Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review

Welcome to my Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review! This is a full documented history of my experience with Jeff Williams stock alerts service. I updated it every week.

I am a REAL follower of the Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps alerts service.


Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used. This Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review is my own honest opinion as a real subscriber to the service, but please understand that I may get paid a commission for anything you buy after clicking through any links on this page – at no extra cost to you.


Let me tell you all about how I make passive income with the Weekend Wiretaps alerts service and others, like Fast5 alerts from Fast5 is my favorite alerts service of ALL TIME, almost a 100% win rate for me since I joined the service in 2019.


Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review

My goal is to give you details of every single trade alert that is sent out in Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps service. I want to show you what he alerted, his buys/sells and EXACTLY how I did with his trade alerts.

This Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps review is a 100% honest account of this service and I hope if you purchase it that you make money.


If you would like help with it or trading in general – contact me via the comments below or by joining my Facebook group called How To Make Money With Stock Alerts Services.

Here is a video summary of the Weekend Wiretaps service. I know your time is valuable and you might find this summary easier to digest than the rest of this giant trading journal article!

Jeff Williams is a millionaire penny stock trader that specializes in turning small accounts into big ones – FAST!

Jeff has come up with a simple system that he calls The Weekend Wiretaps system where he buys a trade on Friday with the goal to sell on Monday.

This way he uses 4 days of the week to passively make money!


Here is an excellent FREE starter pack that Jeff has put together for new traders that want to grow a small trading account.




Weekend Wiretaps Price

Are You a New Trader With A Small Account?

Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps is a fantastic stock alerts program that works extremely well for new traders or anyone that has a small trading account.

What is a small trading account?

Anything below $25,000 is considered small in that you will be limited in how you trade stocks. This is because of the pesky Pattern Day Trader rule which states:

‘if you make four or more day trades (opening and closing a stock position within the same day) in a five-day period and those day-trading activities are more than 6% of your total trading activity in that five-day period, you’re considered a day trader and must maintain a minimum account balance of $25,000’

Jeff is an expert at taking accounts of less than $25,000 and building them quickly to over that minimum. He has a bunch of tricks to be able to do it – and this is what he shows you in Weekend Wiretaps.

You can learn more about Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps strategies in his FREE WEBINAR.


Jeff Williams – Who Exactly Is He??

He started out as a gym teacher in New York and now he claims to be a millionaire stock trader. He is a genius when it comes to growing small trading accounts quickly.

I have a lot of experience with these stock alerts services and in my opinion, Jeff Williams is a legit trader. I have followed some of his alerts in Weekend Wiretaps and they have been excellent. I understand trading and Jeff is the real deal.

Not much else is known about Jeff except what he reveals in his free webinars.



Jeff Williams weekend wiretaps review


He runs his stock alerts services on the RagingBull platform, which has rapidly become the industry leader for stock trading education.


Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Results

Weekend Wiretaps results have been pretty amazing. As a long term penny stock trader, I am not that surprised by the profits. I usually make 10% gains over and over again which add up pretty fast.

Here is the kind of results that Jeff obtains on a regular basis. Starting with a small account of just $500 he traded it into $9,000 in just a few weeks!


Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Results


I will let you know if I can replicate these results in my full trading diary that you will be able to see in the second half of this article. I will attempt to replicate the Weekend Wiretaps results to show that there isn’t a Jeff Williams scam!

What Exactly Is Weekend Wiretaps?

In this Weekend Wiretaps review, I want to give you a good understanding on what you get with the service.

It is a simple yet amazingly effective service. Jeff emails you his highest conviction idea on Friday. All you have to do is check it out and if you like it – buy it.

Then you sell it on Monday for a profit (hopefully!). Typically, I will make anywhere from 10% to 50% on these stock picks!

Jeff Williams sends out his buy and sell alerts in real-time to subscribers.

The great thing is that you avoid the pattern day trader rule and over-trading. Once great pick a week is all you need to make some nice extra money.

This is PASSIVE income.


How Does Weekend Wiretaps Work?

The passive income from the service is one of the coolest features. When you buy a stock on the Friday – you are not doing any work or even CAN do anything because the market is closed.

It has helped me to switch off and conserve mental energy instead of watching the stock non-stop and even ‘piking’ (e.g. when you sell a stock way too early for a tiny profit).

Jeff finds stocks that are most likely to go up based on the hype surrounding a catalyst event. His strategy is simple. He picks stocks that are driven by news and not by the market.

This way he makes money in good or bad markets.

You can learn more about Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps strategies in his FREE WEBINAR.


Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Scans

The whole strategy reminds me of a sniper. The scans that Jeff runs exclude all the stocks that don’t have a high probability of moving over the weekend.

He finds and alerts the very best stock based on catalyst, momentum and chart pattern. He is looking for a stock to ‘gap up’ on the Monday morning because buyers are just so keen to get in – they start buying in pre-market.

Because of this swing trading style, it is possible to get a similar or better price than Jeff has in a stock. This is a pretty big deal, because many services out there will send out an alert and by the time you buy – you are getting a much higher price.

Recently, Jason Bond has been changing the alerts industry by sending out advance notice to his subscribers that say ‘ I am going to buy XXX at $X so that they can get in before him.

This is hopefully the way that Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps will go (being part of, I wouldn’t be too surprised!).


What Do You Get With Weekend Wiretaps?

It is a simple yet highly effective service. Here is what you get for your subscription:

  1. Complete video series that take you through the basics of pennystock trading all the way to detailing Jeff’s strategy.
  2. Email and text alerts telling you what Jeff is trading and why. He alerts the weekly trade on Friday morning with the goal to sell on Monday morning for almost passive income!


That is it. No chatroom and only a single alert a week – but it is the BEST stock that Jeff can find. It has really helped to take my trading to the next level.

This Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps review is a 100% honest account of this service and I hope if you purchase it that you make money. If you would like help with it or trading in general – contact me via the comments below.


Jeff Teaches How To Avoid The Pattern Day Trade Rule

One of the most useful things that Jeff Williams teaches is how to trade and quickly compound your gains. There really is no other way to grow a small account quickly!

You have to be able to trade your small account in a way that allows you to maximize your trades, but avoids having you violate the Pattern Day Trader rule.

I watched Jeff Williams trade a small $3,000 account into $13,000 in just 5 weeks! I had to buy his service to see if he is legit, because those are really good results.

Here is a screenshot of his recent success!

Weekend Wiretaps Price fraud


You can learn more about Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps strategies in his FREE WEBINAR.


Ok, that is pretty much my overview of the program. The next part of this review will focus on the actual trades that Jeff alerts to subscribers. I will do my best to document my trades and explain my thinking, Jeff’s thesis and why I followed (or didn’t!).


Note: I have been trading stocks for 8 years. I don’t need to just blindly follow Jeff’s alerts – I just use them as a way to get trade ideas sent to me without having to put in the work! I always check the trade out to make sure I agree BEFORE I take a position.


Week 1: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($INO) 12% Profits

Here is the alert that Jeff sent out on Friday to subscribers.

Weekend Wiretaps: Weekend Wiretap: Started into INO here at $8.20 area for swing, target is $11 dollars, will add more before close

I bought in at $8.13 which was slightly lower than Jeff’s entry price.

After hours on Friday the stock price was already up 10%!

I have played $INO recently a few times in Kyle Dennis’s Fast5 Alerts service and made some nice profits. It is a very volatile stock that is going up and down based on Corona virus speculation (they claim to be producing a vaccine).


Monday morning the stock was going wild and I sold my shares at $9.11 for a passive gain of 12%. Not bad, right?

Here is the email that Jeff sent out to subscribers with his ‘sell alert’.


‘Morning all,

Markets are slightly green here but not by too much. I am playing it safe here with INO and taking 1/2 of my shares off on the way up here at $9.20 for about 13% win. Solid play here over the weekend.

I am going to hold some shares now to see if this uptrend continues toward that next chart high of $11s

I’ll keep you updated as the day goes on.

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Unfortunately, $INO had a pretty bad day after the nice gap up. This is known as a ‘gap and crap’. Here is the 5 min chart with my purchase and sell included. It shows Friday and Monday share price with time.


Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps reviews


Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps cost me $399 for a lifetime subscription. I made way more than that on $INO! So, the service has paid for itself on my very first trade!

I am very glad that I sold $INO when it spiked first thing on Monday morning. It just shows that you can’t be greedy and should take profits when you have them.

Another thing that I am loving about Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps is that he sends out some really good trade explanations. That really helps new traders to understand why a trade is alerted and have more confidence in the alerts.

Here is the INO trade explanation that Jeff sent out to Weekend Wiretap subscribers.


‘Hey gang,

We’re off to a slightly calmer start this week! After a flat open — which I didn’t even know we could still do anymore — the markets finally decided to move higher on Monday. I’m sure a lot of investors are cautiously starting to breathe a little easier, especially after last week’s historic climb.

But there’s still plenty of unknowns out there, and no one’s quite sure where we’re heading next.

So now’s not the time to get sloppy or chase the rally… Which is one of the reasons I’ve been so keen on spotting momentum-based technical trades lately. It’s easier to follow a trend than to start one!

Let’s dig into the technical pattern that helped trigger this week’s Weekend Wiretaps pick, because it’s one you’ll be able to spot — and trade — over and over again, no matter whether you’re playing penny stocks or blue chips.

A Biotech Breakout in the Making

Inovio Pharmaceuticals is a biotech specializing in vaccines.

(I bet you can already see where I’m going with this…)

And of course, they’ve been working to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, with human clinical testing slated to begin in April. The company even recently received a multi-million dollar grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help fund their coronavirus R&D.

So, we see where the fundamental driver for INO comes from.

On the technical side, I was keeping a close eye on INO all week, waiting for the shares to break through resistance at their 20-unit moving average, and Friday morning I finally saw the move I had been waiting on, thanks to an early surge in volume for the shares.

And that’s not all. Just a few hours later, I noticed an intraday bull flag pattern near the $8.20 area.

jeff williams is a fraud

If you remember from last week, one of the reasons I was so keen on GAXY was its consolidating chart pattern. When I see consolidation, I know that a bump in volume can act as a catalyst to push the shares higher.

With a bull flag pattern, it’s the same story. But in this case, the shares have already surged on high volume — forming the “pole” — and then go on to consolidate into a “flag” shape with relatively lighter volume.

All INO needed was a high-volume breakout from this bull flag pattern to confirm another leg higher was kicking off.

That was the final sign I needed, and I decided to buy in and target a swing as high as the $11 area. I purchased my first shares in the early hours of the afternoon, but I liked this trade so much that I decided to stock up on even more before market close.

What A Way to Start the Week!

Monday morning, INO shares jumped pre-market, after the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg’s $25 million donation to the Gates’ COVID-focused program.

Check out that volume!

penny pro fraud

Boom! That’s what I like to see.

I sold off half of my shares at $9.20 – not quite the run to $11 I was looking for, but it was enough to lock in 13% gains. Like I always say… I’ll take my profits when I can get them!

And I’m happy to see I wasn’t the only one banking some green to start off my week – plenty of my Weekend Wiretap pals let me know they were able to snag some profits of their own.

weekend wiretaps reviews real subscribers

How did you do? Let me know @ThePennyPro!


That’s one of the great things about these low-dollar stocks… they’re insulated to a large degree from broad-market volatility, but you can still cash in on directional moves sparked by the same macro catalysts and hot topics.

And be on the lookout for patterns like the bull flag, which can lead you to powerful breakout moves in stocks across all sectors.

I’ll be in touch again soon. Until then, I hope everyone’s staying safe out there.

Talk to you soon,

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


This is the kind of information that the other Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps reviews won’t give you. Why?

Because most of the other Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps reviews are not written by REAL SUBSCRIBERS!


My Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps review will be updated every week after the trade I make. I hope it helps you decide if the service might work for you.


Week 2: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review (IFRX loss)

Weird start to the week! The Dow bounced 1600 points but all I did was lose money…..

Jeff Williams sent out an alert to the Weekly Wiretaps subscribers on Friday afternoon last week. He had taken a position in a stock called IFRX.

Here is the email that he sent out.

‘Afternoon Friends,

I just purchased 300 shares of IFRX at $5.29. Strong momentum today, big bids coming in and looking for another good run second half of the day $6.50 to $7 area.

Nice flag pattern breakout just a bit ago on nice volume.

I am also holding back some money to purchase another couple hundred shares before the close and of course I will let you know when I do.


Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


So I checked out the chart and agreed with his idea that momentum was coming in.

I took a small position in the stock based on the chart and Jeff’s recommendation. Here is a summary on the 5 minute chart below.

Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretap loss


So, I chased and bought in on what I thought was a consolidation ‘Bull Flag’ pattern and for the rest of the day the price continued upwards and the trade seemed to be going well.

Unfortunately, the stock sold off the next morning and I was suddenly at a 5% loss. I sold for about a 4.5% loss on the trade because I always try to keep losses to less than 10%.

I didn’t like the fact that the Bull Flag broke down and momentum shifted away. The rest of the day the stock grinded downwards in price.

At the time of writing (the night after I sold) Jeff Williams is still holding this stock. If he alerts a sell, I will update this to reflect his results from the trade.

Overall, this weeks Weeks Wiretaps alert was decent but not an easy one for new traders to follow due to the momentum. I liked the alert and it was ‘legit’, but I imagine most subscribers lost money on this alert (I know my friend did).

My advice is that if a stock alert goes up too quickly and you have to buy in much higher – know the risk that you are taking and keep a tight stop loss on it if it turns against you. There will always be more alerts and trades that will offer a better risk/reward ratio.

Top Tip: This pattern is a classic breakout ‘rocket’ pattern that many traders find success with. You can learn more about this pattern from Jason Bond in this FREE WEBINAR about his favorite three patterns.



Week 3: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($CPE 10% loss)

Well, my third week with Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps service saw another loss. This time a larger 10% loss. Here was Jeff’s recommendation.

‘Weekend Wiretap: Bought starter on CPE at $.584 6k shares. Target is gap up Monday looking for $.75 to $.80 range goal. Will add a dip before close.

Energy stocks are hot right now with a deal from Russia and Saudi Arabia today, could be a nice swing as well.

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps


It seemed like a sensible idea to me, so I bought at a slightly lower cost to Jeff. My average purchase was $0.55 per share.

By Monday, the stock did indeed ‘gap up’ to $0.57 and then sold off. Jeff didn’t sell his shares and neither did I. Unfortunately, despite oil production being cut (reducing supply) the oil industry stocks still struggled to move up.

I got bored with the trade and sold it for a loss of about 10% on Tuesday.

So far, that is only 1 out of 3 Weekend Wiretap Trades that have worked for me. As of right now, I am recommending looking at Kyle Dennis’s Fast5 Alerts rather than Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps.

This might change as the weeks go on. All I know is that I have a 100% win rate with Kyle Dennis’s Fast5 and a 30% win rate with Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps!

Jeff Williams weekend wiretaps wins

Jeff Williams sent out an update email on the $CPE trade. Here is the email that hopefully helps you to understand his thesis on the trade, even if it didn’t work out for me!

Here is Jeff’s email to subscribers…..


‘Hey gang, By now you’ve probably noticed that energy stocks have been taking a beating lately, with demand for oil plummeting in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

After all, no one’s really doing much traveling since much of the world is being told to #StayHome. What’s more, Russia and Saudi Arabia were locked in a weeks-long price war, which has just been exacerbating the problem. (I’m sure you’ve noticed the jaw-dropping gas prices in the last few weeks, if you’ve dared to leave your house.)

Even Sunday’s historic “OPEC+” agreement – during which 23 countries agreed to cut oil production by a whopping 9.7 million barrels – has failed to reignite the sector. But even with all that going on… I still went with an oil stock for my latest Weekend Wiretaps trade!

Before you call me crazy, let me tell you exactly what I was looking for, and why I think this play still has plenty of room to run.

Pumba, With You, Everything’s Gas.

My Weekend Wiretaps pick this week was Callon Petroleum Company, an energy stock that has been suffering right along with the rest of the oil sector over the last few weeks.

Profit Prism results

CPE’s had a rough few months.

I mean, yikes. The shares certainly have taken a beating over the last few weeks. But last Thursday, Saudi Arabia and Russia were negotiating their terms to call off the ongoing price war in an attempt to boost sinking oil prices.

I knew the right deal could be a boon to the struggling sector, and I, for one, was ready to cash in on the momentum. I purchased 6,000 shares of Callon Petroleum Company on Thursday morning at $0.584 per share, and added another 3,000 shares to my position just a few hours later at $0.535, bringing my total open position to 9,000 shares.

So why Callon Petroleum Company?  Because I saw the potential for upside. On Thursday, the shares formed a nice inverted hammer candle – a bullish signal that showed me the shares could be ready to leg higher.

profit prism fraud

The shares didn’t quite pop how I had hoped on Monday, but there’s still time!

What’s more, I noticed CPE’s move higher was supported by some nice volume on Thursday, suggesting plenty of crowd support for a move higher. And the RSI of 32 is another encouraging signal that the shares could be getting ready to pop, especially coupled with a recent pattern of higher lows.

I knew that if the shares could break out above the $0.60 level – which served to contain the small rally attempts last Thursday and in late March – we’d be looking at a potential run to the next high at $0.80, giving the trade some really solid gain potential.

And while I’m still waiting on the pop I want to see, I know at least a few of my Profit Prism Platinum members were able to collect some green Monday morning:

jeffs weekly wiretap fraud

weekly wiretaps alerts service review

Are you holding on to CPE or have you collected your cash already? Let me know @ThePennyPro!

So I’ll be keeping an eye on CPE over the next few days or so, biding my time.  But remember, you don’t have to wait until I cash out if you see gains you’re happy with. You do you, and pay yourself first!

On another note, I know all this social distancing can get a little lonely. If you’re looking for a little social interaction, and a way to fill your quarantine days, remember, the Funky Bunch and I are hanging out in the Profit Prism Platinum chat room every trading day from 9:00 to 11:40 and from 2:45 to 4:00.

You’re more than welcome to join us!  Come put your extra quarantine hours to good use. I’ll show you how I’m using today’s chaotic market to stack some extra cash, and plenty of my Funky Bunch friends are also raking in the green.  Whether you just want someone to talk shop with, or you could use a little help figuring out how to spot the best chart patterns, your Profit Prism Platinum pals are here for you! And as a Weekend Wiretaps member, you can get in at a serious discount. Click here if you’re ready to learn more and opt in.

See you in there!

Jeff Williams’

Unfortunately, by the end of the week, Jeff had realized it wasn’t going to work out either. I was pretty shocked to see the size of the lose her took on CPE to be honest. What happened to keeping losses small!?

Jeff sold $CPE at $0.42 from his first purchase at $0.58. That is almost a 30% loss…..

Week 4: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($KNOS 40% potential winner)

This weeks Weekend Wiretaps alert was an interesting one. Jeff went with a very low cost stock trading on the OTC markets.

His email alert was pretty basic and not very helpful

‘Weekend Wiretap: Sat on bid on KNOS and picked up 220k shares at $.018, target is $.03s if it goes well.

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


The chart below showed what happened on Friday after his $KNOS buy and Monday morning.


Weekend Wiretaps review knos


Jeff’s purchase at $0.18 seemed to spark a giant 44% move up in price! I didn’t catch the move and honestly these types of crap stocks scare me.

Worse, I found that my broker (Webull) won’t even let me buy an OTC stock.

Weirdly, Jeff didn’t sell $KNOS on Friday, despite being up 44% on his position…..perhaps the stock volume was too low to get out!


Week 5: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($TPTW 31%  winner)

Jeff bought another OTC (Over-The-Counter) piece of garbage stock this week lol.

But, who cares if the company sucks! He made 31% over the weekend on it…..

Here is the simple email that Jeff sent to subscribers on Friday afternoon.


‘Weekend Wiretap: Bought Starter on TPTW at $.004 .0041 avg.

Flag pattern breakout today with good volume.

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Jeff held the position over the weekend and sold it very early on Monday morning. Nice trade from him, but frustrating because I wasn’t in it!

Here is his sell alert.


‘Weekend Wiretap: Sold TPTW at $.005 for 31% or just about $1,000 profits

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


One thing that I love about Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps service is that he does follow up with lengthy and detailed explanations for his trades. This really helps new traders to understand why he did a trade.

Here is the explanation email that he sent out to subscribers after he sold $TPTW for a profit yesterday.


Hey gang,

This week’s off to a strong start, as states around the country are starting to gradually reopen. And don’t forget, there’s a Fed meeting and plenty of big-name earnings on tap this week.

Never a dull moment in these markets!

The Dow even grabbed some green on Monday… and who doesn’t love starting the week with some green?

I know I do… Which is why I’m stoked about how the latest Weekend Wiretaps pick played out.

Did you get yours yet, or are you holding out for even greener pastures?

Ready to break down what made this “controversial” pick such a slam-dunk? Plus, I want to let you know what I’m looking forward to over the next few weeks.

My Most Controversial Pick Yet?

TPT Global Tech Inc. is a tech stock specializing in telecommunications media content…

With plans in the works to roll out 5G across rural America.

5G! I know that’ll raise some hackles…

But that’s not why TPTW caught my interest when it showed up on my midday Friday scan.

What I noticed on Friday was the shares were forming a flag pattern breakout:

Jeff Williams profit prism review

A nice flag formation on TPTW’s intraday chart caught my eye on Friday afternoon.

A bull flag, like the one on TPTW’s chart, shows me that the shares are already in an uptrend, so I can potentially hop on board, and cash in on any continued upward momentum. 

It’s always easier to go with the flow, and flags are one of my favorite patterns to spot on the charts.

The “pole” of the flag is formed when share prices make a quick move higher.

And I was happy to see TPTW’s developing flag pattern supported by some nice trading volume, because trading is one situation where “going along with the crowd” can sometimes be exactly what you want to do. Without crowd support, big upswings have a harder time sticking around, so I always check for a nice volume bump once I spot a trade pattern I like.

Then, you’ll see the “flag” portion of this pattern develop as share prices consolidate, and traders take their profits (or shorts attempt to stuff the stock lower!). You’ll see some sideways consolidation, or even slightly downward movement.

During the consolidation period, what I’m waiting for is the second wave of buyers to get off of the bench and onto the field, so to speak. When that happens, it can help further bump the shares on a second run higher.

With TPTW, we had both the flag pattern and supporting volume, which is exactly what I like to see.

So I picked up some shares at the average cost of $0.0041, hoping continued crowd interest would help the shares jump higher on Monday.

And I got my wish! Monday morning, TPTW snapped higher, thanks in part to an announcement that the tech company is going to launch a new Medical Technology and Supply Division, focusing on medical software as a service and PPE supply products (and you thought I was taking a week off of COVID plays!).

Shortly after the market opened, I sold my shares at $0.005, a 31% profit that worked out to right around $1,000 in my pocket. 

Jeff Williams penny stock fraud

I took my profits right after the open on Monday morning for a nice 31% win.

I just barely missed the high of $0.0052, but I was pretty darn close! Of course I’m never aiming for the “perfect” trade anyways. As long as I cash out with a win, I’m happy.’

This type of educational email is great for learning the methods behind the trade alerts. It helps to show people that there is no dodgy Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps scam going on!

Jeff Williams is a decent trader, despite having a hard time in this down market. At the moment I would recommend joining Weekend Wiretaps but perhaps not going all the way and buying Profit Prism. It is expensive and I am not overly happy with the alerts I am receiving in Profit Prism.


Week 6: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($RTTR 13%  winner)

Well, this weeks Weekend Wiretaps alert was pretty amazing. Of course, I didn’t buy it…..and it ran up 100% !! Jeff’s timing was a bit off as well but he still managed to lock in 13% profits.


Here is Jeff’s buy alert on Friday.

‘Bought RTTR at $.38 for target of $.50 next week, strong runner here out of a nice flag pattern which is something I have been looking for. Its a nice higher low and now higher high pattern.

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Jeff sent out this email regarding the trade on Monday. I like how he did this to help subscribers understand the trade and show them what he was thinking.


‘I think we’re seeing a nice continuation pattern, even if it takes an extra few days to play out. Here’s why I’m still holding on to RTTR.

Call It a Gut Feeling…

Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biotech company that develops treatments for the human gut microbiome to combat gastrointestinal diseases.

So, to sum up, last week I was playing shipping companies, and this week it’s…  Never mind. RTTR announced Q1 earnings on Friday, coming in just $0.01 under the expected earnings per share. Not bad, as far as earnings are concerned.

The biotech also announced a shareholder vote to happen this month, as it seeks to finalize a merger with fellow biotech Qualigen, Inc. And to top it all off, RTTR has seen some pretty hefty insider buying over the last three months, and I’m thinking that could bode well for some coming upside… But the question is “when?” RTTR caught my eye on my Friday scan when I saw the nice ascending triangle pattern forming on its charts.

Love a good triangle pattern. This ascending triangle pattern shows me a pattern of higher lows, which signals to me that buyers are increasingly willing to buy at higher prices, meaning there’s solid demand for the RTTR right now. And since the ascending triangle is a continuation pattern, I assume that any breakout that occurs may be to the upside (although that’s never guaranteed, of course).  

Right now, it looks like the shares are consolidating within the pattern, which hopefully means a breakout is close. I’d like to see a nice volume pop to help propel RTTR higher.

 Weekend Wiretaps performance review

You can see the pattern of higher lows that has been forming on RTTR since March.

I’m hoping the shares can get past possible resistance at the 200-day moving average, which has managed to contain several run-up attempts in the last few weeks. If the shares break above the 200-day, it could be a potential level of support going forward.

I entered the trade at $0.38, and I’m hoping that some solid volume and a continuation of the higher-lows pattern could help boost the shares up to around the $0.50 level – just above their previous high of $0.499. (If they manage to surpass that, we could be looking at a possible run to $0.57, but I’ll probably be “paying myself first” before it gets to that point.)

On Monday we saw a slight drawdown for RTTR shares, but I’m not concerned, since this still fits within the higher-lows pattern that I’m watching with the ascending triangle. I’m going to sit tight, and wait to see if there’s some good volume later this week that will help push the shares higher.’

Jeff was right! This is what happened to $RTTR on Tuesday!

Look at that move up on Tuesday all the way to 4pm. Jeff sold his shares at $0.43 for a nice 13% gain but I bet that hurts to see the rest of the move to 100% profits! I know I am mad that I didn’t trade it!

weekend wiretaps performance


Here is Jeff’s sell alert on Tuesday.


‘WWT: Sold RTTR at $.43 for $13% or $638 profits, perfect weekend wiretap short term swing, nice hit all

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


It seems like Jeff Williams is starting to find his groove again with Weekend Wiretaps trade alerts.


Week 7: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ( $HVBTF  loser)

Jeff sent out his Friday Weekend Wiretaps alert. Here is his email for what he bought.

Morning Traders,

I just bought 12,500 shares of HVBTF for my weekend wiretap trade because Bitcoin is moving strong right now and it will be halving Monday May 11 into Tuesday May 12 2020 is my understanding.

I’ll be looking for a push in bitcoin / blockchain stocks as this event occurs.

My target here is $.40s if it goes well and I will also be looking to add to this trade before the close.

Once I add, I will give more details on my target / stop loss.


Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Jeff was up a little bit on this stock and bitcoin stocks did indeed get a bit of a rise during the week. Unfortunately, the gains vanished and he ended up selling for a 10% loss…..come on Jeff! I know the market isn’t easy, but come on man!

Here is his sell email on Friday.


‘Morning all,

I am gearing up for a NEW weekend wiretap trade here and in doing so I just sold HVBTF swing I had at $.27s from $.31s. Just didn’t move up with bitcoin / blockchain stocks like I had hoped so just protecting capital here

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Week 8: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($BXRX  losing trade)

Here is the alert that Jeff sent out for Weekend Wiretaps this week.


‘Weekend Wiretap: Bought 1,000 shares of BXRX at $4.365 for a target of $5.30s and a stop at $4 area. Looking to swing this into next week.

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Unfortunately, $BXRX was another losing trade in this service and Jeff ended up selling at the end of the week for a 10% loss.

Jeff Williams picks are ‘cold’ these last few weeks and I have been having much better luck with Kyle Dennis’s Fast5 Trades.

Weekend Wiretaps performance

Week 9: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($HEXO 19% WINNING trade)

Finally! A decent winning trade with this service!

Here is the trade alert that Jeff Williams issued on Friday.


‘Weekend Wiretap: Bought 7,000 shares of HEXO at $.598 avg here, the offering closes on this trade recently and I am targeting a move next week toward $.70 to $.75 area.

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


The stock made a nice gap up on Monday morning and allowed Jeff and subscribers to make a 20% profit! Nice to see he is back on track for the time being…..

Here is the annotated chart of exactly how it was played. You can see subscribers could play it in a similar way to Jeff. I didn’t trade it though.

Jeff Williams past performance

Here is the sell email from Monday.


‘Love starting off the week with a nice gain!

Enjoyed a 3 day weekend and came back to my desk this morning with HEXO making a 19% run for me and I just sold at the $.71 asking price which was my target for about $780 profits.

I’ll be stalking the markets over the next few days looking for my next Friday set up for this coming Weekend Wiretap play.

Cheers all!

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Week 10: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($NBRV 20% WINNER lol but LOSING trade for Jeff!)

Here is the alert that he sent out to Weekend Wiretaps subscribers on Friday.


Afternoon Traders,

I just bought 5,000 shares of NBRV at $1.00. Here is a higher high and higher low set up on the daily chart with the 200 simple moving average line at $1.45 as reference. I think that’s too aggressive for me as far as a target from this $1 entry level of mine but I’m going to shoot for 20% here and look for that $1.20 to $1.25 area.

I like the volume increasing today and I will place my stop just above today’s low around $.90, so 20% upside is my target with about a 10% downside.

Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Reviewed

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Initially, the alert looked solid, rallying up 20% but then…..this happened….

Jeff Williams performance


This is a good example of why you can’t always rely on these ‘gurus’ ! They mistakes and you have to follow your own rules.

Jeff Williams did send out an email to try and show people the idea behind the trade etc. Here it is in full!

‘But now, let’s take a deep dive into my last Weekend Wiretaps pick.

I’m Getting Déjà Vu…

Well, folks, I’m glad some of you adhered to your own trade plan on this one…

Jeff Williams penny pro scam

Good job trading your plan; I’m glad to see it paid off!*

NBRV isn’t panning out quite how I had planned, thanks to yet another offering I’ve gotten sucked up in. I can’t even count how many times this has happened to me over the last month (well, I could, but I don’t want to) and I’ll say… It doesn’t get any easier!  It’s very, very frustrating, to say the least.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what an offering is, or how it affects my trading, here’s the gist of it: An offering is when a company decides it’s going to offer more shares of its stock to investors. (Get it?) Sometimes these shares come from the coffers of company insiders, which means the overall share prices may not be too dramatically affected. But often, an offering means the creation of new shares, which generally hurts the price of the stock since the value of each share is being diluted.

This is because the earnings per share is now lower, since company earnings must now be divided between a larger number of shares. Can you guess which type of offering NBRV made?

The rationale behind an offering is usually to raise money. In this particular situation, Nabriva is expected to gross a cool $38 million. So, good for them… Not so good for me. But – the good news is this offering is due to close today (June 2), so I am hoping I’ll see some recovery in the shares over the next day or two.

But there’s really no telling if, or by how much, the shares will recover. So, in the spirit of at least considering this a learning opportunity, let’s go over what made this trade so appealing on Friday. As you know, I bought 5,000 shares of NBRV on Friday afternoon, shortly before 1:00 p.m. ET. I was able to get into this trade at $1.00, targeting a tidy 20% gain up to $1.20 or $1.25.

There were a few reasons I liked this trade so much. First of all, it was making one of my favorite patterns to see on the charts: higher highs and higher lows!

The daily chart showed me a nice, steady uptrend over the last few weeks, and in the days before I took the trade, heavy trading volume had really helped boost the shares higher. What’s more, I didn’t see any notable resistance until the 200-day moving average, which was parked all the way up at $1.45! Now, $1.45 seemed a little ambitious to me, so I settled for “just” a 20% target profit.

Jeff Williams Penny Pro review

With good volume and little overhead resistance, I thought this would be an easy 20%.

And shortly after I placed my trade, the shares exploded! They reached as high as – you guessed it — $1.20, and managed to close out the week at a respectable $1.14.  It even looked like an ascending triangle forming on the intraday 3-minute chart, which is a good sign since the ascending triangle is a bullish continuation pattern, meaning it indicates the shares may soon be heading higher.

Jeff Williams small account challenge

NBRV was looking strong on Friday’s chart.

But, since this is, after all, Weekend Wiretaps, I didn’t close out my trade. The whole point is to target gains using a swing trade rather than using up a valuable day trade. And that’s where it came back to bite me!

Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Scam

Because, as my luck would have it, after a strong day on the charts, NBRV announced its $38 million offering at 7:30pm Friday evening!! Man, they sure waited for the last minute here, didn’t they?! Ughhhh. So my Monday morning didn’t exactly start off on the greatest note, with the shares plummeting at the opening bell, and continuing to slide lower all day.

Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps fraud


But like I said, I think there may be a chance of recovery. Even if I don’t make it all the way to my original $1.20 target, minimizing losses at this point would also be welcome. Of course, with the shares sliding lower all day yesterday, it’s very possible I could be the last aboard a sinking ship. Time will tell. What’s your plan for NBRV? Did you manage to snag a win on Friday, or are you holding on like I am?

Let me know how you’re playing it @thePennyPro. And remember – if you want in on my next Small Account Challenge, be sure you’re a Profit Prism member! I’m kicking off June 8, so you need to get all your ducks in a row if you want to come alongside me as I try to grow a $1k cash account into $10k over the course of 90 days. And Platinum members will get a front-row seat with my daily live broadcast and chat room! I’ll be back at you later this week. Stay safe, it’s crazy out there. Jeff Williams’

Week 11: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($VAL 100% winner)

Wow Jeff Williams is on a roll! A HUGE winner with $VAL this week. Here is his alert.

‘Weekend Wiretap: Bought VAL at $.64 here for a target of 15 to 20% into next week super hot stock and hot sector today

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Here is what happened over the weekend…

JEff Williams pennypro winner



‘This is how we start the day gang and the week!

WWT Trade: Sold VAL at $1.41 area for about 78% gains or about $3,800 profits on this round, over 100% from first alert

First alert was around $.64 area on Friday so this was a huge winner here overall. Near $5,000 total win

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’

Week 12: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($TSOI 100% winner)

Here is Jeff’s first alert (we got two this week!).


‘Bought 500k shares of TSOI at .0105 and .017 target 20% gain, could add before close if we pull back

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Yup, Jeff Williams is a man of few words! But, wow is he having a hot streak……check out how $TSOI worked out for him and subscribers!

Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps scam

Week 13: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review ($PASO 62% winner)

Another nice winner for Jeff this week. Here is his email alert.

‘Weekend Wiretap: Bought starter on PASO 60k shares at .105 target 30 to 40% run into next week

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Here is what happened…..62% profits in a few hours! Subscribers were able to get a huge piece of the pie as well!

Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps scam


Week 14: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review (6/26/20) $OPTI and $ZOM

We got two alerts this week – $OPTI and $ZOM.

First here is the $OPTI alert.


‘Weekend Wiretap: Bought OPTI at $.026 for 150k shares, will look to add before close. Swinging into next week

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


I didn’t buy $OPTI but Jeff made about 35% on it with multiple buy/sells then a hold over the weekend. Here is his sell alert.

‘Congratulations Weekend Wiretap, another big winner

Weekend Wiretap: Boom, sold OPTI at .032 avg for about 19% or $1,500 profits approx. Current price .0332

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


I bought $ZOM and sold it for breakeven on Monday. It didn’t seem to be doing much.


Week 15: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review (7/10/20)  $TPTW

Another OTC stock this week that I can’t play. Here is the alert though.


‘Afternoon Traders,

As you know, TPTW is one of my favorite stocks lately. Its in the Covid-19 space and the chart is higher highs and higher lows, something I really like!

I just bought 200,000 shares at .0542 for the weekend swing. My target is $.075 to $.08 if it goes well.

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Here is how the trade the trade worked out – 40% profits in a few hours and into Monday! Each candle represents 5 minutes. Subscribers had plenty of time to buy in at similar prices to Jeff.

Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps fraud


Week 16: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review (7/17/20)  $VYST (WINNER!)

Another week and another WWT winner! Here is Jeff’s alert email on the Friday.


‘Weekend Wiretap: Bought starter on VYST at $.033 for 100k shares, target near $.05 area, next chart high .07s so it has room on the chart

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Here is a chart that shows how Jeff and subscribers had the opportunity to make 40% gains!


Weekend Wiretaps winner


Jeff sold almost a week later. Here is the alert email.


‘Afternoon Weekend Wiretap Traders, another winner in the books

Weekend Wiretap: Sold VYST swing at .0415 from .036 for $1,000 profits, patience paid off nicely here.

Watching to possibly add CLWD here on this recent pull back as well, same for HYSR off the base

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Week 17: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review (7/24/20)  $SHMP (30% WINNER!)

Here is the Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps alert for this week.


Weekend Wiretap: Bought Starter on SHMP at $.077 target near $.10 if it goes well.

60k shares to start, will look to add later

On the weekly chart we have a nice break here higher on strong volume. Looking for the 50 MA line at $.09 and hopefully a push higher over that near $.10 if it goes well. 

Jeff Williams weekend wiretaps scam

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Here is what happened….

Jeff williams platnium prism review


Week 18: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review (7/31/20)  $RVVTF (33% WINNER!)

Here is Jeff Williams alert from Weekend Wiretaps this week. Another sub-penny stock.


‘Weekend Wiretap: Bought starter on RVVTF at .23, solid news play today, next chart high .50

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Here is exactly what happened after the alert. A nice 33% winner over the weekend. Many people in my Facebook group that are members also made bank on this.

Weekend Wiretaps scam

Here is Jeff’s sell alert. Nice win.


‘Morning WWT traders,

Sold RVVTF at .334 and .33 here for about 34% gains or about $3,000 profits, great start to the week.

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’



Week 19: Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review (8/7/20)  $GAXY (68% WINNER!)

Wow another winner for Jeff Williams this week. This Weekend Wiretaps service has been on fire since I joined. Here is Jeff Williams buy alert on $GAXY.


‘Going back to an old friend of mine GAXY here.

Weekend Wiretap: Starter on GAXY at $.005, chart coming off bottom, target .0075 to .009 area.

If we do break $.0075 the next high is $.0108 just for reference. 

Will add before the close as well

Jeff Williams
Weekend Wiretaps’


Another crazy win for Jeff and some of the lucky subscribers that pulled the trigger within a few minutes of the alert! Nearly a 100% price increased followed over the next few hours.

Here is Jeff’s sell alert.



Weekend Wiretap: GAXY is just on FIRE here. I sold at $.0084 for $5,100 profits or about 68%

Looking for this trade or a new one before close

Current price .0092

Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review: Conclusions

In Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps, every Monday through Friday morning Jeff Williams looks for the best short-term swing trade setups that he can find.

He is looking to make the trade on Friday afternoon, carry it over the weekend, and hopefully close it out for a profit on Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

When Jeff makes that trade, he will let you know the ticker symbol and the trade details via email and text message.

You can learn more about Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps strategies in his FREE WEBINAR.

Good Luck!



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I hope that you find my Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Review helpful! Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps Scam? Nope. Jeff Williams Weekend Wiretaps is LEGIT!




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