Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review

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Top Stock Picks is run by successful trader Jeff Bishop. Jeff has had 20+ years of trading stocks and options.  Jeff Bishop has a well established and successful track record trading everything from penny stocks to ETF’s.

Our Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review covers everything that you will need to know about Jeff’s service – everything from his track record, typical strategy and details about his trading service.

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Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review – Overview

Jeff Bishop’s Top Stock Picks service is part of his larger umbrella company called RagingBull. You can find links to many of the other RagingBull stock educational services that I have reviewed at the end of this post.

These days, Top Stock Picks is run almost exclusively through Jeff’s Weekly Money Multiplier service on

Jeff is your best bet if you want to learn how to trade exchange traded funds (ETF). Jeff is one of the best ETF traders in the world that specializes in trading these liquid assets.

Jeff pays a lot of attention to the general market sentiment and regularly updates his subscribers on his thoughts about the market conditions.

Jeff uses the general feeling in the market conditions to decide what ETF’s to trade. This makes sense when you realize exactly what an ETF is.


Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review


Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review – ETF’s

ETF’s tracks indices, bonds, commodities or multiple stocks all traded as a single entity. Here are some of the ETF pairs that Jeff Bishop regularly trades.


Jeff has a great way to judge if a particular asset is likely to go up or down. I recently wrote a review of his top secret method for doing this here.  He calls it his ‘secret money’ pattern which gives him a good indication on the direction of a stock or asset.

Once Jeff has figured out which direction he thinks his chosen asset will move in, he chooses one of the above ETF’s as a vehicle to make the most possible money from his trading idea.

Imagine that Jeff thinks that Gold is likely to go up. He can purchase the leveraged ETF called NUGT which is 300% leveraged on the Gold.

So if the price of Gold increases 5% during the day, the price of NUGT will increase 15% !! You can see the power in this leverage ETF stuff right?

Because of the severe volatility and risk, it is only generally recommended to hold leveraged ETF’s like NUGT for more than a day.

This Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks review doesn’t cover the basics of ETFs. You can read a full review all about ETF’s here for more information.

Jeff is an expert in using these techniques to amplify his gains which has led him to making 300% profits on his trades on a regular basis! The liquidity in these ETF’s also lets him buy massive positions without any problems.


Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review – what do you get with the service?

Jeff Bishop will help you to learn exactly how he trades and walks you through his process on a daily basis. He often explains his ideas and what he is planning on doing before he does it. This gives you the chance to initiate your own trading executions without being completely reliant on Jeff. You can mirror his trades but he does not encourage this.

Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review – What do you get?

  •  Daily watch lists with detailed analysis of the market conditions and what Jeff is looking at for the day
  • Email and text alerts as soon as Jeff buys or sells an ETF, stock or options.
  • Lots of awesome video lessons to help you fully understand how he trades and explains how he has become a world-class trader. Teaching is the cornerstone of Jeff’s service.


Many other trading alerts services focus on low cost, low float penny stock alerts.  Now, many of these services are really great (e.g. Jason Bond Picks) .

Jeff Bishop focuses on the high liquidity ETF’s where subscribers can buy/sell at similar prices to Jeff.

This is because the high liquidity of ETF’s mean that the volume introduced by Jeff’s alerts does not significantly affect the price of the asset.

This a HUGE benefit of trading with Jeff. Many people that try to ‘mirror’ gurus trades get really frustrated when the alerts shift the price of the stocks so dramatically.

This is also evidence that proves Jeff does not participate in ‘front-running’ his subscribers. This is where a guru will buy a position in a stock and then alert his subscribers, selling into the resulting jump in price as his subscribers scramble to buy his alert.

This is impossible with ETF trading.


Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review – Jeff Bishop’s teaching style

One of the things that I like the most about Jeff Bishop is that he is the least pretentious millionaire trader that I have ever seen.

He has not spent his life trying to impress people or win awards. Instead, he has focused on becoming the best stock trader and teacher that he can be.

Jeff does not boast about how he has a super high win rate in his trading. He is much more realistic about trading, possible because he has been trading for decades.

He makes sure that his students understand that discipline, patience and education are the key to success in stock trading.

Some people might find his tough (realistic) attitude to be a bit of a shock because they are use to being told that they can make millions of dollars without much hard work.

Jeff advocates that all his new students take 3 months to learn the ropes and paper trade stocks before actually joining him in his trades.

He strongly advocates extensive constant education and gives away a lot of his strategy for free.


Try Jeff Bishops Option Profit Accelerator eBook for FREE to learn some of his money patterns

Jeff Bishop Webinar


Jeff bishop promotes disciplined trading. He tells his new students to physically write out a trading plan on paper before they place a trade.

They are told to write down their potential entry price and exit price. They have to write down their stop loss – basically their entire strategy for the trade.

This may sound simple, but so few traders do this and it DOES make a difference. Discipline is EVERYTHING in trading and those who ignore it will quickly realize that trading is not gambling.


Interesting Facts About Jeff Bishop

I have noticed that while Jeff is a relaxed and a friendly guy, he is very precise and his attention to detail is unmatched. The guy is extremely smart and it shows.

I have noticed similar character traits in the smartest people that I have been around (I am a physicist and some of my colleagues are extremely smart!).

Here are some of the interesting facts about Jeff:

  • He is a member of Mensa, the high IQ society.
  • Jeff had his own landscaping business in Texas before he started stock trading.
  • Trades $100 Million in shares a year.
  • Economics and Finance degrees from the University of Texas.
  • Despite being a multi-millionaire he drives a minivan.
  • He mentored Jason Bond who has become one of the best penny stock traders and teachers in the world.

Jeff Bishop Webinar – more details on his service

If you want to know more, be sure to check out this Jeff Bishop webinar (watch it here) which is free and gives you a much deeper insight into the man and his trading strategies.

The Jeff Bishop webinar is one of the best ways to understand who Jeff Bishop is and what he does. The above Jeff Bishop webinar also gives you some insight into his fantastic track record with stocks, options and ETF’s.

If you have skimmed this Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review and only do ONE thing I highly suggest that you watch Jeff Bishop’s webinar ASAP!


Top Stock Picks Review – Conclusions

Despite having moved his Top Stock Picks service to, Jeff has continued to add massive value and increase his customer base.

I have found Top Stock Picks and Weekly Money Multiplier to be fantastic services that focus on education and giving out the best stock and options alerts. The Jeff Bishop strategy is very unique and it can be very profitable.


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This Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review has hopefully give you access to Jeff Bishop’s webinar and helped you to understand what this millionaire trader has to offer. The Jeff Bishop strategy is one of the best I have learned.



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Jason Bond Strategy

Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks Review


  • Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks


Jeff Bishop Top Stock Picks has morphed into Weekly Money Multiplier on the RagingBull platform. It is still one of the best value for money ETF and options trading educational services that I have ever found. Highly recommend.

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