfect way for busy professionals to make a few trades a week. This is a stress-free strategy that could be extremely profitable for new and experienced option traders.

As with all the RagingBull trading services, I am sure that some internet trolls will be screaming ‘ Weekly Windfalls SCAM ALERT’ soon enough. Jason claims to be making more money with Weekly Windfalls than his original penny stock trading strategy AND with much less work.

Let me know if you have tried Jason Bonds Weekly Option Windfall trading strategy in the comments below! You can watch Jason FREE WEBINAR for more details.




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Jason Bond Weekly options Windfall service seems like a great addition the RagingBull alerts services. I am sure that Weekly Windfalls scam accusations will be soon forthcoming online – but what do you think? Is the Weekly Windfalls service a scam or legit? I really hope you learned something from our Jason Bond Weekly Windfalls review.







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