The 5 Best Penny Stock Alerts Services

Are you looking for the best penny stock alerts? Read on for the best free penny stock alerts and premium stock tips.

The best penny stock alerts are not the most expensive. You don’t need to pay a lot in order to get penny stock alerts that can make you a ton of money!

Some of the best penny stock alerts are FREE!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page. This means that if you click through and purchase anything, I could possibly make a commission without adding any extra cost to you.


So if you are in a hurry (or just want some awesome stock tips and free penny stock alerts):

Sign-up for this FREE stock trading masterclass worth $1000! You will also receive free penny stock alerts every week! I make money trading the patterns and stock tips explained in the webinar and in the weekly penny stock alerts.



Want to to know what my FAVORITE STOCK ALERTS service of all time is? I am currently a member of Kyle Dennis’s FAST5 alerts and I’ve never seen a higher success rate with an alerts service – it is exceptionally low cost as well!

Here is a link to the FAST5 ALERTS FREE WEBINAR to learn more!




Disclosure: Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that we may earn a commission, at no cost to you, if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Please understand that we have experience with these companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions that we may receive if you decide to buy something through our links. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


Best Penny Stock Alerts

The best penny stock alerts services can help you make money fast! Like this Maserati….


You will find five of the best penny stock alerts services below. I have had extensive experience with each of these services and I can vouch for ALL of them.


The services offer free webinars so that you can learn how they operate and if the stock trading style that they teach will suit you.

With Jason Bond Picks and Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts you can also get weekly free penny stock alerts that are sent directly to your email with their due diligence.

Click here to get free email watch lists from millionaire stock traders!


I think that too many people worry that penny stock alerts services are ‘scams’. Some of them are but the ones that offer massive discounts, free trials or free educational material are often 100% legit.

I am a paying member of the services below and I have made money from several of the penny stock alerts that they send out. For full transparency, I am currently up about 9% on my trading account in 2018 from just trading the stock tips and alerts from these services.


Penny Stock Alerts

In this article I am using the term ‘penny stock’ to mean any low market cap stock. These stock alerts services rarely send out alerts to buy blue chip stocks (e.g. Apple or Microsoft).

You need a lot of trading capital to trade blue chip stocks. The volatility of penny stocks means that you can make more money with less trading capital – if you know what you are doing.


1. Kyle Dennis Biotech Breakouts

Click here for Kyle’s free Masterclass and his free ebook

I have been a member of Kyle’s penny stock alerts service for a long time now. I have never been more impressed with a trader or a service!

These are some of the best penny stock alerts that you can receive. Period.  Kyle is famous for turning $15,000 into $8MM+ by trading biotech stocks in just 4 years.


As I mentioned at the start of the article, Kyle’s FAST5 alerts are my favorite of all time!

After joining his services I believe him 100% – his stock tips and educational material is second to none.

kyle dennis biotech alerts

Kyle Dennis Biotech Penny Stock Alerts

Kyle Specializes in finding biotech stocks that have some kind of news announcement in the near future that could drive up the price of the stock. 

This is the nice thing about the biotech industry – you often know when news will likely be announced!

The FDA has a schedule that you can find online and therefore you have a rough time line for when a stock may move up or down on an announcement.

Kyle has become an expert at this type of ‘catalyst trading’.

In my opinion Kyle gives the best penny stock alerts and stock tips with complete due diligence reports that you will anywhere.

The price of his FDA Insider Alerts service is ridiculously low for what you get and it is my favorite penny stock alerts service by far.

Learn more

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2. Daily Profit Machine

Click here Ben Sturgill’s free Masterclass

If penny stock alerts are not your thing, then consider joining Ben Sturgill and his Daily Profit Machine for some profitable stock tips and alerts on mid-cap stocks and options.

 Sturgill has been a successful trader for many years.

The stocks that he alerts are a little higher priced (typically $15+ per share) but they are generally a bit less risky than the lower priced stocks.

The best thing about this service is that Sturgill will alert the option and the stock so that you can buy either.

This is a great way to transition to options trading if that is something that interests you.

One of the things that I like about Sturgills service is that you can generally always buy and sell at the same price that he does.


Penny stock alerts

Penny stock alerts can be hugely profitable!

Learn more

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3. Jason Bond Picks – Swing Trading

Click here for Jason Bond’s free Masterclass and $1000+ of FREE trading DVD’s!

Jason Bond is a legend in the penny stock alerts world. He is Kyle Dennis’s mentor and the co-founder of RagingBull stock alerts services.

Jason use to be a school teacher in New York where he barely made $33,000 a year while labored with $150,000 in debt.

He decided to change all of that by learning to trade stocks.

Fast forward a few years and he is a multi-millionaire who is helping to teach others his 3 simple trading patterns that he trades over and over again for consistent profits.

Learn Jason bonds three simple stock patterns that have made him a millionaire! (I think that there is a massive special discount at the end of the webinar!)

swing trading success stories

Jason Bond Picks Penny Stock Alerts

Jason is unique in that he gives some of the best penny stock alerts and stock trading education for a bargain basement price.

His stock tips have made me a lot of money over the years and they are very easy to follow because he is a swing trader.

This means that he buys and holds stocks for a few days – this makes his strategy very easy to replicate.

This is a key factor with penny stock alerts, often the ‘guru’ can buy in at a certain price but the subscribers can’t get the same price.

This is not the case with Jason Bond – I often get a better price on a stock than he does! Jason is truly an inspiration to me both for his stock alerts and his business accolades.

stock tips

Jason Bond has the BEST stock tips!


Jason Bond has a few different stock alerts services for you to choose from. His premium service is called The Millionaire Roadmap.

This service gives MASSIVE value but it is expensive (occasionally you can get it on sale for a few thousand dollars a year).

The Millionaire Roadmap has been hugely successful at producing millionaire stock traders – people like Petra Hess, Nathan Bear and Kyle Dennis.

Learn more

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Does Jason Bond Picks have a Free Trial?


4. PennyPro – Small account day trading alerts

Click here for Jeff Williams free Masterclass

For years, Jeff Williams (a multi-millionaire penny stock trader) closely guarded his penny stock trading strategy.

Jeff is an expert at taking small trading accounts ($5,000 to $10,000) and using his secret strategy to build those accounts to $100,000+.

He usually extracts all those profits and starts all over again with just $10,000. Rinse and repeat!



I have seen Jeff Williams free penny stock alerts and they are pretty good. I think the best penny stock alerts that he makes are in his premium services though.

This guy really does trade penny stocks and even sub-penny stocks. He provides some great value and even 1-on-1 mentoring which is pretty unusual in this industry.

He currently has two paid services – Penny Pro and The Traders Council. He has a lot of good information on trading penny stocks and some great video lessons.

If you want to learn to day trade very cheap stocks then Jeff is the man to follow.

Learn More

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5. Weekly Money Multiplier

Click here for Jeff Bishop’s free Masterclass

Wow – where to start with this service? Jeff Bishop is the mastermind (literally! He is a member of the high IQ society called MENSA) behind the Weekly Money Multiplier.

Jeff is a veteran stock trader that has mastered the art of trading options for massive profits.

The guy is a legend! Jeff regularly makes 100% profits on his trades in just 2 weeks! Just look at the table below of some of his recent options trades – triple digit wins!


Best Penny Stock Alerts and Stock Picks

Options trading is very risky but that is why you need to learn how to do it from an experienced expert trader.

Jeff uses a 3 ‘green light’ strategy to minimize the risk associated with trading these high risk/high reward options.

He will only enter a trade when it is most likely to have a positive income.

If all three green light indicators do not show up he just sits on the side lines and watches until they do.

Jeff is also the co-founder of the Ragingbull website that has some of the best penny stock alerts online.

When an experienced trader like Jeff Bishop offers free stock picks or training it is well worth paying attention. Jeff is a master at options and ETF trading.

Learn more

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Conclusions – The Best Penny Stock Alerts

I hope that I have given you 5 different penny stock alerts services to choose from – be sure to try the free training masterclass that I have linked to.

This way you can purchase a subscription with the highest confidence that you will be getting a high quality service.

Even if you don’t think that you will join the service, you will get free stock picks sent to your email just for watching the free training lessons!

Good luck in your trading journey!


I hope that you will find these free penny stock alerts to be the best stock tips and the best penny stock alerts services online!

Don’t miss this FREE Swing Trading DVD (Worth $1000) AND get free instant access to THREE more stock trading training DVDs worth another $4,000 !!  I wrote a full review of this swing trading DVD here.

Jason Bond Strategy

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