Nate Bear’s Profit Surge Trader Review

Nate Bear’s Profit Surge Trader Review

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I’ve written a COMPLETE Nathan Bear Profit Surge Trader Review here (complete with videos and my own personal experience and track record 🙂 ).

This article is just a summary of that more comprehensive Profit Surge Trader review.



You can learn more about Nates services here and watch a video that explains his strategy in a way better than I can write about!

Nate Bear's Profit Surge Trader Review


How Does This Profit Surge Trader Trading System Operate?

Nate has successfully removed a major hurdle for the typical investor – the challenge of identifying profitable stocks.

Through Profit Surge Trader, Nate will provide you with:

A single stock symbol…

To be traded once a week…

Over the course of one month.

Every Monday, Nate will host a LIVE broadcast at noon ET to unveil his strategy for the week.

During this session, he will divulge:

The specific stock symbol he’s trading and the precise option contract he’s entering. Most importantly, his strategy for maximizing the trade’s payout upon exit. And the best part? It won’t consume a significant amount of your time.

It will only require 30 minutes or less, just one day a week.

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  1. My YouTube channel where I post reviews.
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You can also watch a full interview with Nathan Bear discussing the Profit Surge Trader system here.


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He started from nothing and became a multimillionaire…

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Yet he operates 858 miles from Wall Street.

And now, he’s revealing his #1 favorite strategy that targets MASSIVE weekly profits with just one stock ticker.




Profit Surge Trader Review: Strategy?

Profit Surge Trader offers a strategic approach to eliminate market noise and distractions, enabling you to execute successful trades every week.

Gain insight into Nate’s trades, complete with precise details such as position size and exit strategy, by participating in his livestream chat room.

The strategy employed in the One Ticker Payouts approach is straightforward.

In the first step, a stock is chosen at the beginning of the month based on recent substantial earnings surprises, either positive or negative.

The second step involves a focused observation of this chosen stock throughout the month as it reacts to the earnings surprise. Trading activities are concentrated on this stock once a week.

This process is then repeated.

Breaking down each step further:

The rationale behind selecting a stock that has recently experienced an earnings surprise is explained.

While it might seem ideal to buy a stock before it announces a significant earnings surprise, the complexity of accurately predicting such events and the potential for substantial losses in the case of poor earnings make this a challenging game.

You can learn more about Nates services here and watch a video that explains his strategy in a way better than I can write about!

The preference, instead, is to identify a stock with a confirmed positive earnings surprise and invest in it post-announcement.

After a company’s earnings beat, a one-day share price increase occurs, leading to an “Earnings Profit Surge.” Many companies continue to experience upward momentum for weeks or even months following such events.

Research conducted by Harvard, Duke, and the University of Cambridge, as well as studies by the Federal Reserve and the Securities and Exchange Commission, supports this phenomenon. According to Harvard, money flows into stocks after an earnings surprise, driven by retail investors, resulting in an extended period of share price increase.

A Duke study indicates that this strategy yields 18% more than normal stock trading on an annualized basis, with even more pronounced results for initial public offerings.

Here is an example of $NVDA trades after a surprise earnings.

Nate Bear's Profit Surge Trader Review


Profit Surge Trader Review: Who is Nate Bear?

Nate initiated his professional journey in construction, dedicating long hours to remodeling stores for major brands such as Home Depot and McDonald’s…

He was constantly fielding calls at all hours, dealing with one problem after another. This demanding job often kept him away from his family for extended periods – departing on a Monday and not returning until Friday.

It was a challenging period. However, in 2015, facing the responsibility of supporting several new additions to his family, all residing in a modest 1,200-square-foot house…

Nate made a bold decision to secure a better future for his family.

Taking a significant leap of faith, he resigned from his construction job and embarked on a new career as a full-time trader.

Side Note: If you are looking for something a little faster paced (options trading with a few days hold time) I suggest giving Nate Bears Profit Surge Trader a look here.

Nate Bear Trading Proof

With an initial investment of $37,000, he managed to turn it into over $1 million.

Remarkably, he generated trading profits exceeding $2.7 MILLION in just four years.

Now, he’s inviting the public into his trading realm. Every Monday, you can join Nate for a trader’s lunch, where he unveils his systems and trades through Profit Surge Trader!

All you need to do is watch a streaming video, follow a few simple instructions, and make a couple of clicks on your computer…

You can begin employing the same strategy that propelled Nate to multimillionaire status.

You can learn more about Nates services here and watch a video that explains his strategy in a way better than I can write about!


Nate Bear’s Profit Surge Trader Review: Conclusions

I’ve found that the service has around an 85% win-rate. You get lots of guidance from Nathan Bear in the live chatroom and timely alerts.

Overall, this is a really nice service at a fantastic price.

Check out Profit Surge Trader HERE for more info.



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Nate Bear’s Profit Surge Trader Review

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