Weekly Money Multiplier Webinar (Jeff Bishop options review)

Who is Jeff Bishop? This Jeff Bishop options review aims to explore the new Jeff Bishop options trading strategy that claims to help traders double their money overnight! Here is our Weekly Money Multiplier review. Find out if there is a Weekly Money Multiplier scam!

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Jeff Bishop options review – Who is Jeff Bishop?

Are you wondering who is Jeff Bishop and why should you care?

Jeff Bishop is multi-millionaire Wall Street stock trading expert who has taught 1000+ students how to make massive amounts of money in the stock market.

Jeff has been trading options and stocks for more than 20 years and there is no one better at it!


If you are in a hurry (or just want to learn more about Jeff Bishops option trading strategy!):

Sign-up for his FREE Weekly Money Multiplier Webinar where he teaches his options trading strategy that has made him millions of dollars over the last few years!


This Weekly Money Multiplier review will give you an insight into this extraordinary stock education service and how you can benefit from it.


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Who is Jeff Bishop?

Who is Jeff Bishop?


Jeff is a member of the high IQ society called Mensa. This means that he is really good at understanding the complex world of options trading.

He is literally in the top few percent of the population for intelligence. That is the type of person I want helping me to learn how to trade options!

Jeff uses his ‘super-computer’ brain to figure out options trades that most people haven’t even thought of!

Keep reading this Weekly Money Multiplier review to get some detailed information on exactly how he does it.


Jeff Bishop Options Trader – What is his options trading strategy?

Jeff Bishop often doubles his money with his Weekly Money Multiplier options trading strategy. How crazy is that?!

Jeff has an 80%+ track record with trading options, an outstanding achievement by any standard. 

My goal in this Jeff Bishop options review article, is not to teach you how to trade options. I just want to give you an introduction to Jeff Bishop options trader extraordinaire.

I would say that from my experience with Jeff is that he has a few ‘secret’ option trading strategies that help make triple digit returns.


Jeff Bishop Options Trader

Jeff Bishop Options Trader – his trading is like having a money tree!


Jeff Bishop realized early on that there is a great power in options trading that you cannot really find in any other financial instrument.

He realized that with some options, a small change in the stock price can lead the option doubling or tripling over night! This is a very powerful concept. 

In order to trade options successfully, it is crucial to be able to understand where the underlying asset (e.g. the stock) is likely to go in terms of price and how long it might take.

The first step in Jeff Bishops option trading strategy is to find a stock that is likely to move up or down in price with a high probability.

It doesn’t always matter which way (up or down in price) that the stock will move – it is more important to know, with the highest degree of certainty, what the price direction will be.

To do this, Jeff Bishop uses a very simple ‘Money Pattern’ that he has found to be exceptionally accurate in predicting the price direction of a stock.


Weekly Money Multiplier scam

Weekly Money Multiplier scam? More like an ATM!

Jeff Bishop options trader’s secret ‘Money Pattern’ explained

Jeff Bishop uses a very simple indicator to decide on which way a stock price will likely move in the near future. The indicator is called the 13/30 hourly-crossover. 

If you understand moving averages and crossovers, this will make perfect sense to you. Here is a great place to start if you are new to moving averages.

Assuming that you know the basics about moving averages, here is how to set up your charts for free to take advantage of Jeff Bishops Money Pattern. 

1) If you do not already have a good charting program, open up the live charts at Investing.com. If you already have a powerful charting program that you are familiar with then it will be the best program to use. I am going to assume you want to use the free live charts at Investing.com for the rest of this explanation.

2) On the Investing.com platform, make sure to set the time frame to hourly (shown below). Then find the stock you want to check out by using the search in the top left.

3) Click on the Indicator button that is directly under the 1D button at the top of the screen. You can add Moving Averages in that menu. Add a 13 Moving Average and a 30 Moving Average to the chart. 

In the chart below, I have made the 13 MA red and the 30 MA blue, this way I can clearly see what is going on.


jeff bishop options review

The Jeff Bishop Secret Money Pattern


Jeff Bishop’s secret Money Pattern can be clearly seen in the chart above.

If you look at the area on the left of the chart, where the 13 MA (red line) crosses down over the 30 MA (blue line), you can see that this is an indicator that the near-term price direction is likely in the downwards direction.

So, it would be safe to bet against the stock when the 13 MA crosses down over the 30 MA.

The opposite is also true – when the 13 MA crosses up and over the 30 MA, the stock price is likely to increase in the near-term.

So ,what does this all mean?

Well, this 13/30 hourly-crossover can be used to go long or short on a stock.


Jeff uses these indicators to determine if he should bet on the stock price going up or down.

The 13/30 hourly crossover pattern is one of his key indicators for timing his entries and determining if he will buy calls (bullish crossover) or puts (bearish crossover).

This is a very simple approach, but he has found this crossover to be a very reliable indicator.

If you don’t trust it, go back and look over a bunch of charts and see for yourself how reliable the direction of the crossover predicts the near-term price action. 

There is a bit more to the Jeff Bishop options strategy – for example how he picks the exact options contracts.

If you want to learn more details about this highly successful trading strategy, be sure to check out the Weekly Money Multiplier webinar discussed below.


Weekly Money Multiplier Webinar

The Jeff Bishop Weekly Money Multiplier Webinar (you can get FREE access to this masterclass here) is a great way to get started with the Jeff Bishop options trading strategy – risk free.


Weekly Money Multiplier Webinar

The Jeff Bishop Weekly Money Multiplier Webinar can help you make money trading options!

Weekly Money Multiplier scam?

The Jeff Bishop Weekly Money Multiplier webinar teaches you about the Money Pattern in much more detail. You can learn his entire options trading strategy from the Weekly Money Multiplier webinar.

In the webinar, Jeff makes a good case for why options trading is one of the best ways to make some serious money in the stock market.

Jeff points out that while stocks are ‘linear’ (e.g. if a stock price goes up 10% then you make 10% profit), the advantage with options trading is that options are non-linear!

With an options contract, it is entirely possible for the underlying stock price to increase by 10% but your options value DOUBLE! This is called leverage and it is an extremely powerful concept.


Jeff Bishop Options Strategy Basic Overview

I always avoided options trading because it seemed so much more complicated than just trading stocks.

Jeff Bishop simplifies the whole process though and explained that options contracts are simple – they are simply a right, but not an obligation, to do something (e.g. purchase stock at a certain price).

There are two different types of basic option contracts:

Call Options: A call option gives you the right to purchase 100 shares of a stock at a specified strike price, before a certain date. You would buy call options if you thought that the underlying stock price was most likely to increase.

Put Options: These options give you the right to sell 100 shares of a stock at a specified price, before a certain date. You buy put options if you are betting that the stock price is most likely to decreases.

Jeff Bishops options strategy relies on predicting the direction of the underlying stock price, using his Money Pattern described above.

He also uses the moving averages as indicators of areas for support and resistance.

The really clever part of the strategy is how Jeff calculates what the best contracts are and how he should hedge his bets. 

Jeff Bishop options strategy

Jeff Bishop options strategy


With options trading, the time to expiration is an important concept.

The expiration date is the last day when the option can be executed or (either for profit or loss) or it will expire and become worthless.

The maximum that you can lose with an options trade is the cost of the premium that you paid for it.

The premium that you pay to buy an option is like a down payment on a house.

The pricing of an options contract is extremely complicated.

It depends on many factors, including time to expiration, volatility and many other factors. Generally, when you buy an option you are committing to 100 shares of the underlying stock.


What is the best thing about Jeff Bishops options service?

Jeff Bishop is not one of those front-running guru’s that purchase a stock and then alert it to their subscribers.

He tells subscribers in his morning watch list what he is likely to buy during the day! This way subscribers can buy an option or stock at the same price (or better!) than he does.

Jeff has been doing this since he started running his option teachings service called Top Stock Picks.

I think that this is very admirable and one of the best features of all the RagingBull stock alerts services.

I am also a member of Jason Bond Picks. Jason will also announce what he is likely to buy in his morning watch list.

This way I am able to buy a stock before Jason does – not the typical chasing an alert that usually happens with these types of stock alerts services.

You can read my most recent Jason Bond Picks review that shows my trades and how I can mirror Jason’s trades accurately.

But don’t take my word for it – the video below is Jeff Bishop giving a brief overview of what you get with his options alerts service.



Conclusions – Jeff Bishops Options Strategy

Hopefully you have had some value from this Weekly Money Multiplier review.

Jeff Bishop has been trading stocks, ETFs and options for many years. He is a brilliant guy that takes his trading very seriously.

This has led to him making a fortune trading and founding many successful stock trading businesses. His Weekly Money Multiplier service is one of the best on Wall Street.

Weekly Money Multiplier review – I have been following his subscribers results and they are CRAZY!

They regularly double or even triple their money on the options trades!

I don’t know about you, but I am happy if I make 10% on a trade… is there a Weekly Money Multiplier scam? No Jeff is legit.


Weekly Money Multiplier review

Jeff has a simple way to predict stock price direction and a brilliant mathematical brain that he uses to figure out the most profitable option contracts to purchase.

This is a great combination that leads to the massive 300% profits that he uses to promotes his option trading services.

Is Jeff Bishop a scam? I am 99% sure that Jeff Bishop is legit. I have followed him for years and there is no indication that he is anything other than the real deal.

Your best bet is to determine for yourself if you trust him before purchasing his services.


I highly recommend that you sign up for his free option trading webinar to learn more from Jeff and even get some free stock picks sent directly to your email!

Jeff regularly runs massive discount sales which you will be notified of if you watch the free webinar and enter your email address.

Good luck!



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Jeff Bishop has some amazing ways to trade options and ETFs! We highly recommend his service.

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