Jeff Williams Penny Pack Review

Jeff Williams Penny Pack Review

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My Favorite RagingBull Service: Bullseye Trades by Jeff Bishop

RagingBull is one of the longest running stock education services. My favorite service that I have found to have an amazing track record is called Bullseye Trades (Read my full Bullseye Trades review here for more info).


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Jeff Williams Penny Pack ReviewRockwell Trading PowerX Optimizer Reviewed


Let’s get started!

This service by Jeff Williams from Raging Bull focuses on penny stock swing trading and has a boat load of education content.

If you are looking for a comprehensive course you might want to check out Tom Luong Stock Navigator Review here.


Jeff Williams Penny Pack Review: The Core 4 Videos

Jeff leads with education in all his services.

The first area I checked out was a compact video library. The videos show how Jeff sets up his charting services and how he determines support and resistance levels. These are critical for Jeff Williams to help him develop his trade plans.

Jeff also shows you how he uses level 2 in conjunction with the technical indicators to tune in and refine his trading plan to include entries and exits.

Finally, Jeff teaches about his two favorite chart patterns that almost all of his trades are based on.

I like how Jeff puts knowledge first. He always looks for ways to educate himself.


Jeff Williams Trader 10 minute wealth blueprint


Jeff has been a trader at RagingBull for many years. He specializes in penny stocks and has over a decade of experience.

He is known for his successful small account challenges and educating his subscribers.

He was also a high school gym teacher before becoming a full-time trader.





Jeff Williams Penny Pack Review: Daily Mid-Day Watchlist

Every day around mid-day Jeff sends out a watch list. The list highlights a small handful of carefully selected penny stocks that meet the criteria from the Core 4 videos.

Each stock discussed has a detailed reason on why its on the list and offers a potential trade plan if the trade is executed.

Consider this list the ultimate advanced notice email. The benefit here is that the list is delivered at the same time every day (so you can look out for it!) and if Jeff Williams takes a trade it will be based on something from the list – advanced notice basically.

Once the day is complete Jeff sends out an evening video recap that focuses on the education of the why/why not if Jeff made a trade from the list.

If Jeff made a trade from the list he will cover lessons on what caught his eye, what pattern he saw or other key factors that Jeff thinks are important for learning.

If Jeff did NOT take a trade that day he will cover the reasons on why he passed on the trade. This is pretty unique because it covers the details and lessons surrounding the critical thinking of the trade.


Jeff Williams Penny Pack Review: Trade Journal

This journal is shared for full transparency. In the journal Jeff shares with subscribers all the trades he has made with the Penny Pack service. There are side notes on what got his attention for particular setups etc.





Jeff Williams Penny Pack Review: Conclusions

This seems like an amazing and transparent penny stock trading service. I love the focus on education and the fact that you know roughly what time to expect the watch list (noon ET).

This seems like the perfect combination of alerts but with reasoning and education that helps the subscriber understand why a trade is being placed.


P.S Check out Bullseye Trades from RagingBull it is AWESOME!


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Jeff Williams Penny Pack Review

Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades review

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