Jason Bond Jackpot Trades Review

Jason Bond books

I am excited to give you my Jason Bond Jackpot trades review! I am a current member of this service and so far it has delivered some really nice and easy profits. Jason Bond started a new, low-cost and profitable stock alerts service called Jason Bond Jackpot Trades. I immediately signed up for the service and started trading the stock alerts. This Jason Bond Jackpot Trades review is a diary of what happened.   Disclosure: There are some links below that might pay me a...

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Kyle Dennis Fast5 Strategy Review

kyle dennis fast 5 strategy

Here is another quick Kyle Dennis Fast5 strategy review! I want to show you a trade that Kyle made recently and how I made money from the Fast5 alert as well! I wish I had used an options trade on Kyle’s Fast 5 trade alert this week! Today, I want to go over an awesome quick win from this week on $RAD. This trade was alerted in Kyle Dennis’s Fast5 Alerts service (only $99 a year!). You can read my full trading diary about my experiences with Kyle’s Fast...

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Nathan Bear LottoX Indicator

Nathan Bear LottoX

Want to know how the Nathan Bear LottoX Indicator has taken him from a few thousand dollars to MILLIONS in just a few short years?   Nathan Bear is a multi-millionaire trader that learned to trade stocks/options from his mentor, Jeff Bishop. If you would like to get Jeff’s entire strategy for FREE, click here to download his awesome eBook ‘ The Traders Black Book’ and learn the secrets of a wealthy option trader!   Who Is Nathan Bear? This is...

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Cannabis IPO Insider Review

Cannabis IPO Insider Review

Welcome to my Cannabis IPO Insider Review! Who doesn’t love Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) ? Cannabis companies are starting to really take off as the laws surrounding the drug are slowly being changed. Is there a fortune to make in this emerging industry? There is no doubt that IPO’s can be traded for some nice profits (just check out Ben Sturgills IPO Payday programs results). The Cannabis IPO niche has a lot of potential, but it is also open to a lot...

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Kyle Dennis Trading Strategy

Kyle Dennis Trading strategy

Today, I don’t want to talk about Kyle Dennis trading strategy for winning trades. Nope. I want to talk about his losing trades! The most recent on in particular.   I have written so many articles about the Kyle Dennis trading strategy on how he finds and trades his big biotech catalyst trades. Today, I want to give you an insight into the Kyle Dennis trading strategy for dealing with losing trades – this is a big part to trading success. Today’s...

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Dave Lukas Option Profit Planner Review

options profit planner user review

Welcome to my Dave Lukas Option Profit Planner review!   Dave Lukas is a stock trader with RagingBull.com that specializes in options trading. He teaches his options trading strategy to his subscribers. RagingBull already has three options trading programs – the most well-known is Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye Trades (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Check it out here!).   Disclaimer: I may get paid a commission if you click through any links on this page and buy...

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Option Alpha Review

Kirk Du Plessis review

Welcome to my Option Alpha review! Option Alpha is owned and operated by Kirk Du Plessis. It is an options trading site that offer options trading strategies and alerts to premium subscribers. Option Alpha is more of a spread type of options trading. I am immediately unsure of the options trading strategy that Option Alpha teaches, because I prefer strategies that are based on the price direction. One such service, that is currently my FAVORITE options trading educational...

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Motley Fool Everlasting Portfolio Review

Motley fool investment picks

Welcome to My Motley Fool Everlasting Portfolio Review! A little bit of a change of pace today – normally I am writing about short-term trading. Today though, I want to introduce you to Tom Gardner and his long-term stock investing.   Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on this page, but these are all products I highly recommend. I will get a commission from anything that you purchase after clicking through a link on this page. I won’t put anything on...

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ClayTrader Review (REAL Trader?)

ClayTrader Short

Welcome to my Claytrader review. Have you heard of ClayTrader University? Side note: This is my FAVORITE stock alerts and educational service! It is called Fast5 Trades by millionaire trader, Kyle Dennis. Check out his FREE INTRODUCTORY WEBINAR here. I am a member of this amazing service and consistently make money week-after-week just by following his single best trade that is emailed to you on Monday morning!   Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on this...

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Teeka Tiwari Review (Palm Beach Confidential)

Welcome to my Teeka Tiwari review! He is certainly a controversial figure in the investment/trading community. But is he legit?   I am not a a cryptocurrency trader. However, I keep coming across this guy called Teeka Tiwari. I figured I’d look into him and what he does – hence this Teeka Tiwari review was born.   Interested in learning how to DOUBLE OR TRIPLE your money with options trading? Jeff Bishop is the worlds BEST options trader and you can...

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