What Is Jeff Bishops High Octane Options?

What is Jeff Bishops high octane options? It is a brand new service that will help people learn how to make directional options trades!


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What Is The NEW Jeff Bishop’s High Octane Options Trading Service?

Jeff Bishop just revealed his brand new proprietary “Octane Screener” that he uses to scan the market and find his highest conviction breakout patterns!

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What Is Jeff Bishops High Octane Options?


Jeff Bishop’s Octane Screener: Why Is It Worth It?

Jeff has a new screener that he uses to find the best directional options trades quickly and easily. He uses this to find the highest probability trades.

Jeff has used this strategy to make millions of dollars trading options. You can join him!

The Octane Screener also finds stocks that are at that PERFECT entry point. Timing is one of the biggest complaints new traders have when it comes to entering a stock or options trade.

Now, I believe you don’t need to signup for Jeff’s new Octane service to learn his techniques for finding great options trades.

It is ALL here in his free eBook called The Trader’s Black Book!

Jeff Bishop Bio

First, you need to understand something about Jeff Bishop. People call him a ‘scammer’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Jeff Bishop didn’t grow up in  affluence. His family lived paycheck to paycheck.

No one had a financial  background, let alone invested in stocks. At the same time, Jeff had an  entrepreneurial spirit fed by his mother. She always looked to contribute to  the family.

A traditional job was out of the question due to a handicap. His  mother would try to sell crafts, quilting, or whatever she could do to help.  Achieving his current level of success took a lot of time and failures.

Jeff  headed to Junior college before he attended The University of Texas. He  was the first person in his family to continue education beyond high school.  Luckily, college was affordable back then.

That helped Jeff, who worked  the entire time. His Undergraduate degree took him 6-7 years as he got  married early in the process. He eventually graduated with a degree in Finance and a Masters in Economics.

Start to finish, he spent 10 years in  school.  Like many of us, the stock market held almost a mystic aura to him. He  watched as the Gordon Gecko’s of the world rode around in their high-end  cars in expensive suits.

He didn’t know how to learn about the markets, but  figured that a finance degree would be the key. Yet, as many of us learned,  college doesn’t teach you about trading stocks.  Taking his entrepreneurial bent, Jeff started up a few businesses. He  flipped used cars from his house and later from a small lot.

He owned a  bagel shop for a year. He tried his hand at roofing. It wasn’t until Jeff’s  landscaping venture that his life’s direction started to change. Anyone  who’s had the desire to start a business thinks about how to grow.

Jeff  figured he could become the largest landscaping company in the Dallas  area. Along the way, one client, Bob, pulled Jeff aside. Bob took a  particular interest in Jeff. He asked Jeff what he was doing with his life.

Jeff  told him about his idea to grow the landscaping business.   Bob’s response- “That’s probably not going to work out for you.” – Ouch.  Retired from the army, Bob told Jeff what he learned about the stock  market. He explained how he valued growth and stability over speculation.  Pointedly, he told him about risk management.

jeff bishop raging bull

Excited and energized, Jeff threw himself back at his passion. He applied  for jobs at hedge funds. He came across…bubkes. Turns out, when you  have so-so grades from Texas, funds aren’t interested in you. Like myself  and many others, you take what you can find. In Jeff’s case, that didn’t go so hot.

At one job at a real estate investment company, Jeff made about $30,000  a year. The whole process involved taking numbers off one sheet and  dropping them into another. It’s some of the most tedious work I’d heard  of.

During the day, Jeff would pull up his Ameritrade account, watch charts, and place a trade here and there. Turns out the employer could see  everything.  His boss pulled him in to confront him. Jeff dropped an excuse like any other young kid. He said he only ‘watched’ the charts but wasn’t  trading…hilarious.

Did he stop? But did that stop him? Nope. A month later,  he was still at it.

Two weeks before Christmas, Jeff got axed.   And this was immediately after his first child was born!  After talking things through with his wife, Melissa, they decided that she  would go back to work while Jeff stayed home with their son. At the same  time, Jeff went back to school to get his Masters.  During his free time, you could catch Jeff playing a lot of online poker.

Turns out he was decent. The only problem, the swings day to day would  wreak havoc on his profits. It wasn’t something that could sustain a family.  But Jeff never lost his interest in stocks. After blowing up a few accounts  over the years, Jeff finally developed a strategy that worked .

His profits  grew. He would help people learn how to trade (like yours truly) over the  years.   Along the way, Jeff realized that the retail trader stood at a disadvantage.  He began to see the holes in everyday education. If it took him two  decades to learn about the market, maybe he wasn’t the only one.

Frustrated with what he saw, Jeff set out with the goal of creating Raging  Bull. A company that offers traders a variety of styles to hone their skills.  Traders pick among different personalities and styles that fit their lifestyle  and their unique needs.  Jeff’s ​Bullseye Trades​ ​help investors get started in the market.

When I  started trading, I couldn’t dedicate all of my time to it. I wish I had this  service starting out. Jeff picks out his best trade idea for the week and  delivers you one winner after another. More importantly, he shows you  how he picks them.

This service provides a great introduction to options trading and learning  the markets. It’s also an incredible way to build wealth part-time.


Jeff Bishops High Octane Options is a new service that is priced lower than his full-blown Options Alpha Premium service. It focuses on directional options trades and seems like a good service!


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What is Jeff Bishops high octane options? It is a brand new service that will help people learn how to make directional options trades!

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