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Kyle Dennis Review (Biotech Stock Picks)

Kyle Dennis is Jason Bonds top student and he turned $15,253 into $1,613,442 trading Biotech stocks… without setting foot on Wall Street. These services are a must buy for serious biotech traders.


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Who is Kyle Dennis and What is Biotech Breakouts Stock Alerts?

Welcome to my Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts Stock Alerts Review! If you are wondering who is biotech stocks millionaire Kyle Dennis or if Biotech Breakouts is a Kyle Dennis scam, then you have come to the right place! I am an experienced biotech trader that has tested many of the available biotech trading services and this one is a gem. Is Kyle Dennis legit? Read our Biotech Breakouts review to find out the good, the bad and the ugly.


Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page. This means that if you click through and purchase anything, I could possibly make a commission without adding any extra cost to you.


Kyle Dennis Scam

Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts Review

Kyle no longer calls his services ‘Biotech Breakouts’. Instead he runs ‘Trade With Kyle‘ and Fast5 Alerts as his stock alerts services.

So, who is Kyle Dennis? Kyle is a biotech trader who has lived a life story that is both exceptionally rare and equally as impressive!

Kyle Dennis is living proof that the stock market can offer anybody massive success if they are willing to work hard, pursue education, realize anything is possible and seek out a competitive edge in stock trading.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page. This means that if you click through and purchase anything, I could possibly make a commission without adding any extra cost to you.


Kyle turned $15k in to $1.6M trading Biotech stocks sign up here now for FREE stock trading alerts from him!

kyle dennis biotech breakouts Kyle Dennis Net Worth


Before I get started on this review, please check out my favorite tools and free swing trading course that I have used to make $50,000 trading stocks! I highly recommend that you read my review of the free swing trading online course (worth $1000!) for more details on how to download the course for free and to see if the trading strategies and chart patterns would work for you.


Kyle Dennis stock trading story

So, who is Kyle Dennis and what exactly is his background? Why should you trust him as a stock trader and mentor?

Kyle Dennis graduated from UCLA with a Biology degree. What he did not realize (like many so many others) is that he would not actually use his college degree in his occupation.

The problem for Kyle was that ever since he was a kid, he had thought that he would end up as medical doctor.

He did not actually think that being a doctor would be very fun – just that it would be a good fit for his problem-solving abilities.

He had enrolled as ‘pre-med’ but by the time he finished his bachelor’s in biology, he really did not want to continue his education. He was $80k in debt and continuing just wasn’t an option for him.


Kyle Dennis Started Working in Real Estate

His first ‘real’ job was as a Real Estate Analyst. Unfortunately, he was only making $35K per year – not a particularly good return on investment from 4 years of college! The job was a great fit for his mathematical abilities and he did very well at it.

Kyle Finds Stock Trading and Becomes A Biotech Trader

Kyle felt so lost, he really wanted to use his hard-earned Biology degree. He started to research stock trading as a way to make some extra money on the side. Kyle mentions that he read a book in this stage of his career that was called The Intelligent Investor. Warren Buffet has also stated that this book changed his life. Probably worth a read then….


Kyle Dennis Joins Jason Bond Picks

He joined Jason Bond’s Day & Swing Trading service in late 2013, he then joined Jason Bonds Long Term Trading newsletter in 2015.

In 2015 Kyle Dennis was one of the first stock traders to join Jason Bonds world class mentor service, Millionaire Roadmap.

Kyle Dennis has turned $15,000 into over $1,500,000 since 2013 – consolidating his position as one of the top-performing Jason Bond Picks members of all time, as well as one of the best stock traders under 30 years old in the world.


Kyle Dennis Rare Interview

This is a great video interview with Kyle Dennis! He discusses his entire stock trading journey! You can find a whole bunch of really excellent videos about Kyle and Jason Bonds trading strategies here. This is a very interesting video from the biotech stocks millionaire Kyle Dennis.


Biotech stocks millionaire Kyle Dennis Net Worth

Kyle Dennis is only 26 years old, however he has already achieved millionaire status and received a Porsche from Jason Bond as part of a challenge from Jason to all of his members.

While Kyle Dennis net worth is unknown, it is reasonable to assume that Kyle is worth multiple millions of dollars. But is Kyle Dennis legit? Anyone can post anything on the internet – so how do we know he is telling the truth?

We can never be 100% sure, but I joined Kyle’s services and so far, his alerts services have been outstanding! He seems to actually trade the stocks that he alerts, and he makes money.


Kyle Dennis Nucleus Program

Want to drive one of these like biotech stocks millionaire Kyle Dennis?

Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts

At the end of 2016, Kyle Dennis launched his very own stock trading newsletter focused on the hot biotechnology sector, Biotech Breakouts

Kyle Dennis now has several newsletters. They are Biotech Catalyst Swing Trading @$799 annually, Biotech Investor @$999 annually, and Biotech Nucleus @$2,999 annually.

I cannot guarantee that these prices will last and if you want more information on these services and all the latest deals and discounts etc. this can be obtained by signing up for his free newsletter.

Kyle Dennis Middle-Class Millionaire

Kyle has recently written a book that tells his entire story, from being broke in LA to multi-millionaire! It is a pretty good read, and very inspiring!


Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts Trades (Kyle Dennis trading review)

So what types of trades can you expect from Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts? The short answer? WINNING TRADES! Kyle has a ridiculously good track record with almost 80% winning trades! Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts is probably the best biotech trading alerts service out there!

Every week you will receive an expert watch list of upcoming catalyst events in the biotechnology sector with expert commentary, email & text alerts, plus a portfolio of summary full of tips and insights.

Kyle Dennis Nucleus Reviews

The Biotech Nucleus program is the next step up in your stock trading education. The Biotech Nucleus program does cost a bit more, but it is well worth it!

I highly recommend that you wait for one of the massive discount sales that Kyle runs periodically. This is what I did when I purchased his programs and it was a total bargain!

With the Biotech Nucleus program, you will get VIP attention from Kyle Dennis along with both the Catalyst Swing Trading and Biotech Investor Trading programs, video watch lists, video portfolio summaries, plus private & semi-private mentoring to accelerate your success.


biotech stocks millionaire

Biotech stocks millionaire – Kyle Dennis!

Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts Winning Trades

Here are just a few of Kyle Dennis’ recent winning trades:

$NYMX + $14,261

$BSPM + $11,747

$GNCA + $11,101

$BCLI + $8,911

$KOOL + $9,049


This Biotech Breakouts review is not suppose to just paint Kyle Dennis as some amazing winning trader that never loses – because he does have losing trades. Kyle loses many trades but he is pretty good at keeping those loses much smaller than his winners.


Details About the Three Trading Education Services Kyle Dennis Offers


FDA Insider Alerts (***update in 2020, this service is now called Trade With Kyle****)

This is still his most popular and most active service. I am a member of FDA Insider Alerts and in this program, I receive 2 – 3 FDA insider alerts per week by email and text in real-time.  

You also receive Kyle’s direct due diligence and reason for buying the stock. This is a must buy for biotech traders that want to take their trading to a new level.

Typically, Kyle tends to hold these trades between 1 – 4 weeks.  Sometimes they are much shorter-term opportunities for holds between 1 – 3 days.  

Most of these stocks are small cap companies, with market caps under $2 billion.  Typical winners make about 20% – 30% , but sometimes can be as large as 50% or more. Check out my personal experience of this amazing stock trading service!

Don’t miss my ongoing trading diary (updated in 2020) where I document all of the trades I make based on Kyle’s recommendations and research.


Biotech Trader


Every Monday, I receive a new watch list detailing the most important upcoming data releases, FDA approvals, and conferences in the biotech sector. Kyle also sends out real-time alerts when he buys and sells.

Each Friday I also receive a summary and update with new commentary on every company in the portfolio. There are extremely valuable! I love this service and you will too! FDA Insider Alerts is best for the busy professional that swing trades part-time.


Kyle Dennis Fast5 Alerts

This is Kyle’s new service in 2020. He gives subscribers a single stock alert every week at 10am on Monday morning. It is one of my favorite Kyle Dennis services and it only costs about $199 a year! Sometimes it is on sale for only $97 a year. Insanely low cost!

Check it out here for more information.


Biotech Breakouts with Kyle Dennis Testimonials from Members

You can find a lot of testimonials about Kyle Dennis and the stock trading services that he offers. Check them out here to read through all the different testimonials by satisfied customers. Here are a couple of testimonials that I found about the Nucleus room.

biotech breakouts login

Biotech Breakouts Nucleus – Ready to Become a Biotech Trader?

So, are you ready to make an investment in yourself and become a millionaire biotech trader? Are you ready to educate yourself and take your trading to a whole new level? If so then I highly encourage you to try Kyles Nucleus service.

Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts Reviews

I have no idea why, but so many people seem to think that when you write a review like this one, especially if it is a positive review – people think you are some kind of ‘paid shill’ for the stock alerts service.

I honestly don’t work for Kyle Dennis – I just really like his stock service! 

All of the opinions in this Kyle Dennis review are my own – if you would like to verify that I am an honest, real person please just leave a comment and I will be happy to talk to you on the phone about my experiences.

I promise that my Biotech Breakouts review is honest and not biased in any way.

A few people seem to think that these services are some kind of Kyle Dennis Scam, but I disagree 100%. The stocks and due diligence that I have received from these alerts do not indicate that it is a Kyle Dennis scam or anything like that.

I have even had death threats from people claiming that Kyle Dennis scams people and that I am complicit in some way! Crazy. So, is Kyle Dennis legit? YES!




I am not recommending that you go out and purchase this service just so that I get a small commission! No, I TRULY love the biotech stocks that Kyle finds, and I have made significant profits from trading them!

You can find many other independent reviews about Kyle Dennis and his biotech stock alerts service from other review sites that are extremely unbiased and honest. For example, there are many customer reviews on TrustPilot that you can read for more proof that Kyle Dennis is not a ‘scam’.

Biotech Breakouts reviews range from people who have used the techniques that Kyle teaches to become millionaires to people claiming it is an outright ‘scam’.

I think that the different Biotech Breakouts reviews arise because people trade so differently. Obviously if you are just copying Kyle’s alerts and you happen to join during a losing streak, you will have a very negative impression of the service.

This type of stock trading takes time and you have to judge your results over the longer term. The same reasoning applies to overly positive Biotech Breakouts reviews – maybe they have just had a great experience because of timing.

is Kyle Dennis legit


Biotech Breakouts Review Conclusions – great value if you are a biotech trader!

These services are for serious biotech traders that want to improve their choice of stock and improve their market timing.

If you are a new biotech trader, then you will also gain a lot from the watch lists and due diligence that Kyle Dennis provides.


Come and join my Facebook group (How To Make Money With Stock Alerts Services) if you want! We have a ton of RagingBull and Kyle Dennis subscribers from all walks of life.

I think you’d fit in nicely (if you aren’t in it already!) we talk about a lot of stock alerts services. It’s an open and transparent environment where you can learn what is working and what isn’t!


If you want to become a wealthy biotech trader, then Biotech Catalyst Alerts is a must buy. If you would like to try a low cost service to answer the question that I get asked a lot (‘ is Kyle Dennis legit?’ ), be sure to try out The Sniper Report.



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We hope that you have gained some useful insight into this stock alerts service from our Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts Stock Alerts Review article. Biotech stocks millionaire Kyle Dennis has helped take my trading to the next level! So, is Kyle Dennis legit? I am sure that he is! Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below! This Kyle Dennis trading review was written by a REAL subscriber that is extremely happy with the service. Thanks for reading my Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts review!

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Biotech Breakout Review


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Biotech Breakouts is truly amazing! A must buy!

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5 stars

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  • Matt says:

    I personally use Kyle’s Biotech Breakouts (Catalyst Swing Trading) service on a daily basis and think it’s one of the best educational resources out there for active traders. His Lightning Alerts program is also great for individuals not necessarily focused on biotechs. Even though Kyle is only 27 years old, he’s one of the best teachers/mentors I’ve come across in this space.

  • Wesley Nolan says:

    Hi Matt – thanks for the comment. I totally agree! Would you be up for doing an interview on your trading experience etc? I would love to write a piece for this site on your experiences and trading success.

  • java says:

    This is gambling. You are praying that the FDA says good things about a company without knowing anything at all. Thats a 50/50 bet. I wouldnt trust any money on this idea.

  • Wesley Nolan says:

    Hi – yup if you mean by gambling that it is high risk, high reward. I never hold through a catalyst event and just take the profits on the run up towards the event. It is similar to an earnings run-up type of play. Thanks for your comment.

  • Rick Zdany says:
    4 stars

    Add me to your mailing list please

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