Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace Review (Scam or Legit?)

The new Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace options trading alerts service helps you to profit from insider trading and corruption in the stock market. Read on for my Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace review.


We all know that insider trading is illegal. But the Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace strategy allows him to benefit from ‘insider information’ totally legally!

Many new traders find it so hard to really grow a small account quickly. Most new traders want to start with a small amount and quickly compound the account.

When new traders see rapid growth, it builds confidence and the motivation to really embrace stock trading. This is what the Dollar Ace strategy can help with.

If only I had access to a good strategy like Kyle’s when I first started trading stocks. Being able to grow an account fast is the key to being able to take bigger and bigger positions in stocks and hence generate massive profits.

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Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace Options Trading Strategy

Kyle created his new service called Dollar Ace to address this exact problem. The awesome part of this strategy is that it can be used effectively by people that have a small account ($1,000 or less) and by more experienced traders with much larger accounts.

The strategy is also independent of the market conditions – which in these volatile days, is a very good thing!

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Who is Kyle Dennis?

Kyle grew up in Los Angeles in family that was not rich. They were a typical middle-class family.

Kyle went to UCLA and studied biology after he finished high school. He managed to graduate from UCLA, unfortunately he was $80k in debt. This was a huge disappointment for him, especially since his first job (a real estate analyst position) only paid $35,000 a year!

He had to move back in with his parents! Horrendous! Kyle looked everywhere to find ways to make more money. Eventually, he found the stock market as a way to make more money.


By living with his parents, Kyle was able to eventually save $15,000 to start trading with. Unfortunately, he lost 50% of his account very quickly. Bummer!

Most traders quit after losing half their account. Kyle refused to quit.


Amazingly, Kyle managed to continue and grow his account to over $40,000 over the next year. This was the start of an exciting journey that would take Kyle to millionaire status and allow him to quit his job to focus on trading stocks.


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Kyle now runs multiple different stock educational programs on the fastest growing stock trading site on the internet – Options Trading Strategies

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Check them out if you want to make 100% profits on your trades! Options are a great way to leverage a small account and make massive wins! I was always intimidated by options, so I know that they can be scary.


The Dollar Ace Strategy by Kyle Dennis

Kyle has developed multiple trading strategies.

You can check out the price of Kyle’s revolutionary options trading strategy here.

He is well-known for his biotech catalyst trades.

His Dollar Ace strategy is quite different and it allows you to:


  • Trade stocks in a few minutes a day
  • Find the stocks that give huge returns in 1-3 days
  • It is ‘market proof’ so you can make money in any market


Dollar Ace is an options alert service that can exponentially grow your account. Here is how it works:

  1. Kyle hunts down the sub $1 option contracts that are priced extremely cheaply because there are some unusual activity by insiders. This is an indicator that many people ignore.
  2. Kyle find these contracts using a scanner that he has developed specifically for this purpose.




Think about it. If you follow the ‘smart money’ you can get a competitive edge. When you realize that insider trading is actually VERY common then you can use it to your advantage.

Sure, it is highly illegal for company insiders to do this. But it is NOT illegal for you to spy on them and copy them. The trick is you have to be able to find insider trading – these guys hide it very well.

Dollar Ace uses the fact that these types of illegal activities and corruption are rife in the markets. You can piggy back on these types of activities.

Kyle claims to make 100% profits in just a few days when he spots these types of illegal activities.

Timothy Sykes is one of the great traders that has made most of his money trading scams. He has made millions of dollars by researching ‘pump and dump’ scams and shorting them when the stock inevitably drops dramatically from the inflated price.


The secret that Kyle has discovered to look at the options chain – many insiders hide their illegal activity this way.

Kyle is able to spot the patterns that indicate what the insiders are sneakily doing!

Here are some of the clues that Kyle looks for that indicate sneaky insiders are up to no good:


  • Kyle looks at the options trade to see if it seems like a long-shot bet. Big money will not perform risky moon shots unless they have inside knowledge.
  • The expiration date is also important. If there is weird amounts of option activity on options that will expire soon, this can often indicate someone knows some information that is not public knowledge.
  •  If volume is higher than open interest it can mean that big buyers are opening positions in anticipation.


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Dollar Ace – Examples of Kyle Trades

Here are a few examples of how Kyle takes advantage of this insider options activity.


$SYMC 200% Profits!

Kyle’s scanner flagged some weird options activity on $SYMC when 1800 September 30th, $24 calls were bought for $0.35.

Surprise, surprise someone knew something was going to happen before it happened. Two days later massive positive news is announced that $AVGO is buying into $SYMC for $11 Billion.

This news caused the options prices to explode up to $1.1. Not so bad for those guys that bought in 2 days earlier at $0.35! They couldn’t possibly have known what was coming….could they…just a coincidence that they made over 200% in a couple of days.

Clearly, someone had the information before the event. Kyle spotted this dodgy activity and piggy backed on it for MASSIVE profits.


$WEN 500% Profits!

Kyle recently had another options trade recently. The stock was called $WEN. His scanner alerted him to some unusual options activity.

Someone bought over 4,000 $19 calls for $0.2 just before earnings was due to be announced. Yeh nothing dodgy about that…

Kyle was like ‘hmmmm someone knows something’ and he was right. They announced great earnings and the $0.2 options went soaring to $1.2+.

That is a 500% increase in just a day or two! Kyle made a FORTUNE on this trade all because he spotted the corrupt insiders moves.

As Kyle points out, big money doesn’t like to lose. They are not playing on a level playing field. They KNOW what will happen and the game just boils down to hiding their illegal activity.


Kyle Dennis Raging Bull Options



What You Get with Kyle’s Dollar Ace Service

Here is what Kyle does for you in his new service:

  • When Kyle finds unusual options activity, he will send out a video to his subscribers that shows him executing the trade. Full transparency. You can copy him at this point. You decide from the information if you are comfortable placing the trade.
  • You can watch Kyle’s account via a live stream all day if you want. This means you can be sure that he hasn’t sold anything or added to a position without you knowing.
  • Kyle shows you exactly how to buy the contracts and how to sell them.
  • Subscribers also get alerted to all the unusual options activity that Kyle’s system flags, even if he doesn’t take a trade on that info. This happens daily.
  • All alerts are sent to your phone and email.
  • Access to an awesome educational suite so that you can educate yourself further.


Check out the current price of Kyle Dennis’s Dollar Ace program here.


If you really want to get the best price for his Dollar Ace service, sign-up for one of the free webinars and you will automatically be added to his email list. He will send out free trades and notify you when there is going to be a sale on any of his services.


Conclusions – Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace Review

Is Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace a scam? I don’t think so. The transparency is so high, and the underlying strategy is solid.

Lot’s of traders exploit corruption in the stock market to make money. Kyle’s option trading strategy is one of the smartest ways to do this that I have ever seen.

Check out Kyle’s FREE WEBINAR where he explains his awesome option trading strategies!

Everyone knows that the market is corrupt and that the ‘big money’ wins and most smaller retail investors just lose. Competing against insiders, hedge funds, banks etc. is difficult because they have information and resources that we don’t.

Until now!

Check out my trading diaries and review on Trade With Kyle and Fast5 Alerts services here!

Kyle Dennis has figured out how to spot the signs and his Dollar Ace options trading strategy allows him and his subscribers to profit alongside the insiders.


Make no mistake about it, trading in this market right now is difficult. However, it’s not impossible, if you just know where to find the trades.


With Dollar Ace, we let the institutional traders do all the work for us. 


Kyle Dennis’s scanner flags their smart-money bets and tells me what they’re buying and the type of move they’re expecting from the trade.


By tracking their footprints, we’re able to get into the same trades, and profit alongside them. 


In the coming days and weeks, you’ll hear a lot of traders try to convince you that the markets are dead right now. And that there is no action around.


Fine by me, that just means more for us.


The next few weeks of trading could very well dictate how your 2020 will turn out.

I don’t want you to be like those other traders making excuses.


With Dollar Ace, you’ll never have a shortage of good trade ideas.


Good luck trading!



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I love the new Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace options trading alerts service! Dollar Ace helps you to profit from insider trading and the intrinsic corruption in the stock market. I hope you enjoyed my Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace review.

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    I don’t paying for knowledge just could never find what I needed. I do
    have an account but only bout 500 bucks in there right now tryin to trade the micro’s in the future mini’s and build an account higher. But no luck so far.Lose win lose win…..on going battle. What ya think? Help….a guy or
    and if ya can’t or don’t want to
    thanks anyway I get it. good info though

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