Kyle Dennis Dollar Option Trader Review

Our Kyle Dennis Dollar Option Trader review gives you a little insight into this free eBook. Let’s get started!


There are a few free books by Kyle Dennis. Dollar Option Trader is the latest one that he is promoting as a free guide to how he makes millions of dollars trading options online.

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Here is the link to the FREE DOWNLOAD of Kyle’s in-depth eBook!



kyle dennis dollar option trader review

Here is another of the books by Kyle Dennis that are published on Amazon.


It’s called Middle-Class Millionaire.


Middle-Class Millionaire is basically a biography that Kyle wrote to convey his success story with trading stocks. I read it before I started trading with Kyle. It gives a deep insight into who Kyle Dennis is and how he made his millions trading catalyst stocks.


Kyle Dennis Dollar Option Trader Review

Kyle started by trading biotech catalyst stocks. These are companies that have an upcoming event that has a high probability of dramatically increasing the price of the stock.

Kyle Dennis’s strategy is simple. Find these catalyst stocks early and purchase them a couple of weeks before the event. The hype and greed that the stock price might triple if the news is good attracts unsophisticated retail traders.

Kyle simply rides the hype wave up 10% – 20% and then sells for a profit significantly before the news is due to hit. This minimizes his risk and has a very high probability of yielding consistent profits.

Pretty simple and clever right?

It gets better…..over the last few years Kyle Dennis has been learning how to use ‘unusual options activity’ to make massive profits.


I have written a weekly diary article that I update Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace trades that I execute. You can see all the details from a REAL SUBSCRIBER.


Kyle Dennis Unusual Options Activity

Kyle has figured out a way to make money using options – despite the fact that the big Wall Street guys have a huge advantage.

Kyle is a really smart trader! He actually uses the fact that Wall Street have better resources and information to copy what they are doing! He does this ethically and legally.

But, how?

It comes down to the fact that when anyone makes an options trade, they have to report it within a minute or two to the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA).

So, everyone can see what the big boys are doing! Kyle exploits this by scanning for unusual options activity.

In Kyle Dennis’s Dollar Option Trader book, he explains exactly how he uses that information to make massively profitable option trades.


It’s like having tomorrow’s financial section of the newspaper—a day in advance.

Here are some of the other benefits you can get from trading off unusual options activity:

♦ You don’t have to worry about idea generation (what to trade and when it’s given to you)

♦ You are following REAL MONEY—not all trades are winners but all of them have real size behind them

♦ Explosive profit potential—it’s not uncommon to return triple-digits on a trade in as little as an hour when you nail a UOA trade

♦ Plenty of trades to choose from—there are UOA trades every single day the market is open. It’s perfect for the active trader or for someone who likes trade ideas but not necessarily taking them all. I like it because of the profit potential—risk to reward they are some of the best returns out there.


The Kyle Dennis Dollar Option Trader Review – What is In It?

The Kyle Dennis Dollar Option Trader eBook has so much stuff – it took me a long time to digest it all!

Here is a brief overview of what it in it.

You are probably just going to want to download it for free here though.


What you will learn:

1) Options crash course. Everything you need to know about the mysterious world of options contracts. It is a decent explanation and Kyle does a good job explaining all the jargon etc.

2) Why trade options? Kyle explains why they are so awesome. He explains why “smart money” loves buying options. When they buy an option the risk is limited to the premium spent. In other words, they can slap on a monster position and sleep like a baby because risk on the trade is defined. Take an informed trader,give them leverage… and just watch the money pile up. The whales in the market— pension funds, hedge funds, banks, and ultra-wealthy investors love options because it’s one of the fastest ways to build a position.


Side note: Kyle Dennis learned some of his options trading strategies from multi-millionaire veteran options trader, Jeff Bishop. You can get Jeff’s free eBook called The Trader’s Black Book for FREE!


3) Unusual options activity defined. This is the meat for you more advanced traders. It explains what to look for and how to do it. When trying to spot unusual options activity orders to trade, it’s best to find options where the volume exceeds the open interest. That way you are assured to be trading something with fresh action in it. 

4) Why trading options priced under a dollar is exciting. All of the options that Kyle Dennis is trading are going for less than a buck. That allows you to get a lot of leverage and get your dollar’s worth. Kyle explains the whole idea and strategy with real example trades.

5) Case studies of real Kyle Dennis Dollar Option trades. He gives dozens of real examples and breaks them down to help you understand the way he trades. It’s like literally 50 pages giving detailed breakdowns of all his recent monster trades that have made him a small fortune! Brilliant and worth checking out for sure.


There are tons of testimonials from Kyle Dennis Dollar Ace students that also benefited from the many trades detailed in the Dollar Option Trader book.

In Dollar Ace, Kyle issues alerts when he buys/sell options.


These alerts are based on all the ideas and techniques that the Dollar Option Trader book discusses. Sometimes it is just nice to follow along with a pro to help learn the actual strategy and implement it in the real world.

Kyle runs multiple stock alerts services as well as Dollar Ace. I am a member of most of them including Trade with Kyle alerts and Fast5. Both are awesome and help me make lots of extra money every week.

Here is my Trade With Kyle review that has many people excited.

I try to document all my trades and explain Kyle’s motives for the trades. I think it is pretty helpful for new traders to see another trader’s way of trading stock alerts.


I also keep a trading diary of my Fast5 Alerts trades that I follow Kyle into.



Kyle started as a stock trader and then branched out into options trading. He made his first $3MM trading biotech stocks and the next $4MM trading both stocks AND options.

It is not just me that has had success with Kyle Dennis’s Fast5! Check out my friend Mark’s success story about how he has made 10% on his account in just a few weeks with Fast Alerts!


Conclusions: Kyle Dennis Dollar Option Trader Ebook


Many of the books by Kyle Dennis are free and really helpful.  Kyle Dennis Dollar Option Trader is one of the most complete and detailed free books by Kyle Dennis.

I hope that you have found this brief Kyle Dennis Dollar Option Trader Review useful and that you download the Kyle Dennis Dollar Option Trader Ebook (HERE).

Good luck trading on unusual options activity!



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I hope you enjoy the free books by Kyle Dennis and learn more about Dollar Options Trading!


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