Jeff Bishop Review: Is Jeff Bishop Legit?

Is Jeff Bishop legit? Welcome to my Jeff Bishop Weekly Money Multiplier Review – but is Jeff Bishop a scam? Find out in this Jeff Bishop review! Wondering what Jeff Bishops net worth is? Read our full Jeff Bishop review to find out! I mean come on, Jeff Bishop is a member of MENSA! Jeff Bishop Bullseye service is brand new and something that you don’t want to miss!


Today, I want to introduce you to another millionaire stock trader: Jeff Bishop. Jeff is an expert in ETF trading and specializes in trading ETFs and options.

This guy is the real deal!

Jeff Bishop is one of the most intelligent traders out there.

In this Jeff Bishop review, I will introduce you to one of the worlds smartest and experienced stock traders! But are Jeff Bishop options trades any good?

I think you might benefit from checking out the Jeff Bishop Webinar below to learn if Jeff Bishops options trading lives up to the hype.


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If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

This Free Webinar is very popular with our readers for learning Jeff’s Weekly Money Multiplier Strategy. This options trading strategy is the BEST that we have come across and Jeff regularly makes 100% gains from his options trades. Check out this Jeff Bishop Webinar (click here) and learn some of his strategy for free! Is Jeff Bishop legit? WATCH THE FREE WEBINAR!


Who is Jeff Bishop? What is Jeff Bishops net worth? Is he legit?

Jeff Bishop Weekly Money Multiplier

Jeff Bishop is multi-millionaire stock trader of over 20 years.

He has founded many very popular stock trading websites including where he shares his high-quality ETF trading skills with his subscribers.

ETF trading is not the only financial instrument that he is an expert in though! He is a world class trader in almost all of the major trading instruments and strategies.

However, there is no doubt that Jeff’s driving passion is for trading options and ETFs.

But Jeff does trade stocks such as this recent win that he sent out via email today: “DUST @ $30.80 for +11%, +$4620 and another awesome win on the one-day hold.”.

Jeff Bishop Mensa Trader! Is Jeff REALLY a Member of MENSA?

Jeff has been a member of “Mensa” for his entire adult life (MENSA is the high IQ organization that only allows people to join if they have an IQ > 150).

He is obviously a very intelligent trader and he earned Finance and economics degrees from the University of Texas.

Jeff has published many top ranking articles on Seeking Alpha as well as several other well-known financial websites.

Jeff Bishop has three beautiful children and lives with his wife in New England. One thing that I really like about Jeff is that he is very down to earth.

Jeff Bishops net worth? No one really knows.

Despite being very wealthy, he does not appear to show off any exotic cars or mansions (unlike this trader…) – it doesn’t appear that he owns any of the flashy stuff!

Jeff displays a true investor mindset! Jeff Bishops net worth is unknown, but it is most likely in the multiple million dollar range.

He is focused on trading and compounding his wealth, and I doubt he ever spends his own money on things that rust, rot and depreciate.

Jeff Bishop Weekly Money Multiplier

Jeff Bishops Trials and Tribulations

Jeff didn’t wake up one morning and find himself transformed into Jeff Bishop options trader extraordinaire! Nope.

It took 10 years of trial and error for him to eventually become a multi-millionaire. He grew up in a very poor family and he knew he had to work hard to better his life.

He gravitated towards the stock market because it seemed like a good vehicle to get rich with! He had tried many other small business ideas that did not work well for him.

His college education was not very good for his wallet! He learned much more about trading stocks and making money from his mentor, Bob.

Bob was a very rich guy that lived on his own investment income. He helped Jeff to learn risk management.

He didn’t realize that it would take ten years of losing money before he REALLY learned how to manage risk!

It took that long for Jeff to be able to make huge wins by betting big and letting the profits mount up. Eventually, Jeff realized that he was taking his wins way too early.

This is when everything started to change for him.

Jeff Bishop started with a $2,000 account during the internet bubble which led to a lot of inflated confidence early on. As the bubble burst, he blew up several trading accounts due to overconfidence.

Side Note: One of the first trading books that Jeff read was Confessions of a Street Addict by Jim Cramer. Interesting…I think it must have inspired him or something because the book does not offer much in the way of actual trading advice!


Jeff Bishop Bullseye trading

FREE Options trading eBook to help you learn the basics in 30 days or less!

Jeff Bishops Biggest Loss

About 4 years ago Jeff was selling naked calls on the VXX (volatility index). He was doing pretty well until one day he went on a family cruise for the day. The market dipped hard and the market volatility spiked. Unfortunately, he couldn’t sell on the Friday because he didn’t have any Wi-Fi.

On Monday he woke up to find that the market had taken a dive and he was down $1 Million!!! He ended up realizing a $500,000 loss. Ouch!

In a single day he lost his entire previous years profits! Is Jeff Bishop legit? You bet.

What is Jeff Bishops Trading Style? ETF and Options Trading.

Jeff strongly advocates a very disciplined approach to trading. However, like most millionaire traders, he does make bold, big calculated bets when he is very confident in the success of the trade.

I see this as a recurring theme in the millionaire traders that I write about or follow. The guys that know what they are doing, scale in to their positions and go HUGE on winning trades.

They also cut the losing trades very rapidly to maintain profitability.

Jeff is more of a swing trader – he holds stocks until the chart tells him to sell. He also trades a lot of long calls and puts. He always builds lists of stocks based on the fundamentals of the companies.

He uses technical analysis to time his entry and exits in these strong companies stocks. He has a very holistic approach to trading – he even uses Twitter to gauge the sentiment of certain stocks.

It sounds ridiculous but it seems to work!

ETF Trading Video

I know that some traders have never even heard of ETF trading, so here is a great video lesson on what they are and why you might want to consider them.

Jeff Bishop Weekly Money Multiplier Review

In early 2018, Jeff started a new option trading service called Weekly Money Multiplier. Jeff is an expert options trader and this new service promises A LOT.

The Jeff Bishop options strategy is a long-term strategy that Jeff claims you can replicate or ‘mirror’ his alerts.


Weekly Money Multiplier Review

Jeff Bishops Options Course

This is a big deal because if you can really do EXACTLY what an expert millionaire trader does on a day-to-day basis, then you are much more likely to make money.

You can check out this Jeff Bishop webinar (here) to learn some of his strategy for free.

In the Weekly Money Multiplier, you get Jeff’s option trade alerts directly to your phone and you can duplicate what he does! Sounds amazing right?

In the Weekly Money Multiplier Jeff Bishop gives you:

  • An Exclusive Options Trading Course: This course is simple and easy to follow – probably the best options trading course ever to be written!
  • Video Library: An extensive video library of lessons taught to you by Jeff Bishop. Very helpful for new and advanced options traders.
  • Real-Time Trade Alerts: You get text message alerts to your cell phone so that you never miss what Jeff is doing.
  • Watch Jeff’s Trades in Real-time: You get access to watch Jeff’s personal options trading account to see exactly what he does. This is a great opportunity to see exactly how Jeff manages his options trading account and to learn how he has become a millionaire trader.


The Weekly Money Multiplier offers amazingly profitable trade alerts and a great education in options trading.

This is a killer combination in my opinion – amazing alerts combined with ongoing education in this difficult trading niche.


Jeff bishop webinar

Weekly Money Multiplier Review

Weekly Money Multiplier is a high risk, high reward options trading strategy. Members are reporting triple digit gains in 2 weeks!

Jason Bond admitted in a recent interview that he copies the Jeff Bishop options alerts. Jason made over $100,000 last week on just one of the Jeff Bishop options trades!

Jeff uses a pattern that he calls ‘the money pattern breakout’ to identify companies that he might want to buy options in.

I wish I could do a full Weekly Money Multiplier Review for you, but I haven’t joined yet!

I did attend a recent webinar about the service though and Jeff described how he typically finds stocks 2-3 times a week.

He is looking for 100% profits or more on every options trade! He likes to pick only the very best options trades.

He gave away some of his strategy in the webinar and discussed how he likes to buy options that are slightly in the money.


Jeff Bishop Review

Jeff Bishop Review


However, I recommend approaching options trading very carefully. It is easy to lose a lot of money with options.

However, if options are something that you are interested in learning, I highly recommend learning Jeff Bishops options strategy.

Weekly Money Multiplier is expensive – you really do get what you pay for with stock trading services like this.

I think it is best if you sign-up for weekly updates (just put your email into the free webinar box at that URL).

The Raging Bull traders normally announce a discount sale on all of their trading services. Massive discount sales tend to happen every few months.

If you subscribe to this blog, you will be alerted when I do a full Weekly Money Multiplier Review.


Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trading

To read my Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades review click here.

Jeff has a really cool new options trading service for busy professionals. It is called Bullseye trading!

Basically, Jeff realized that people want simple, winning and easy to execute ideas that don’t overwhelm subscribers. Not everyone can spend hours a day options trading!

Bullseye Trading is just that. It is a single high probability trade that Jeff sends out to subscribers via email on a Monday morning before the market opens.

The trade will be the absolute BEST bet that Jeff has for the week. If you make just one trade in the week – it had better be the Bullseye Trading one!

Here is what you get with the Bullseye Trading service:

1) The best trade idea that Jeff has for the week.

2) His full trading plan for the trade. He tells you what his buy and sell will likely be and what he is looking for.

3) His actual alert when he buys and sells so that you can follow along.


This Bullseye Trading alerts service is perfect for the busy professional and it is much cheaper than Jeff’s other trading services.


Jeff Bishop has a FREE WEBINAR that explains his Bullseye trading service in more detail and he gives you a GREAT offer at the end of the webinar!


Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades Alerts Service reviews


Also, don’t miss my complete Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades review (read it here).


Jeff Bishop Options Trading Tips

Here are a few tips from Jeff. They apply to both stock and options trades. I hope that you find them useful!


  • Trade the same amount each time.​ Don’t change the amount you  trade until you’ve reached a goal. Clearly define what your increase  would be at that point. But don’t forget to write out how to adjust  your size if you start losing. 


  • Focus on one setup and stock.​ Don’t try to be the master of  everything. Pick a few stocks and one or two setups. Work those  until you’ve mastered them. Then slowly build out from there.  Eventually you’ll have a whole repertoire of trades. 


  • Take your urges out on a demo account.​ No one gets hurt there. 


  • Keep a trading journal.​ Nothing keeps you more accountable than  a solid trading journal. Look at your performance every day. Focus  on the decisions and not the outcomes. 


  • Create a trading plan.​ Trading plans work best when you include  your strategies, risk management tactics, and milestones. 


  • Don’t stare at the charts.​ Unless your strategy involves tick by tick  movements, step away once in a while. You’ll get sucked in  emotionally if you try to watch every little movement on the chart. 


  • Be Mindful of Catalysts (Earnings)​I’ve seen this time and time  again… Beginner traders buy options contracts, not knowing that  there’s an event coming up… Only to wake up and see their entire  investment gone. New option traders don’t consider how catalysts  like earnings announcements could affect their positions. 


Jeff Bishop Scam

Some people always seem to be obsessed with things being ‘too good to be true’. I get asked a lot ‘is Weekly Money Multiplier some kind of Jeff Bishop Scam?’. Is Jeff Bishop legit?

I just kind of look at them and think to myself that they might never make it in business or trading.

It is fine to be skeptical and probably a very healthy quality to have but you can’t let it hold you back!

If you are worried that WMM is some kind of Jeff Bishop scam, then just go to one of his free webinars (like this one!) to learn his strategy.

Jeff Bishop is a legend in the stock and option trading world, and I have personally made money from his ideas and alerts.

So, to call Jeff Bishop a scam artist without actually knowing the facts is just plain ignorant. Is Jeff Bishop legit? YES.


jeff bishop scam


Jeff Bishop Raging Bull Founder

Any regular readers of this blog will know that I love Jason Bond Picks (I reviewed his strategy here). It turns out that the stock trading community is a small one!

Jeff Bishop partnered with Jason Bond in 2017 and together they co-founded a website dedicated to teaching stock trading strategies.

The website is called and features many of the best stock traders in the world.

For Jeff Bishop Raging Bull has been a huge success. Jeff Bishops Raging Bull site has over 5000 members and it is growing every day.

I highly recommend going to the site and signing up for the free email newsletter if you would like to get free updates from Jeff, Jason and many other expert traders at Jeff Bishops Raging Bull site.

These free updates include weekly stock watch lists and first dibs at discounts to the premium alerts and education services.

Good luck trading and I hope you enjoyed this mini Weekly Money Multiplier Review! Remember to check out the Bullseye Trading service if you like Jeff’s picks but don’t want to go all in with time and money at the moment.


Jeff Bishop Raging Bull

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ETF Trading Expert, Jeff Bishop could help you learn to trade them effectively! If you want to learn options trading, then check out Jeff Bishops Weekly Money Multiplier! Keep an eye out for a Jeff Bishop webinar – he gives away most of his trading strategy! Hopefully, you have found this Jeff Bishop Review helpful. Jeff Bishops net worth is probably in the millions of dollars.

Don’t miss this FREE Swing Trading DVD (Worth $1000) AND get free instant access to THREE more stock trading training DVDs worth another $4,000 !!  I wrote a full review of this swing trading DVD here.

Jason Bond Strategy

Jeff Bishop Weekly Money Multiplier Review


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