Keith Gebert: RagingBull Successful Student Story

Keith Gebert is the latest Raging Bull successful student that is a member of Jason Bond Picks and The Millionaire Roadmap. Keith has made 300% profits in just a few months with the Millionaire Roadmap program!


We have written about several millionaires that were also successful Raging Bull students. Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop founded to teach other people to make money trading stocks.

They offer several stock trading alerts and educational products to help their clients become successful.


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They offer some great services but you don’t have to buy any of their products to learn from them!

Here is my favorite JASON BOND FREE WEBINAR that explains the three simple trading patterns that helped the Raging Bull successful student, Keith Gebert start to make money trading stocks!

Jason Bond teaches these patterns in the Millionaire Roadmap program.


Raging Bull Successful Student

Who is Keith Gebert and why should you care?

Keith Gebert is a successful student of the Raging Bull stock trading system. He is 33 years old and from New York – the center of the world when it comes to stock trading!

Keith Gebert has been a part-time stock trader for a decade but he had lost hope that he could ever be extremely successful with it.

Sure, he had made some money from stock pick services, but he always felt that he could not find the right stock picking or education service.


Raging Bull Successful Student millionaire roadmap


Keith had not been a trader for a while when he was unfortunately injured. He was bed ridden for weeks which must have been horrible.

There was a a plus side though – he came across a friend on Facebook that was excited about a big win on a stock trade.

He was so annoyed at just sitting at home and doing very little with his life that he texted his friend and asked him how he did it and where he got the idea for the trade from.

The friend reported back to him that he was a member of the Jason Bond Picks alerts service and that it was awesome!

Keith decided to give the service a try and he loved it!

Very quickly he was making money, learning the strategy and following the alerts. He quickly upgraded to the premium service called The Millionaire Roadmap.

It wasn’t long until he joined the exclusive Raging Bull successful student club.

We have written about several of the other Raging Bull successful students that have made millions of dollars. If you are interested, here are a few other successful RagingBull students.

Kyle Dennis

Petra Hess

Matt Campbell

Nathan Bear

Keith Gebert Trading Results from Jason Bond Picks

Keith started with a medium sized account of $25,000. Within a few months he was able to increase this to $84,000 which is a 300% increase!

This is amazing enough but he did this while holding down a demanding full-time job. He thinks that this could be even better if he worked at it full-time.

He has learned so much so far from the Millionaire Roadmap program and he hopes to continue with it.


The Millionaire Roadmap Program

Keith has stated that the RagingBull Millionaire Roadmap program has been the best investment of his life.

What is included in the Millionaire Roadmap? Here is a list of the most important aspects of the RagingBull Millionaire Roadmap.

 1) Video watch list sent out daily to prepare students for the trading day.

2) Jason Bond’s exclusive chatroom where you have access to him personally.

3) The best stock alerts from multiple millionaire traders all with different expertise!

4) Jason Bond streams his E-trade platform live so that you can see his trades as he executes them! This is so valuable because there is ZERO lag and it shows complete transparency.

5) Mastermind chatroom and webinars. Get access to some of the best traders and their strategies on a daily basis. This is VERY valuable.

6) Access to ALL of RagingBull DVD’s and educational materials.

7) Weekly Money Multiplier by Jeff Bishop. This service is awesome with many 200% winners in his portfolio!


You are the average of the people around you and that is something that the Millionaire Roadmap helps you with. As a member you essentially upgrade your peer group and surround yourself with millionaire traders.

Many of your peers in the exclusive chatroom can help you and become friends. There are many millionaire traders in the group, people like: Jeff Bishop, Allan Marshall, Petra Hess and Kyle Dennis.


RagingBull Millionaire Roadmap – Jeff Bishop

Jeff Bishop’s Weekly Money Multiplier is a big part of RagingBull Millionaire Roadmap program. It is an options trading service that provides alerts to buy and sell options that have the potential for HUGE returns.

Jeff is a world-class options trader and his service is worth the price of the Millionaire Roadmap alone!

If you want to know more about Jeff’s expertise and learn some of his strategies, be sure to check out this FREE EBOOK where he gives away some of his best secrets!


Jeff Bishop book

The Beauty of Options – How to Capitalize on Crashing Stocks

Jeff Bishop also offers a free webinar that explains his options trading strategy. You can view it for FREE here. If you are considering buying the Millionaire Roadmap program, I highly recommend checking out the free stuff like this webinar before purchasing.


What is The Cost of The Millionaire Roadmap?

RagingBull’s Millionaire Roadmap is the premium product that they offer. It is an expensive program because of the amount of value that is provided.

Raging Bull’s successful students have nearly all been involved with the Millionaire Roadmap program. Many of them are trading millionaires now so it was certainly worth it for them.

Jason and Jeff essentially take you under their wings and show you how to make money trading options and penny stocks.

Here is the problem though – the Millionaire Roadmap program normally sells for $9,999 per year. This is a high fee but for some it may be worth it.

I would only consider paying for the Millionaire Roadmap program if my plan was to trade with a large trading account.

This way the fee would be really easy to justify because a few successful trades would pay for the program. The RagingBull Millionaire Roadmap program is expensive for a reason – it provides life-changing value.


Conclusions: Raging Bull Successful Student

The RagingBull Millionaire Roadmap has been responsible for many millionaire stock traders, including Keith Gebert. I think if I had known how much my university would have cost me – I would have purchased the Millionaire Roadmap instead!

The only downside is that the price is so high. However, I have given you the option to purchase it for a very reasonable price.

However, I think that the people that will get the most from the program are those that have a large account and some experience stock trading. Who knows, maybe you will be the next Raging Bull Successful student like Keith Gebert!

Let me know if you sign up!



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Keith Gebert, Raging Bull Successful Student has made The Millionaire Roadmap Program work for him.

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