Petra Picks Gold Review (Petra Hess Scam?)

Our Petra Picks Gold review reveals the Petra Picks pattern that is taught in the Petra Hess service. But is Petra Hess a scam? Read on to find out!

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**Update in 2020: Petra unfortunately closed her stock alerts and education service**

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It is pretty unusual to find a stock trading newsletter that is run by a woman! I wanted to do a Petra Picks Gold review to see if Petra Hess is a scam. 

Many stock trading guru’s claim to be able to help you make a great full-time income with stock trading. Is Petra Hess’s Gold service a scam or is it legit?


Petra Picks Gold Review

Women generally make better stock traders. It is a fact! They have better risk management and don’t have that male ego that refuses to admit that maybe we might have been wrong about a trade…

In this article we review Petra Picks Gold to see if it is an alerts service that will actually work for the average trader. This is what matters at the end of the day, right?

Here is what you need to know before you spend your hard earned money on Petra’s service. 


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So, Who Exactly is Petra Hess?

If you haven’t heard of Petra Hess – where have you been!? Petra is one of the biggest names in online trading.

She doesn’t deal in penny stocks (like 90% of trading gurus do). She is a millionaire trader that focuses on large cap stocks in the U.S and Canada.

Her revolutionary alerts service called Petra Picks has helped many traders to grow their accounts without risking it all.


petra picks pattern


Petra has always been an entrepreneur. Amazingly, she was a self-made millionaire by the age of just 25 from her exotic animal export business!

Petra knows that ‘the more you learn, the more you earn’ is one of the main principles to achieving success.

Petra Picks is a service that is based on this philosophy and the hordes of successful students that have learned to trade from Petra can attest to her methods.


Petra is an EXPERT at Trading Discipline

MY favorite thing about Petra is that she is a safe trader. She knows the rules and she sticks to them! Most traders fail when they mismanage a trade. They hold on to losing positions and sell winning ones too quickly.

In this short video, she explains why it is risky to hold a stock through earnings.



Why Buy Petra Picks Gold?

Petra Picks Gold is a complete stock trading education and alerts subscription program. You can purchase a Petra Picks Gold subscription quarterly or yearly.

Check out this FREE MASTERCLASS where Petra teaches the #1 Petra Picks pattern and explains her full million dollar trading strategy!


Here are all the different assets that Petra Picks Gold gives you when you subscribe:


Petra Picks Gold Alerts. These trade alerts are what most people want when they sign-up for a trading subscription service. Petra sends out an alert when she buys and sells a stock. All you have to do is make sure you get the emails and/or text alerts and follow along with her. She does all the hard work and buys the stock as well. Being able to learn from and copy a millionaire stock trader is so valuable.

Stock Watch Lists. Petra’s watch list is emailed to her subscribers every day. You can learn a lot just from the watch list. Typically, her watch list includes stocks that are trading in the Canadian markets and the U.S. Petra puts in a lot of research work to ensure she finds the most likely trades to make money.

Video Lessons and Petra Picks Pattern Training. There is a ton of awesome educational resources that can help you learn the absolute basics all the way through to the profitable Petra Picks pattern. Petra wants you to become a self-sufficient trader.


petra hess service

Is Petra Picks Gold For EVERYONE?

Yup. Petra can help you to learn to trade stocks even if you have never traded before! If you are an experienced trader, the strategies that she teaches can help you take you trading to a whole new level.

Are you too busy to be monitoring stocks all day? Then this service is for you. Petra buys and holds stocks for longer than a single day – often weeks or months! This means that you will have plenty of chances to purchase her alerts, even if you don’t get them until much later.

Check out this FREE MASTERCLASS where Petra teaches the #1 Petra Picks pattern and explains her full million dollar trading strategy!


Why Trade U.S. And Canadian Stocks?

One huge advantage to trading with the Petra Hess service is that she does not just trade U.S stocks. She also trades stocks that are trading on the Canadian markets.

Why is this such a good thing?

Well, we live in one of the most volatile times for the stock market. A single tweet or political drama can cause stocks in any sectors to tank or explode up in price.

By holding Canadian stocks, Petra basically diversifies her portfolio and protects it against the political circus that is happening in the U.S.

Canada has some great potential sectors and industries that are showing some great growth. For example, Cannabis companies are doing really well in Canada.


petra hess scam

Petra Picks Pattern

The primary Petra Picks pattern that you will learn from her is called the 3/8-EMA cross over. She discusses this top Petra Picks pattern or indicator in her FREE WEBINAR.

Petra was inspired by legendary trader, Jesse Livermore. She often quotes him in her educational material.

Basically, the number one Petra Picks pattern is just a simple cross over (on any time frame) of the moving averages. This indicates a reversal of price direction and thus a way to take a high probability trade.

Petra has some great insight into this strategy to maximize her chances of success.

The best Petra Hess pattern is the 3/8 EMA cross over and if you implement it correctly, it can help you make a lot of money!

Advantages of the Petra Hess Service

Longer term, low risk trading that is easy to understand and replicate by following the alerts.

A diversified strategy that can weather the U.S. political nonsense that seems to happen on a daily basis these days.

A high win rate for the alerts.

Well researched watch lists with full transparency.

Petra has some great trading ability and she does a great job teaching it to other people.

Disadvantages to the Petra Hess Service

Petra Picks costs a fair bit. You can check out the current prices and deals that they are offering here. It usually works out to be about $100 per month – amazing value if you ask me. But I understand that might be a bit steep for people just starting out.


Honestly, if you are looking for a relaxed but highly profitable trading service to make some extra money – look no further than Petra Picks!

The fact that Petra can show you how to trade Canadian markets is a huge advantage and worth the subscription cost alone.

Petra is well-known in the stock trading community. She is known to be a straight shooter and doesn’t mess around when it comes to risk management. This is a huge plus for new traders. She is also one of my favorite teachers with some true insight into trading successfully.

I promise that if you give Petra Picks a try, you will love it! I know I do.  Just check out her FREE MASTERCLASS to learn more and see if the Petra Picks Gold service will be a good fit for you.



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