Steve Brooks GPS Trader Review

Steve Brooks GPS Trader Review

Steven Brooks GPS Trader is a unique strategy that Steven sells as a scanner and indicator script that you add into ThinkorSwim.

I love this idea because it turns you into a trading robot! Emotions are eliminated and you just follow buy and sell signals.


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Check out his great webinar where Steven reveals his secrets to making millions of dollars trading using a simple trading indicator program

You can also just go to the GPS Trader sales page here and buy it.


steven brooks gps reviewed






My top trading strategy and indicator system recommendation after 10 years of searching is the GPS Trader by Steven Brooks.


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About Steven Brooks the GPS Trader Developer

Steve Brooks claims to have made over $1MM trading stocks and options using this strategy. He is an interesting character that used to be a professional baseball player!

Here he is…..

steven brooks gps trader review


He started trading to supplement his income.

One thing that I noticed after listening to a webinar that Steven gave about his trading, is that he sounds a bit like a robot!

Robotic trading without emotions seems to be his forte! Weird, right?

Weird, but good! We all struggle with emotions in trading so it’s nice to be able to eliminate them from our trades.

He recently launched a new service called Ghost Trader. I did a full Ghost Trade review here.





About Steven Brooks GPS Trader Strategy

We don’t have any idea what is behind the strategy. Why?

Well, the product that Steven is selling is essentially and algorithm that spits out buy/sell signals. The strategy is complex and is the result of back testing millions of trades!

We know the basic idea is that the program used dynamic data (e.g. volume etc.) but ignores the conventional static indicators like moving averages.

Really, we don’t need the details – Steve is all about data. His data shows it works (as does mine!).


Steven started to only look at previous dynamic indicator data – why would we use static data to build a strategy that trades a dynamic market?

When he did this, he found that the dynamic back testing results were MUCH better than the static. See the table below.


steven brooks consistent trader review


So, his data over millions of back-tested trades using his GPS strategy showed a profitable strategy while the static back testing did not.

He implements this strategy by focusing on building a watch list of stocks that history has PROVEN have a very high probability of working with his dynamic strategy.

This helps to cut out all the market noise.


You can learn more about Stevens strategy and story in his FREE WEBINAR.

Using the GPS Trader Strategy ThinkorSwim Add-On

When you buy GPS Trader, you are buying a strategy program that is installed in ThinkorSwim. Basically, it is a series of codes that are easy to add in to your brokerage (they do a good job talking you through how to do it in the dashboard for the service).


Steve Brooks GPS Trader Review: Indicators

The whole point in the GPS Trader strategy is to make you a robotic trader. GPS Trader is a scanner and indicator that is added into ThinkorSwim and appears superimposed on top of your charts.

You buy when GPS Trader says to buy and you sell when it tells you to sell.

Here is a video where I discuss some of the basics of the tool.


Here is an example of what your charts will look like in ThinkorSwim when you have the GPS Trader setup.

The bright dashed green line at the bottom of the chart is a buy signal from the program.

The idea is that you buy when this alerts you and then let the stock run up in price while you have a trailing stop follow it up (thinner green lines just beneath the candles).


Steve Brooks GPS Trader Review

I like the program. It takes the emotion out of the trading and the stop losses are usually quite tight – meaning that the losses are small.

The trailing stop-loss means that the winning traders are often much larger than the losses!

The system has different scripts. They give you scanners for stocks and for futures. The scanner continually finds stocks that have a high probability of working based on the continuous back testing that runs all the time.

The track record of the particular ticker is shown in the yellow boxes at the tops of the charts. You can see how many trades the system has ‘done’ on the ticker as well as the gross P/L based on a trade with a $10k account.

Timeframes: This is a strategy that can be used on any time frame. However, the results are best on the 10min, 2hr and daily time frames. The first two are used for day trading and the daily is of course used for swing trading.






Steven Brooks GPS Trader Review: Conclusions

I have tried to keep this Steve Brooks GPS Trader review brief.

Steve Brooks has developed an interesting tool to trade stocks and futures. It really does help! It cut’s out the noise and helps you trade robotically.

Be sure to check out Steven’s track record in this FREE WEBINAR.

If you have ThinkorSwim and like to day or swing trade stocks, this might be a good option for you.

Check out the GPS Trader sales page here.

Good Luck!



My top trading strategy and indicator system recommendation after 10 years of searching is the GPS Trader by Steven Brooks.




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Steven Brooks GPS Trader Review – let us know in the comments if you have tried this product!

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