Kyle Dennis Raptor5 Review

Kyle Dennis Raptor5 Review – Is Kyle Dennis’ new service any good? We give you some Kyle Dennis Raptor 5 past results from a REAL Kyle Dennis Raptor 5 subscriber!


Kyle Dennis turned $15,000 into $7.5MM in just a few years trading biotech stocks! He is one of the best traders that you will ever meet! He has that chilled out California attitude. You can read more about Kyle’s bio here.

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Learn more about Kyle Dennis and get his FREE WEBINAR that reveals his biotech trading strategy and some hot new picks!


Kyle Dennis Raptor5 trading strategy is EXCEPTIONAL. I am a member of several of his trading services and his stock picks make BANK!


Kyle Dennis’ Raptor 5 Past Results

Here is an example of a Kyle Dennis Raptor 5 trade from yesterday.


$SRRA 47% in 2 hours!!!

Kyle Dennis sent out his stock alert for $SRRA email on Monday.  The email is copied below. You can see that he is recommending $SRRA and has given some basic information to his subscribers.

Kyle Dennis Raptor 5 reviews

I bought $SRRA on his recommendation. It then proceeded to increase 47% in two hours! This is the power of Kyle Dennis’ Raptor 5 strategy!  You can see the proof of the $SRRA alert and check out the Google Finance graph for Monday morning! This is the power in Kyle Dennis’s Raptor 5 strategy.

Kyle Dennis Raptor 5 Real Member review

So, if you had just taken a $10,000 position in $SRRA , you would have made almost $5,000 from ONE Raptor 5 trade!

In two hours!

Kyle Dennis’ Raptor 5 past results are exceptional. Kyle makes about $1MM a year with his trading strategy! The Raptor 5 trading strategy is easy to replicate.

If I recommend just ONE trader to follow, it is Kyle Dennis. He is that good!

About Kyle Dennis

Kyle was born in California in a middle class family. He grew up in L.A and got a degree in biology from the famous UCLA.

However, Kyle was not happy with the crappy $30,000 a year job and massive debt that he ended up with after completing his degree. So, he decided to learn how to trade stocks online.


He joined Jason Bond Picks and learned Jason’s simple strategy. He ended up becoming a fantastic trader and even won a Porsche from Jason Bond for being his first student to reach $1MM in profits.


Here is a pic of Kyle and Jason with the Porsche in the background.


Kyle Dennis Raptor 5 past results


Kyle Dennis adapted the strategy that Jason taught him and made it his own. He refined the process of hunting for stocks that would have a high probability of working.He started several premium subscription services to teach other his awesome strategy.


This ‘Raptor 5’ strategy is what he continues to use in all of his trading services. I am a member of many of his services.

You can find real user reviews of his services:

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Kyle Dennis Raptor 5 Review: Strategy

Kyle’s strategy is simple but highly effective. He uses the fact that many biotech stocks increase in price as certain catalyst events approach.

Many events are announced weeks before. For example, FDA decisions and data on new clinical trials dates can be easily found online.

Kyle’s Raptor 5 hunting strategy involves finding these companies and analyzing the probability of successful outcomes from these catalyst events.

He also looks at things like the technical chart and what kind of hype the company is generating surrounding the event.

It sounds so easy right? Just buy the stock a few weeks before a catalyst event and enjoy the ride up in price!

Well Kyle’s Raptor 5 strategy is simple but it is not EASY. That is where you can benefit from Kyle’s expertise and experience.

Kyle literally ‘stalks’ his stock (pun intended!). He makes sure that ALL the criteria are in place. Not just one or even two indicators. It isn’t called Raptor 5 for no reason…


Learn more about Kyle Dennis and get his FREE WEBINAR that reveals his biotech trading strategy and some hot new picks!


Raptor 5 is the reason why Kyle is a millionaire stock trader.


Raptor 5 Screening Tools

Kyle doesn’t use anything particularly fancy to find the Raptor 5 stocks. He uses simple, free tools like

Here is a video that Kyle made that explains his Raptor 5 stock screening process in more detail. People need to see his results and process so that they don’t think that there is some ‘Kyle Dennis Raptor 5 fraud or scam’ going on. He is the REAL deal!



Check out my trading diaries and review on Trade With Kyle and Fast5 Alerts services here!

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from this talented multi-millionaire stock trader!



I hope that this Kyle Dennis’s Raptor 5 real user review has given you some more information about him and his trading strategy. Kyle Dennis Raptor 5 strategy is not a scam.


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Jason Bond Strategy

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