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Who Is Luke Murray? Have You Tried His Day Trading Service? Luke Murray trader extraordinaire reveals all!


The Luke Murray day trading service started in 2017 when Luke spun out of Jason Bond Picks Swing and Day Trading service. The picture below is of Luke Murray himself – he is a very official looking guy with that suit on and the flag in background.


luke murray day trading service

Luke Murray trader


Luke Murray has been the head moderator at Jason Bond Picks (See my Review of Jason Bond Picks for more details) for many years.

The reason that he looks so formal in the above picture is a key aspect of his trading journey, because Luke actually began day trading stocks in 1998 while on active duty as a United States Marine!

His role was primarily working with computers, which allowed him to start day trading stocks online.

*Update 10/19/18* Luke has left Jason Bond Picks to start his own day trading service called Fast Money Traders.

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Luke Murray Day Trading Service

Luke Murray Day Trading Service Initial Account Size


Luke Murray started trading stocks with $15,000 (This size of account is often the order of magnitude that millionaire traders start with e.g. Timothy Sykes started with a similar amount as did Kyle Dennis).

Luke started trading the account and amazingly increased it from $15k to $200k in just 1 year! Insane right?! Life seemed to be going great for Luke.

Unfortunately, he had started trading at the time in history when every stock you bought went up fast and didn’t stop. So, when the technology bubble burst, Luke continued to hold the stocks he had bought.

But this time he was not so lucky. Unfortunately he had been buying a lot of his stocks on the OTCBB and many of the companies ended up declaring bankruptcy.

By the time he realized what was happening, Luke lost all the money he had made initially and then some more.


Luke Murray trader

Luke Murray trader extraordinaire!

Luke Murray Day Trading Technical Analysis

After this devastating turn of events, Luke began to learn technical analysis. He read everything and spent 3 years studying everything that he could to learn to be a more independent trader.

He started trading technical chart patterns, but only using ‘paper’ trading accounts, so as to avoid any more losses. He didn’t realize it, but he was setting himself up for a remarkable future of financial independence.


Luke Murray Day Trading Stock Scanner

Luke has developed stock scanner software to help reduce the most tedious part of stock trading – the initial scanning and researching stocks.

This part of the due diligence phase can take many hours of pain staking work, reading charts, and filtering stocks based on certain criteria.

The stock scanner that Luke has developed reduces this work for the trader and the software has been used for many years in the trading chatrooms that he is involved in.


The scanner is the result of many hours of work, but it has paid off with huge wins and decreased the effort that is required every night. To give you just a tiny bit of the results that Luke Murray (and his followers!) has enjoyed, check out the annotated chart below.


luke murray day trading service


That’s right – Luke Murray day trading, does occasionally extend to an overnight hold, usually something that results in massive profits! 75% profits in just one night! Crazy.

In the picture, you can see a couple of the testimonials from Jason Bond Picks subscribers who also made profits with the trade.

Luke Murray Day Trading Alerts

In June 2017, Luke Murray Day Trading Alerts service is launching! Luke will still work alongside Jason Bond, but the alerts and chatroom will be independent. They are offering some fantastic deals for both the existing subscribers and new subscribers.

Latest testimonial about Luke Murray day trading service  “I banked +$76,500 on your HLF put alert Luke. I suppose we have Mr. Bill Ackman to thank too, but without your alert I would have missed the trade idea.” ~ Michael G.


Conclusions – Luke Murray Day Trading Service

One of the goals of this website is to shine a spot light on some of the best millionaire traders that can share some of their success with you. I hope that in this article about Luke Murray, that I have achieved this goal and you can learn from his success!



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Luke Murray Day Trading Service is worth your time! Luke Murray trader extraordinaire is worth following if you want to learn to day trade stocks!


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