Nathan Bear LottoX Indicator

Want to know how the Nathan Bear LottoX Indicator has taken him from a few thousand dollars to MILLIONS in just a few short years?


Nathan Bear is a multi-millionaire trader that learned to trade stocks/options from his mentor, Jeff Bishop.

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Nathan Bear options trading LottoX

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Who Is Nathan Bear?

This is Nathan Bear.

He is one of the world’s most successful stock and option traders! He has been trading for more than 12 years, so kind of an overnight success……that took a decade!

In 2014 he met his wife and he went on to have multiple kids.

Nathan Bear LottoX trade, Nathan Bear LottoX Indicator


In 2015, he lost $40,000 trading stocks. He realized it was time to get serious about developing a trading system. These days he makes over a million dollars a year trading stocks and options online.


Everything changed for him when he found Jason Bond and


He learned that for him, simplicity was the key to success. He had been trading too much and he only really became profitable when stopped trading like a crack head!


Nathan developed a system of trading that has helped him to become a super trader. He calls it the TPS system and you can learn more about it here.

I also included a section all about Nathan Bears TPS system in this article.


Nathan is a consistent and profitable trader that now teaches his strategies in the premium subscription service called Weekly Money Multiplier.

In this service (that he inherited from Jeff Bishop) he alerts his trades in real-time to subscribers.


If you need a bit more convincing, here are a few trade examples that Nathan has made recently. He alerted these to his subscribers in Weekly Money Multiplier.

People are demanding to know how Nathan Bear pulls off trades like these!

Nathan Bear LottoX Indicator

He recently pulled in a superb 1,175% on MDB and 1,670% on SHOP. How ridiculous is that!?

($100 in each of these would have made you $2,845).

I won’t say it was easy for him, but he has got something up his sleeve that nobody else does.

…A proprietary indicator that makes trades like these possible.

This is the same indicator that lifted him out of a $40,000 trading hole, and elevated him to millionaire status faster than he ever thought possible!

The Nathan Bear LottoX indicator is applied to only the strongest of stocks. Here are the criteria:

1. Strong bullish stock

2. Price consolidation

3. Nathan Bear LottoX flashing BUY!

If he has all three of these criteria, then the trade is ON! With this type of edge, it makes sense to maximize your potential reward by buying options.

Nathan Bear LottoX Trade Example

When Nathan executes fast day trades, he calls them his Lotto trades. Sometimes these work very quickly and some take a day or two. He still uses his TPS system to trade them though.

Nathan Bears LottoX Indicator is essentially the VWAP. He uses the 8-period moving average, 21-period MA and the VWAP to get the best possible entries into his LottoX trades.

Top traders use the VWAP (volume-weighted average price) to judge entries into trades. Nathan is an expert at applying this indicator to his trades to get the best entry/exit prices. This results in the highest probability trades and minimize his risk and maximize his potential rewards.


Here is a good example of a Nathan Bear LottoX trade on $PTON. This is an actual trade that he gave to paying members recently.



Nathan Bear LottoX trade

15-minute chart for $PTON


Nathan used his TPS system (an uptrend, consolidation pattern, and a squeeze) with the VWAP squeeze. The blue arrow indicates where he entered based on the alignment of the VWAP with the 8-period EMA.

The markets were really red that day, but it didn’t matter! Nathan still made a really nice win because these trades are almost market independent!


Nathan Bear LottoX trade


You can see just how great and simple this strategy and LottoX trade Indicators are! Anyone can make money on one trade. The secret to trading success is consistency.


More Nathan Bear LottoX Trade Examples

I thought that it would be good to show you a couple more of Nathan’s LottoX alerts since Tuesday: SDC, YETI, ZM.

Ike nearly paid for his Lifetime subscription on SDC in a matter of hours on Tuesday. 

“I fumbled around with it, but came out with $2k profit. Thank you. It almost paid for my lifetime subscription!” – Ike G.

Chris set his limit order and didn’t look again until there was money in the bank. 

“SDC +30% quick and easy as my exploratory trade under the new service. Set my limit order didn’t look again till $$$ in the bank.” – Chris T. 

Nathan alerted ZM to LottoX members only yesterday… And today?

Well, let me just show you what happened!

Nathan Bear Trader LottoX

LottoX alerts is now 3 for 3 in two days.


Nathan Bear LottoX Trades: Conclusions


I have made my money trading stocks by just doing ONE thing over and over again. I don’t get distracted and neither does Nathan Bear.

LottoX is a service that is aimed at the busy professional. Nathan alerts just one pick a day – his absolute BEST pick! This is an aggressive, short-term trading with the goal of 100% – 300% profits on each trade.

With Nathan’s LottoX trades service you get alerts when he buys/sells (seriously I saw a trade he made that went up 700% in a DAY!).

With LottoX trades you also get access to Nate’s archive of trades and training materials to help you learn.


Good Luck,





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Nathan Bear LottoX Indicator just sounds cool but it isn’t that hard to understand or follow!



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