The Boardroom Scam by RagingBull

Small-cap stock trading offers some of the best risk-reward opportunities in the entire stock market… learning how to trade them successfully turned Jason Bond from being a broke public school teacher to a wildly successful multi-millionaire.

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RagingBull Founders have uncovered a new strategy that provides even better risk-reward opportunities than trading small caps — one that I wish I had access to when I first started out in the markets.

One of the ways Jason Bond has been able to find so much success is largely due to the fact he trades a basket of small-cap names. That means he finds the stocks he has traded before, and understands the ins and outs of the patterns.

For example, Zagg Inc (ZAGG) is one of my favorite small caps to trade.

Trading ZAGG continues to be a top performer for me in 2019. I’ve been in and out of it since August and my current position is based on an earnings beat along with the pending Bank of America update.

I generally do not trade with the goal of a buyout, but given the NY Post article and my experience, a double-digit takeover bid wouldn’t shock me. 

ZAGG closed at $8.06 on Friday, and you might think, “Wow, Jason if ZAGG does get the takeover bid, you’d get paid!”

Sure, I would make money if that happened… but the thing is, these returns are consistent but not as massive as some of the companies in the private sector. The risk-reward when you invest in startups is more attractive than your typical small-cap…

And I’m starting to realize these companies in the private sector are very similar to small-caps… and when you have access to deal information, you can stack the odds in your favor.

Today, I want to show you why angel investments might better investments than small caps… and how they could help diversify your strategy bag — potentially providing you with some out-of-this-world returns.

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RagingBull Boardroom Scam

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