The Best Day Trading Subscription Services

Have you considered day trading stocks? I joined the best day trading subscription services when I first started trading stocks and it was one of the best things I have ever done. If you have never been a member of a day trading alert service that issues daily penny stock alerts, you should consider giving one of the ones below a shot!


Day trading stocks has a bad reputation. Many people that start day trading will lose all of their money. There is no doubt that day trading can be a high risk but high reward activity.

I know a guy that makes $10,000 a day by purchasing volatile penny stocks and following simple technical analysis. I have been a day trader in the past, but it really wasn’t my cup of tea. The work and stress involved are well tolerated by some people but for others it is just too much.

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The only way I was able to successfully day trade was when I joined the best day trading subscription services online. These services issue daily penny stock alerts and watch lists that greatly reduced the amount of work that I needed to put in.




Every day trading alert service is different, and they all have their own pros and cons. The pricing, educational resources and alerts vary between the different daily penny stock alerts services. I wanted to give you an overview of the top 5 that I have tried. This might help you to make a more informed decision about which day trading alert service might be best for you.


1. Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond has one of the most popular and successful trading alerts services in the world. Jason is a multi-millionaire trader that has run his alerts service since 2012.

Jason Bond Picks is not primarily a day trading alert service – he actually focuses on alerts swing trades (1-3 day holds).

However, there are so many day trades that are alerted to subscribers that I had to mention the service in this list. Jason calls his day trades ‘momentum trades’ usually because they happen to fast! I have seen Jason make $10,000+ in a few minutes from a day trade.

Jason issues a watch list via email every morning to all of his subscribers. I have had some great success purchasing the stocks on his watch list right at the open. This way when he alerts a buy to everyone, I am already positioned in the stocks and it is a guaranteed win!

 You can read a full review of Jason’s service here.



  • Watch list usually contains some high probability stocks with a good win rate.
  • Simple strategy based on three easy to understand chart patterns.
  • He offers a lot of educational extras like webinars, video lessons and DVDs etc.
  • Live streaming of his real portfolio that helps you see in real-time what he is doing.
  • Email and text alerts are fast and contain details behind the buy/sell alert.


  • There are more swing trading opportunities than day trades.
  • It can be very difficult to ‘mirror’ Jason’s day trades as the price moves up so quickly after his alert.


Example of a typical day trade that Jason Bond will alert

Here is an example of a day trade that Jason Bonds day trading alert service issued to subscribers. I have included the emails that were sent when Jason bought and sold the stock to give you an insight into the alerts that are sent out.

First, here is the email that I received on the 22nd of January with Jason’s buy alert. You can see that on the morning of the 22nd, he purchased 10,000 shares of $BOXL @ $2.14 with a price target in the upper $2’s.


day trading alert service


Very quickly, the stock took off and Jason sold half his position for 15% gain. The stock continued to rise in price over the next day. Jason, myself and other subscribers made some great profits!


daily penny stock alerts


2. PennyPro

PennyPro is an amazing penny stock trading service run by Jeff Williams. He specializes in turning small accounts into huge ones by compounding the profits from trading volatile penny stocks.

His main claim to fame is that he regularly takes a small $10,000 account and trades it (alongside his subscribers!) into a much bigger account. His track record is very impressive as he has been able to turn $10,000 into $50,000 – $100,000 very quickly.

You can check out Jeff’s FREE MASTERCLASS here for more information!


He does this to show new traders that it is possible to make money quickly and that you don’t need to have a big account to make lots of money trading stocks. By teaching this way, he is able to show new traders how to circumvent the difficulties that many small account traders will face.

He calls this process ‘The Small Account Challenge’. He runs this a few times a year and invites his subscribers to follow along. It is not easy, but with Jeff’s guidance it is possible. Here is an example of a recent Small Account Challenge.

Day trading stock picks

You can see that Jeff was able to take a $6,700 account and trade it into $25,000 in 4 months. Isn’t that cool? He does this over and over again by day trading penny stocks!
Jeff runs one of the best day trading subscription services with daily penny stock alerts that have a very high percentage of winning trades. His day trading alert service is very popular. Here are some of the pros and cons.


  • I love the Small Account Challenge
  • Solid alerts
  • Bi-monthly teaching webinars
  • A great chatroom and community


  • There is a complete focus on penny stocks. This is a great way to rapidly grow an account but also destroy an account if you are wrong about trades!


3. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes might be the most well-known day trader that focuses on penny stocks. He has been trading for over 20 years and was a self-made millionaire by the end of his college years.

Tim founded a service called Profitly that focuses on teaching traders how to day and swing trade small cap stocks. He has a couple of different packages, but his Tim Alerts service is the most popular.

In the Tim Alerts program, you get access to some of the best day trading watch lists and alerts. It costs about $75 a month and includes access to a great chatroom.

The service mainly sends out daily penny stock alerts for day trading (often betting against a stock). Tim does buy and hold stocks for a few days as well.

Tim Alerts his stock picks when he purchases a stock using real-time texts, alerts in the chatroom and emails. I love his extensive video library of video lessons that really helped me to get a grip of some trading basics.



  • Alerts that are often very profitable.
  • Tim puts a strong emphasis of not trading in a risky way.
  • A library of over 4,000 lessons for you!
  • Lower cost than competing services.


  • Hard to replicate or follow Tim’s alerts.



4. SuperTrades


Paul Scolardi (aka SuperTrades) is a veteran trader that is a legend on Twitter. He was a CPA for many years and is an expert at analyzing companies financial situations. He is known for finding price momentum before it happens.

He runs a one of the best day trading subscription services online – but he is better known for his massive swing trade wins (we are talking $300,000 profits on a single trade!). Many people don’t know that he is also great at scalping penny stocks as a day trader.

Paul has a great chatroom and his service issues the standard, chatroom, email and SMS alerts that is normal for a day trading alert service. The chatroom is full of some of the best stock traders and I learned a lot from them!

Paul is a ‘guru’ on the Profitly platform alongside Tim Sykes. He sends out weekly lessons and daily watch lists so that you can trade independently and not wait for his stock alerts. If you are interested in both penny stock day trading alerts and swing trading alerts, then you will want to check out his service.



  • The most profitable trades that I have ever seen.
  • Paul is a brilliant trader and you can learn a lot from him.
  • His day trades make BANK!


  • His daily penny stock alerts that he trades intra-day are very difficult to mirror.

5. Microcap Millionaires


Microcap Millionaires is a really low-cost service. They offer some great real-time picks that are sent out via email. They use to offer day trade alerts but these days they have more of a focus on holding stocks for longer periods of time.

I know that this is an article all about the best day trading subscription services, but Microcap Millionaires is worth a mention. Matt Morris runs the service and he makes sure that you know exactly when he is entering and exiting a trade.

If you are learning technical analysis for day trading stocks, you will probably learn quite a bit from Matt’s analysis of his stock picks. He sends out a complete technical analysis with all his stock alerts. This really helped me to get a grip on some of the basics.



  • Very low cost compared to other services.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Matt has a great record of success.



  • Not many day trades
  • Real-time alerts need to be a bit better!


If you want to minimize your risk as you learn to trade, it is really important to join the best day trading subscription services that you can find. I truly hope that the daily penny stock alerts services that I have discussed will be useful to you and ultimately save you money.

Not every day trading alert service is for everyone. You should shop around, read reviews and see which one will be the best fit for you.

This one is my personal favorite. Which one do you prefer?



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I hope that we have introduced you to some of the best day trading subscription services. Everyone will have a favorite day trading alert service that sends out daily penny stock alerts. It really comes down to a style that suits your personality.

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