What are Jason Bonds 3 Patterns ?

Jason Bond is a multi-millionaire stock trader that is famous for using just 3 simple patterns to make a ton of money every year trading stocks. So, what are Jason Bonds 3 patterns? Jason Bonds fish hook stock pattern is one of my favorites.


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This is why Jason Bonds 3 pattern trading strategy is so successful and helpful for traders.


Jason bond three trading patterns

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The power of the Jason Bond patterns

There are three simple patterns that Jason Bond and his students use every day – all you have to do is spot one of the three Jason Bond patterns that occur almost daily in the market.


When you see one of the 3 Jason Bond patterns you can just use it to withdraw money from the market – like your personal ATM!


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Jason Bonds three incredible winning strategies utilize the fact that certain chart patterns represent heightened predictability in the market, and you can massively increase your chances of trading success by playing his three simple chart patterns.


The best part is that he explains it all for free so it’s not some ‘Jason Bond Scam’ to get you to pay for his stock alerts service (although that is probably the best decision you could make for your trading!).


In this article, I will explain the three easy chart patterns that Jason Bond and his students use to make money trading stocks. I illustrate each chart pattern with a recent example of a stock that I made money from.


Spot just one of these three Jason Bond chart patterns and the chances of you making money trading just increased dramatically! These three patterns are easy and simple and most importantly they make money!
Jason Bond three patterns

Jason Bond three patterns to success!

What are Jason Bonds 3 Patterns ?

Here are the three stock patterns that form the basis of Jason Bonds strategy. If you learn these patterns and Jason Bonds strategy, I promise you will make money! All you need is the discipline to learn and trade well.


1. The Oversold Chart Pattern


This is one of the most predictable stock patterns that you can find. The oversold chart is one which shows the price of a stock has fallen really sharply.


The stock price falls to a level that is really not the true value of the stock. This can happen for many reasons! Often it is a result of panic selling and emotions causing irrational behavior.


People freak out and the stock ends up at prices far below the actual intrinsic value of the stock.


Warren Buffet once said that traders should be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” This really applies for the over sold chart pattern.


I call this chart pattern the ‘fish hook’ pattern. Check out the picture below that demonstrates the basic idea of the fish hook trading pattern.


Jason Bond 3 trading strategies

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This is one of the most reliable chart patterns you will find. But how do you know when this fish hook trading pattern is really forming and that it just won’t continue down in price after you purchase a stock at the bottom of the hook?


The trick is to look at the RSI curving up from oversold (RSI < 30). This lets you know that the stock is likely to be bouncing out of the oversold region and might have some short-term up side.


How can you find stocks that might show this type of oversold bounce behavior ? Well, the way that I find them is to use Finviz and scan for oversold stocks that show an RSI less than 30.


Usually, I will only buy the stock if the RSI is starting to curl up towards 30. You can see a good example of this in a recent trade below.


SWKS is a swing trade that I am currently in.


The basis of this trade is the classic oversold ‘fish hook’ pattern. You can see that in real-life the fish hook trading pattern does take the rough shape of a fish hook but it can be a little messier looking.


At the end of August, share prices fell in steep decline and I purchased shares after the RSI started to recover above 30. You can see the fish hook pattern on the right of the chart.


fish hook trading pattern

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SWKS is a good example of the oversold chart pattern in action. I also considered that the stock has a history of huge bounces (look at the one in May).


This is important because it adds even more weight to the hypothesis that the stock will bounce. Jason Bonds fish hook stock pattern is powerful if you know how to use it.


I also noticed that the MACD (bottom of the chart) was crossing over which indicates a change in the direction of the momentum.


Volume was also starting to come back into the stock which is very important. All of these factors combined to make this trade a low risk, high reward play.


So, what if the pattern fails ? Let’s face it – this pattern is very reliable, but it will still fail 20% of the time or more. It is so important in trading to know what to do and when to sell a losing trade.
Here is an example that I traded a few months ago where the oversold pattern failed.


You can see that it formed well with the steep decline in price and even a nice rounded fish hook type of bottom formed.


The RSI raised out of the oversold region but then the price broke down. I set a stop loss equal to the bottom part of the hook.


You should never stay in the trade if the price retraces down and below the lowest point of the rounded bottom. I took a small loss on this trade, but it was worth it because the price has continued downwards ever since.


Jason Bond 3 trading strategies

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I hope this gives you the tools you need to find, identify and trade the oversold stock pattern. It really is a simple pattern and surprisingly effective. Oversold charts are just one of the core patterns in Jason Bonds strategy.
The fish hook trading pattern is easy to spot and trade! Jason Bonds fish hook stock pattern has made him millions of dollars and it can help you become more profitable.


2. The Continuation Pattern

This pattern is another superb way to make money trading stocks. The pattern is pretty simple, basically it means that the stock trend is resting and will eventually continue with the existing trend. I have also successfully traded the continuation pattern while learning Jason Bonds strategy.

Imagine a stock is trending higher and it stops to rest, eventually it will continue higher. There are many continuation patterns but the most famous is the Bull Flag.

The Bull flag continuation pattern has the highest probability of working out successfully. After a stock has moved up dramatically in price (see the flag pole move below) then it will usually have a period of consolidation or rest.

In this period of rest, the stock will often for a slight downwards or sideways price trend (see the flag part of the chart below). Eventually, the bullish uptrend will continue and hopefully make you a lot of money if you bought in during the flag phase.


A Continuation Chart Pattern

A Continuation Chart Pattern

You can play this continuation pattern a couple of different ways. You can buy at the bottom of the flag candles and sell at the top of the next flag candle – a smallish move but quite predictable.


The way to get the bigger move is to buy the first green candle after the flag has formed.


So, in the example above you would purchase at the end of the day right after the 3rd red day at the end of the flag formation. You can then swing trade for a week or two to capture the continuation pattern to the upside. Or you can combine the two methods!


There are many different types of continuation pattern, but the Bull flag is by far my favorite due to its high level of predictability. I usually make 10% to 20% profits from these types of continuation patterns.


Very easy and predictable! You just need to have a stop loss of 5% below where you buy so if the flag breaks down you don’t get caught in a down trend. The flag pattern breaks down about 20% of the time – so if you lose 5% but make 10% on the other 7 or 8 times then you are making a good amount of money overall.


3. The Breakout Pattern

Jason Bond makes a lot of money on the breakout pattern. A breakout is when an event or catalyst causes a dramatic increase in price. Usually you will see current levels of resistance surpassed on big volume.

You can see a recent trade that I made below. I bought in to the stock right before the huge move upwards on large volume.

The catalyst in this case was a positive earnings release. What is cool is that you can also see that a continuation pattern is forming (Bullish flag).

So, there is potential to add to the position in anticipation of the price continuing upwards after the breakout.


Jason Bond Break out pattern

This is just one example that I have made money from recently using a breakout pattern. Anytime that you have a line of previous resistance being breached on high volume, you have a potential breakout trade.


The older the line of resistance the higher the potential price move and the more likely that a breakout is really happening.

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Jason Bond 3 trading strategies

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Want to learn more about the Jason Bond patterns?

The hardest part is finding the best stocks that fit these high predictability patterns. My favorite one to spot is the fish hook trading pattern. What is yours?

What I did was participated in this free trading lesson and as a bonus Jason Bond sends out a weekly watch list that hands you some of the stocks that he thinks will most likely follow these highly profitable patterns!

I love Jason Bonds Strategy! Have you tried these three stock trading chart patterns? Do you use Jason Bonds fish hook stock pattern? Let me know in the comments.

Good luck,



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Jason Bond 3 trading patterns

Jason Bond 3 trading patterns are pure gold!

So those are Jason Bonds 3 patterns that he uses to makes huge amounts of money trading stocks! The big question is – will you capitalize on the Jason Bond three patterns as well? The Jason Bond 3 trading patterns have made me a fortune trading part-time. Give Jason Bonds strategy a try! Maybe you will find that Jason Bonds fish hook trading pattern will make you money.


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Jason Bond Strategy

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    What are Jason Bonds 3 Patterns ?
    Posted by: Wesley Nolan on September 25, 2018 Under: Millionaire Stock Traders |
    All your examples are from Stocks, does that mean they do not work with Options, I’m very new, but that seams quite odd!

  • Wesley Nolan says:

    Hi Stephen, options are based on the underlying stock. If you want to make money with options contracts, you need to be able to predict the direction that a stock will most likely move in. Jason can use these three patterns to predict price direction and thus buy an options contract that is likely to make him money if the stock does indeed move in the price direction that his patterns suggest (usually upwards in price!). Hope this helps!

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