Jeff Williams Supernova Scam?

Is Jeff Williams Supernova Scam? Check out our Jeff Williams Supernova System Review!

People always think things are ‘scams’. Jeff Williams is a multi-millionaire trader that runs several stock alerts services.

Is Jeff Williams Supernova service a scam? Well, here is an example of a typical trade that Jeff alerted in his Supernova Boost chatroom.

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Check out this recent trade Jeff Williams and his Supernova chat room took on Oct. 29…

The stock had recently broken out after being in a consolidation pattern…

ALPP showed up on Jeff’s custom scan… and as it broke through the high of the previous swing up, everyone pounced on it…


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Check out that chart… they pulled in 50% on just a 2-day hold…

Jeff Williams supernova scam


Now, look at the 30-minute chart for a closer view of the trade potential that his custom scan turned up…


Jeff Williams Supernova Boost Scam


The bottom blue line shows where the stock broke above the previous swing high…

And as you can see there was plenty of time to let this trade set up and get in… which Jeff and subscribers did.

Two days later it really popped up and the Supernova chatroom locked in a 50% move.

Jeff Williams review


But it clearly didn’t stop there… 

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The very next day it popped up again… and AGAIN at the end of that day…

When we take these trade setups, there is so much potential that you simply don’t have to catch it all…

The thing is… I am able to improve my odds by grabbing my profits QUICKLY at key levels and price moves…

The moves and the potential are there… the key is to cash in while you can!


And it doesn’t have to end after one trade… I actually traded ALPP again and pulled in another $1,261 just a few days later…

Jeff William Supernova system
profit prism


By cashing in at key levels and getting back in when there is another high probability setup… the returns stack up quickly. 

Don’t try to be a hero by holding back to a loss.

When it comes to cashing in, Jeff Williams is a pro… in fact, in the first 2 weeks of his new small account challenge, he is already up a whopping 144.3%…

If you want more opportunities like the one you see above… and the potential to crush the market in Jeff Williams small account challenge…

This is how Jeff is able to build small accounts into large accounts very FAST!


Check out Jeff’s FREE EBOOK AND TRADING STARTER PACK where he explains his strategy!


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Is Jeff Williams Supernova Scam? I hope that our Jeff Williams Supernova System Review and trade update has helped you see the potential with Jeff’s service!

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