Taylor Conway Tactical Edge Trading Room Review

Introducing millionaire trader Taylor Conway. Taylor runs the Tactical Edge trading room (and helps in the PennyPro chatroom) teaching others how to make money.

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Taylor Conway is a successful stock trader and his story is nothing short of inspiring. Taylor utilizes a stock trading strategy that is based on technical analysis.

Recently he has revealed the Taylor Conway Shadow Trader strategy that utilizes a proprietary scanner than finds ‘dark pools’ full of insider traders on Wall Street!

While it is not clear if Taylor is a millionaire trader, it is clear that if he isn’t a millionaire trader yet, then it will not be long until he is!

This guy is no joke! He makes anywhere between $20,000 to $45,000 every month from trading stocks. He only trades with a $70,000 trading account!

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Taylor Conway is the lead trader at PennyPro , a stock alerts chatroom that is available through RagingBull. Recently, Taylor has started a new stock trading service called Tactical Edge trading room. 

He is originally from England but moved to the USA (Houston, TX) while he was in his early 20’s. He now lives in Frisco, TX.

Taylor Conway has been featured in many high authority online magazines like Forbes and he is the real deal when it comes to trading penny stocks.

Below is a picture of Taylor and his wife.

taylor Conway stock trader

Taylor Conway and his Wife

Taylor Conway has a Millionaire Trading Mentor

Trading mentors are so important to success in the stock market. Taylor aligned himself with some of the best stock traders in the industry and it definitely skyrocketed his success.

In particular, Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop saw his potential as a world-class trader – before he was one!


Taylor Conway Takes Calculated Risks

Taylor Conway left a job where he was making $200,000 per year selling cars to pursue stock trading full-time. This shows a pretty high level of commitment to the game!

Taylor was working 80 hour work weeks that kept him from spending any time with his family.

He was smart enough to realize that this was not sustainable, even though he was making a lot of money at his job. That is when he realized he had to find another way – trading stocks! Trading stocks allowed Taylor to be at home with his wife and new-born son.

He had a few sleepless nights when he left his job to stock trade full-time! But it seems like that total commitment was key to his success.

Basically, he did not have a plan B. Trading stocks had to work for Taylor – and it has!

I know that Taylor joined Jason Bond Picks Millionaire Roadmap mentoring service and that he attributes his successful trading career to this world-class mentorship. Taylor claims that he makes about $1000 average daily profit trading stocks.



PennyPro or PennyNovice?

Taylor Conway Trading Strategy

Taylor Conway is primarily a day trader. He looks for stocks that have the potential to move rapidly in price and pay him back in rapid profits.

Taylor is meticulous in doing research and he is one of the best traders that I have seen for finding the breaking news on stocks that trade at less than $20 per share.

I have found Taylor to be an excellent teacher – he has a very calm demeanor, which is probably a major reason he does so well trading stocks!

Taylor loves to trade biotech stocks – a very volatile high risk but high reward sector these days.

Taylor wins 95% of the time! Let me clarify – he claims that 95% of his trading days finish green.

When he wins he makes $1000 a day and when he loses he only loses $50! He is extremely good at cutting his trading losses quickly and letting his profits run!


Top Taylor Conway Tip: Invest in a gaming mouse for precision and speed in placing trades! 

Taylor Conway knows the importance of setting up the best trading platform for you. He invests a lot of time and money in setting up the best trading system.

The idea that using a high precision mouse would make a difference to your trading seems absurd – but it is seriously what he does!

I am a swing trader so I am very unlikely to ever be placing trades that require an extra fast gaming mouse! But maybe that makes all the difference to you crazy day traders out there!

The reason that a computer mouse makes a difference to Taylor is that he is a very fast day trader. He enters trades, sometimes for just a few seconds!


taylor conway trading

The Taylor Conway trading mouse!

Fibonacci Retracements on 1 Minute Chart

One favorite day trading strategy that Taylor Conway uses regularly is playing Fibonacci Retracements intra-day.

He is very good at trading the bounce off a retracement level. If you don’t know what this is – here is a helpful link to learn more about Fibonacci retracements.

Trading based on Fibonacci levels of support is a very popular trading strategy. It is one of my favorite swing trading strategies. 

Fibonacci Retracements are percentage levels of a stock price move that are mathematically likely to become levels where potential price reversal will occur. 

The most widely used levels for Fibonacci Retracements are 62% and 38%. If a stock price makes a big move upwards, then pulls back to the 62% 0r 38% of its price, then there is a chance for a price bounce at those levels.

Taylor also watches for other confirmations that a bounce will occur, usually a volume increase, before buying at the retracement level.

This is another good article that explains what Fibonacci retracements are and how to trade them.


Tactical Edge Live Trading Room

Taylor has his own day trading chatroom and educational alerts service. He is a very active stock trader, trading many times every day for smallish profits.

These small wins often add up to thousands of dollars a day. The Tactical Edge trading room is a full transparency environment.

Taylor discusses his stocks and what he is buying/selling in real time via a live audio feed to members. You can learn more about the Tactical Edge Trading Room here.


Favorite Day Trading Strategy – VWAP support line

One of Taylors favorite day trading strategies is to use the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) technical indicator as a line of support for possible bounce plays.

The idea is relatively simple – if a stock is trading above the VWAP line, Taylor waits for a pull-back to the line and places a trade.

If the stock bounces he sells for a profit and if it breaks the price of the VWAP, he sells.

Never heard of a VWAP? Here is some more information about it.


Here is a useful introductory video to VWAP trading intra-day.


The VWAP is Taylor Conway’s favorite technical indicator. It is actually the only technical indicator that he uses. He likes to keep it as simple as possible, which is fine by me!

Taylor Conway’s Secret News Feed

Taylor uses the news to predict price movement before it happens.

The key to this strategy is that he has a special news feed that allows him to have very fast access to news and events that could potentially move the price of stocks.

He is extra quick to find that information – which is really cool because if you trade with Taylor, you get this advantage as well! 

Taylor is also very good at ‘translating news’ and figuring out what the stock price movement is likely to be.


Taylor Conway Discipline in Trading

Taylor is a master at cutting losses very quickly – if a trade goes against him, he doesn’t ‘hope’ that it will come back and be a winner.

He just sells it for a tiny loss and moves on. What I noticed about Taylor is that he has an excellent understanding of the mental aspects of trading. This is something that most traders could do with learning!


Taylor Conway PennyPro Trader

PennyPro is another stock trading chat room and educational alerts service that Taylor is a moderator for.

The service was originally setup by Jeff Williams and offers video lessons, watchlists and real-time trade alerts. The focus is on penny stocks and day trading.

The service is very similar to the one that Timothy Sykes offers his students. Overall, Taylor has a similar style to Tim Sykes but he definitely trades more frequently than Tim.


Tactical Edge trading room

The Tactical Edge trading room is full of experts!

Where Can You Learn More From Taylor?

Taylor Conway teaches his stock trading strategy alongside Jeff Williams at PennyPro and in his new trading chatroom, Tactical Edge.

This is a business partnership with Jason Bond Picks (my review here), Kyle Dennis (my review here) and Petra Hess.

Together they run a high quality stock education business called RagingBull. You can signup for free email alerts from these top traders (and a few other big names!) by going HERE.

Taylor trades stocks and ETFs. Taylor tends to focus on momentum trades of stocks that are under $20 per share. Trading the news and technical analysis are two of Taylor’s trading strengths.

If you enter your email when prompted on the RagingBull website, they will send you FREE weekly stock watch lists, email updates and discounts for the various educational services, including PennyPro.

If you go to Taylor Conway’s profile on twitter you can see how much he has learned from joining Jason Bond and RagingBull on his journey to becoming a teacher in PennyPro.


Taylor Conway Shadow Trader Strategy

In November 2019, Taylor Conway revealed his new revolutionary trading system called Shadow Trader. In this service Taylor and shows you EXACTLY how he consistently spots massive block trades that are pushed through secretly by Wall Street insiders.

What is a dark pool? 

Taylor has developed a system called Shadow Trader that allows him to spot these ‘dark pools’ that are ways that big money traders on Wall Street are making a fortune.

Big money uses ‘iceberg orders’ which are huge buy orders that are broken up into blocks to disguise the fact that big money is acquiring a sizeable position.

The problem for these shadow traders is that it is not that hard to spot these huge block orders all coming up on the same exchange over time. Heck, I have traded successfully for years by spotting these orders and buying in.

However, Wall Street has become smart to this and now these sneaky shadow traders have created something called ‘ Dark Pools’ to hide their shady actions better.

Taylor Conway’s Shadow Trader system is designed to spot these dark pools and profit from them in LEGAL ways!


Taylor Conway's Shadow Trader system


Can A New Trader Learn From Taylor?

Yes, he teaches the strategies well and they are very simple. However, in order to full benefit from his strategies, I recommend that you have at least $25k in your trading account so that you can day trade.

I also recommend that you paper trade his alerts until you become more confident in your ability.

I hope that you can learn from Taylor and his stock trading experience. Good luck on your trading journey!



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I hope you enjoyed this short introduction to Taylor Conway. Please comment below if you like his trading style or have tried his Tactical Edge trading room. The Taylor Conway trading strategy is legit.

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Taylor Conway Tactical Edge Trading Room


  • Taylor Conway Tactical Edge Trading Room


Really good trading room – we love Taylor Conways trading strategy and you will as well!

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