Steven Brooks Ghost Trader (One Trade a Week!)

Steven Brooks Ghost Trader One Trade a Week


Do you have trouble deciding what symbols to trade everyday?  Do you really trust Wall Street Bets to make good decisions for you?  Have you chased the hottest trade only to end up getting burnt? 


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Well if that’s you then it’s fine.  Because I want to show you this weird ghost trade that has historically generated returns of 136%!!!!!

How cool is that?

You just need to know….

  • How you can get consistent supplemental income by trading ONE stock.
  • Why you don’t need to worry about the trend with this trade.
  • How this trade has generated triple digit gains since 2009.


This trade is so great…  I almost don’t want to share it with you.  But I feel guilty keeping the profits for myself.


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Steven Brooks Ghost Trader

Steven Brooks has been trading for more than a decade. He has many different trading strategies (including his Trading GPS strategy) but one of his favorite ways to trade is just on ONE stock ONCE a week when the ideal opportunity presents itself!

This really helps to cut out all the noise and focus on what he has tested (extensively!) to work well for him.

Here is Steven…….he use to be a pro baseball player!

steven brooks one trade a week


He started trading stocks to increase his income and hasn’t looked back since!

He began his trading journey with a tiny account and eventually ended up making more than a million dollars in the market!


Steven Brooks One Trade a Week: Conclusions

Check out Stevens FREE WEBINAR where he discusses the simple Ghost Trade that has helped him to make millions.

I’m also a member of Stevens GPS Trader alerts service which is really good. You can check out a webinar where he explains it all here.


Good Luck!



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