Stocks to Watch this week: $RNN $PTIE $ACRX

Stocks to Watch this week: $RNN $PTIE $ACRX

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Stocks to Watch $RNN $PTIE $ACRX

$RNN – I am watching this as a potential swing trade over the next few weeks. The current price is probably the highest that I would buy this for a swing trade into next months Phase 2 data. This company has said that they will be releasing the data at the ASCO conference on June 2. Abstracts for the conference will be released on May 16th. I like this as a swing trade going into these catalysts but if I buy, I will be setting a stop loss around $1.5 per share.



$PTIE – I like this daily chart a lot. They have a catalyst coming up on May 21 (phase 3 data). I am very likely to buy this tomorrow (Monday). I will be looking for a move up towards $10 per share. I think given the chart pattern and up coming catalyst we see this move up over the next week or two. However, I will be keeping a stop loss around that 50 day moving average. Ideally, I don’t want to see this dip below about $7.5 per share though. Could be a good one!


$ACRX – I like this chart. I think we may see a pullback down towards $2 per share again though and that is where I will be looking for an entry. Missed my entry last week on this! There is likely a catalyst that could drive this higher over the next few months (European approval) so I am still watching this to see if I can get a decent entry price. My target price would be $2.5 – $3, which is why I am looking for a pull-back to enter!


That is really all that I am looking at for swing trades next week! Hopefully you can make some money from these ideas ! Always to your own due diligence though – I am usually horribly wrong when it comes to trading stocks (occasionally things work out though haha)!

I also have medium term swing positions in $ONCS $CTRL and $ARLZ. So check those out if you are looking for some longer term swing trades going into the summer. One service that I find very helpful is FDA Insider Alerts for these type of biotech catalyst swing trades. Kyle Dennis offers some great trade ideas at a very reasonable  price.


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