The Rebel’s Guide to Options Trading Free Ebook Download

The Rebel’s Guide to Options Trading Free Ebook Download

I have a couple of FREE resources for you….

1. The Vomma Zone. This is an awesome training that just requires you to put in and confirm your email address. You get access to Don’s options trading strategy to do with volatility. I learned a lot from this free training.

2. The Rebels Guide To Options Trading. This is an in-depth eBook all about options trading. highly recommended. You can download it here.


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If you are interested in learning an options trading strategy with a 95% win rate……check out my store of free eBooks!

I give some more details about these free resources below.

don kaufman ultima spike review


Don Kaufman

These free resources are both from Don Kaufman. Don started as an educator at ThinkorSwim.

He co-founded TheoTrades (full review of TheoTrades here).

Don has been in the trading education industry for 20 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of traders.

Don Kaufman TheoTrade Review


Don Kaufman’s FREE eBook

Download Your Copy of The Rebel’s Guide To Options Trading!

In the Rebels Guide you will learn:

  • How to be ‘the house’ and make sure that you have a high probability of winning
  • Minimize your risk with options trading
  • How to ‘market proof’ your options trading strategy


Here is a video I did about the Don’s Rebels Guide to Options Trading….

Don Kaufman Vomma Zone

Don Kaufman also has a strategy that he calls The Vomma Zone.

He talks about it in this free presentation (just put in your email address and confirm it, often in SPAM FOLDER…..)

I would check it out if you are interested in trading options with a high probability of success.

He talks about his favorite indicator, after many years of testing ALL the indicators.

This ‘Auto Expected Move’ is an interesting but complicated calculation of probability. Luckily, Don does it all for us.

You might also be interested in this Ultima Spike Review of Dons latest exciting offering!

Check it out!



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The Rebel’s Guide to Options Trading Free Ebook is easy to download and packed full of strategies and useful info!

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