What Is the Jeff Williams Supernova Line? (Jeff Williams Review)

What Is the Jeff Williams Supernova Line? Learn more about this indicator in our SuperNova Alerts review.


My stock trading mentor and millionaire stock trader, Jeff Williams, has been absolutely revolutionizing what is possible for people with small trading accounts.

By small, we are talking about $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000 accounts.

Have you heard of Jeff Williams Supernova line?

When you only have a few thousand to trade, every penny counts. I know because that is where my wife and I started on our trading journey!

Every trader starts somewhere, and man it can really be a grind. I know that from personal experience. It can be really hard trying to make significant money with $1,000 to trade with.

Jeff Williams understands that.

And even though Jeff’s a millionaire trader, he continues to reset his account to $5,500, $5,000, even $3,000… to show members EXACTLY how he does it.

And he just keeps winning again and again like clockwork!


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If you are in a hurry:


Jeff Williams Supernova line


About Jeff Williams, PennyPro and SuperNova Alerts

Jeff Williams is a trading super star! He specializes in turning small amounts of money into much larger amounts as quickly as possible. He is the founder of PennyPro, a stock alerts service that issues buy/sell signals from Jeff. There are a few other mods in the PennyPro chatroom that offer ideas, watch lists and a whole bunch of educational materials.

The service appeals to new traders that really want to build a small trading account as quickly as possible.

I follow Jeff and his trade alerts quite closely. He regularly makes some nice wins with a small trading account.

Yesterday Jeff Williams landed a win on two stocks…VALUED UNDER $1!


I would take a $1,625.18 win any day of the week.

He did this all using a simple line that no one on Wall Street is talking about.

You heard me right… Jeff is finding these easy wins just by following a line.

Couldn’t be easier… right?

In this interview and FREE WEBINAR, he reveals exactly how he is finding tomorrow’s winners each and every day.

It’s the exact strategy he used to locate his recent winning trades on $UNRG and $SPNV, which made him $1,625.



He isn’t winning on expensive stocks very few traders can afford.

These are all small-caps that anyone can afford.

I highly suggest you watch this training and add this line to your arsenal of trading weapons. Any advantage you can get is worth it!

You will learn all about the Jeff Williams Supernova line that has made him millions of dollars trading — and you can replicate his success.

Jeff Williams and his Supernova line has revolutionized my trading and I hope it can do the same for you. If you have a small account, Jeff Williams is the guy to follow as he loves to do his ‘small account challenges’.

Honestly, I have lost count of how many times that Jeff has started with a few thousand dollars and built it quickly to 10’s of thousands of dollars. Here is one such small account challenge:

Jeff Williams Profit Prism Review


Pretty cool right? Jeff Williams was able to grow his $5,000 to over $16,000+ in 3 months. He does this over and over again!


Jeff Williams SuperNova Alerts Review

Jeff Williams was a teacher in NY when he started stock trading alongside the famous Jason Bond. Together they started to make money trading penny stocks – after much trial and error!

They focused on volatile penny stocks because of the potential that they have to make large percentage gains. If you have a small trading account, you NEED that volatility to grow your account quickly.


What is SuperNova Alerts?

Jeff started his stock alerts system to help others learn how to repeat his success at building small accounts quickly.

Jeff’s Supernova subscribers have access to so many resources specifically designed to help them find those small-cap penny stock trades that they can use to make huge short-term gains. Here are some of the resources that subscribers get access to.

  • Jeff’s real-time text and email trading alerts

  • Evening video watchlists showing you exactly what Jeff’s trading

  • More than 50 hours of training videos to help you make your own trades like the winners in the trading room

  • Side-by-side mentoring from Jeff Williams


And of course, you get unlimited access to that live trading room where traders just like you are making more money before lunch than most people make all week!

Supernova stock picks are usually over 1-3 days. These are technically ‘swing trades’. This means that you can work a full-time job and still follow the Supernova alerts. I have actually traded from my iPhone and followed alerts!

But the bottom line is – does Supernova alerts actually work?

Well, for some people it can be really amazing. Riskier trading resonates with some people that want to grow small accounts very quickly. Many subscribers have great success with it.

Jeff provides you with everything that you need in his video library to learn all the basics of penny stock trading and his Supernova strategy.



supernova alerts review

RagingBull Supernova Line

So, what exactly is this RagingBull Supernova line? Well, it’s nothing new if you are a technical trader. It is simply the line of resistance that a stock must break through at the start of a breakout.

Check out the chart of $CRSM below. This was a recent Supernova trade by Jeff Williams. You can see the blue line (so called ‘Supernova line’). When the stock finally surpassed it, we saw the stock price DOUBLE! That is some serious supernova action!


supernova ragingbull


This is classic technical analysis. A standard break out. Jeff has made his strategy around these types of trades and he seems very good at them. But he certainly did not invent the breakout strategy!

I have played breakouts like this for years. All you have to do is identify stocks that are hitting a price resistance line and watch for volume and/or a catalyst to cause the stock price to sky rocket.

The next line to watch is the 52-week high. If it breaks through this line, then the sky is the limit in terms of price!



Jeff is a very good penny stock trader and I do like his small account building strategy – it is great for new traders. He is part of the RagingBull network of expert traders.


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Did you learn about the Jeff Williams Supernova Line? I hope you enjoyed my SuperNova Alerts review.

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