Kyle Dennis Option Rocket Review

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Kyle Dennis Option Rocket Review: About Kyle Dennis

Kyle Dennis is a successful young stock trader in his late twenties. He is famous for turning $15k into $4MM in just a few short years by trading biotech stocks.

Kyle teaches his biotech trading strategy to students through his various different premium subscription services. He has so many alerts services now (and I am a member of most of them!) that I lose track.

best options trading alert service

Kyle started to teach people his revolutionary biotech catalyst swing trading strategy that helped him to make his first million dollars trading.

Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts is one of my favorite trading alerts services.

I have written extensively about my experiences with Kyle Dennis and his biotech catalyst trading strategy:

Sniper Report

FDA Insider Alerts

Biotech Nucleus

Kyle Dennis Black Optics


In this Kyle Dennis Option Rocket review, I will try to introduce you to Kyle’s strategy and give you a few valuable free resources along the way! I think that Option Rocket is the best options trading alert service in the world. Period.


Option Rocket: The best options trading alert service

Kyle’s core trading strategy works extremely well for him and his subscribers. However, Kyle is always adding new ways to make money with trading. This is a smart approach in a market that keeps on changing and offering up new opportunities to profit from.

 This is where the Kyle Dennis Option Rocket strategy comes in!

Kyle Dennis’s Option Rocket is his latest alerts service that aims to make massive profits by using the leverage gained from options trading. Kyle has experience with options trading, but he is not known for this style of trading. This is changing as he has started to focus on making massive triple-digit percentage gains on each options trade!


So why would Kyle want to start trading options?

Kyle seems to have realized that his strategy for swing trading biotech catalyst stocks has worked extremely well for him, but that a new strategy will be needed to reach new levels of success. He calls his different strategies ‘profit buckets’ with options trading representing one of the potentially most lucrative buckets. Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts is just one of the profit buckets that you can learn.

Kyle Dennis has realized that to get from $4MM in profits to tens of millions, he will need to use options trading to rapidly grow his account. Options can offer the type of exponential growth that no other financial vehicle can offer. If you can trade well, options trading can make you extremely wealthy.

Kyle has had all the support he needs to start successfully trading options – he is mentored by one of the worlds top real money options traders, Jeff Bishop. Jeff is a multi-millionaire options trader that runs his own options trading alerts and education service.

If you are interested in learning the basics of options trading, be sure to check out Jeff’s best-selling eBook that reveals his strategy. You can get it for FREE here.


 Kyle Dennis Option Rocket Review

Kyle Dennis Option Rocket Review: the I.G.N.I.T.E system

Kyle learned the basics of options trading from Jeff Bishop, but he has perfected his own system. He is very diligent when it comes to trading stocks so it is no surprise that his options trading system is very well designed.

Kyle is like a sniper when it comes to trading stocks, which is part of the reason he is so successful. He spends a lot of time making sure that EVERYTHING about a trade he is considering is positive. He will only buy a stock or option if all the stars align.

This is why his Option Rocket I.G.N.I.T.E system works so well for options trading. He has developed this really powerful scoring system. He scores his potential trades on a scale between 0-100 and only those that score above 90 will actually be traded. Isn’t this the type of system that ALL traders should have!?

So how does he score his potential trades? Here are the 6 items that he considers when planning a trade:

Insiders: The people on the inside of the company have the best knowledge of what is likely to happen in the future. If they are buying up shares in large amounts, it is a good indication that they have the confidence in the future of the company. They have to file Form 4 with the SEC so you can check those out to get a feel for the inside sentiment.


Growth: Kyle likes to find companies that are growing and posting steadily increasing earnings reports. If a company is growing, there are often be a price increase in the stock as the earnings reporting date approaches. This is something that Kyle uses as a catalyst and if a potential stock meets this criteria it will likely make his watch list. The reason this works is because a growing company gets traders and investors excited and they buy shares which causes even more growth. It is a relatively reliable signal of a bullish stock.


The Kyle Dennis options trading strategy is extremely profitable


News: Anticipating any good news that might come out is part of Kyle’s scoring system. Good news, especially in the biotech sector, can have a massive effect on the price of a stock. Something like a new drug approval or a successful drug trial can double the stock price overnight. Kyle thrives on anticipating this stuff and he is often right!


Institutions: Kyle looks at what the big money institutions are doing. If they seem to be building large positions in a stock, this is a positive indication. These institutions have a lot more resources than small traders and they have likely done a lot of due diligence before starting to accumulate large positions in a stock. Kyle reads the 13G forms that these institutions are legally obliged to file with the SEC to figure out what they are buying.


Technicals: Kyle loves technical analysis. If the technical chart is not looking bullish, Kyle will be unlikely to purchase a stock. He looks at medium to long-term charts and is prepared to play almost any technical pattern that is likely to result in an increase in stock price in the future. He uses candlestick charts and focuses on price action patterns. He does not bother that much with any of the fancy indicators that other traders get obsessed about. Simple moving averages, volume, breakouts, cup and handle patterns and bullish flags are all Kyle’s bread and butter!


Earnings: earnings calls are reliable in that they occur at specific well-defined times every 3 months. This makes them very predictable catalyst events. Kyle likes to buy a stock if the expectation for the earnings report is that it will be a good report. This is because many people will start purchasing the stock before the earnings report in anticipation of a stellar earnings report. This causes the price of the stock to rise as the earnings report date approaches. If you are positioned in the stock when this happens you can pocket a nice gain, without holding the stock through the risky report.


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The Kyle Dennis options trading strategy is extremely profitable! He will happily take you along for the ride!

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Kyle Dennis Option Rocket Review Free Webinar

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Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts

Kyle Dennis Biotech Trader


Kyle Dennis Option Rocket Review – Conclusions

Kyle has had phenomenal success with trading biotech stocks and now he is turning to explosive options trading to take his account profits to massive new highs! His subscribers will be taken along for the ride, and I am excited to see where this Option Rocket goes.

Given his solid foundation trading biotech stocks, I am predicting that the Kyle Dennis Option Rocket will be an explosively profitable ride!  The Kyle Dennis options trading strategy is something that can make you massive profits but not take up all your time.



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Hopefully you enjoyed my Kyle Dennis Option Rocket review! The Kyle Dennis options trading strategy is extremely profitable. Check out Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts for more stock trading services! I am sure that you will find that Option Rocket is the best options trading alert service.


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Kyle Dennis Option Rocket Review


  • Kyle Dennis Option Rocket


Kyle Dennis Option Rocket is one of the best options trading educational and alerts services I have tried. Highly recommended!

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