Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha Program ($71K in ONE TRADE!)

Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha Program launched last week and it is going STRONG! Check out how Jeff made $71,000+ in a single trade this week!

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Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha Program alerts several winning trades this last week. If you don’t know what the Total Alpha Trading system is:

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Jeff Bishop recently made a trade on a stock called BIIB. He alerted the trade to the Total Alpha Trading community. I thought that it would be useful to give you guys an overview of the trade.

Jeff is a sneaky trader! He loves to take advantage of the smallest edge! He realized many years ago that their is less competition in the markets on Friday’s. Many traders take Fridays off and go out partying in the Hamptons….

So Jeff uses Friday afternoons to get into amazing trades when noone else is looking for them! These are often his best trades!

Friday was SO slow in the markets. There was extremely low volume. However, Jeff was still able to spot his favorite chart pattern – The Money Pattern (you can learn more about this pattern on Pg 26 of his free eBook).

When a setup like the one Jeff spotted in BIIB on Friday come along, he jumps on them FAST! His Total Alpha Trade subscribers bought this alert as well.


 Jeff Bishop's Total Alpha


Amazing, right? Jeff and Total Alpha Trading subscribers manage to make trades like this one on a weekly basis!

If you know what to look for in the chart pattern etc., there types of huge winning trades are not as difficult as you might think.

Let’s go through Jeff’s BIIB trade and look at how he was able to make those nice profits. This information is just part of the Total Alpha training in his service.


Look for price action that is unusual for the stock

The BIIB trade came up on Jeff’s radar because of the huge increase in trading volume on the stock in the middle of the day. This was particularly noticeable because the rest of the market was so dead.

The stock usually trades very little, but on Friday the shares shot up over 2% in a few minutes. Check out the intra-day chart below.


 Jeff Bishop's Total Alpha Review training live webinar


BIIB Intra-day chart (5 mins)

Whenever I see this kind of jump in volume – I know something is going on. Volume and price action are often ALL that matters!

Something that I learned early on in my trading career is that stocks will often use whole round numbers are areas of support and resistance. It is just human nature to put in orders for ‘normal round numbers’ like $300.

Jeff liked the fact that BIIB was in a strong uptrend and was around the area of support/resistance when volume started coming in. Trading WITH the trend is always a good idea in my opinion.

The other thing that Jeff noticed is that on the 5-min chart, the price retraced to the 13 MA. This level acts as support and thus represents a good buy in area or level to bet against.

Jeff’s initial trade idea was that the price would fall back down after the initial volume spike and then continue the uptrend into the close. This is pretty normal when you have a big price spike intra-day because people take their profits. This leaves more buyers than sellers!


BIIB Risk Management

Total Alpha Trading training is all about managing your risk. It is why Jeff Bishop has had so much success with these volatile and risky options trades.

In the Total Alpha training, Jeff shows subscribers how to scale into his trades to maximize profits. Jeff made sure that his risk/reward was 1:2.84 in his favor. So for every $1 he risked, he stood to gain $2.84.  At one point he was down $25,000 on the trade!

Jeff doesn’t really do 1:1 risk/reward trades. He uses scaling in to positions as a way to stack his winning potential. He uses multiple factors to ensure that the probability is on his side for a win!

Here is how Jeff managed this trade to make that $71,000.


Jeff Bishop's Total Alpha Reviews

You can see his trade flow above. He started with just 80 contract for $2.2 each. Then as the trade started to progress, he added another 100 contracts at $1.45.

He finally bought 100 more contracts with less than 50% of the initial capital. So Jeff scales in AND out of these options trades. You can see his orders and selling etc.


The cool thing about Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha training is that ANYONE can do this. Sure, you might not be able to buy hundred of contract, but you don’t have to!

Total Alpha can help you to realize your potential as an options trade and use Jeff’s years of experience to benefit financially. As you make more money, you can invest more until you are making $70,000+ on trades like these as well!


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Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha Training live webinar is worth watching. I hope that you have found this $70,000+ options trade inspiring!

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