Forex Brokers – A Brief Warning and Review

Beware of Forex Brokers

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Forex Brokers

I am primarily a stock trader – but I am looking at doing more currency trading. This article documents the results of my due diligence that I am doing to find the most trustworthy Forex broker.

#1 Find a FX broker that is REGULATED

The first thing that started to worry me was that online FX forums are full of people telling horror stories about crooked forex brokers stealing their money!

This is quite different from the heavily regulated world of equity trading. Step 1 in finding a forex broker is to ensure that they are regulated, licensed and well known for trustworthiness!

Check out this forum discussing various alleged horror stories of forex broker scams and theft. After reading the information at the forum, I think you will agree that choosing a forex broker that will not rip you off is quite the task!


Broker Types

There is many different types of forex broker. A full discussion of all the different broker types (STP/ECN/DMA/MM/DD etc) is outside the scope of this short article.

Check out this link for a review of some of the main forex broker types that should know about to make an informed decision.

Market maker brokers are the most common and not a ‘scam’ as such but they control everything – thus you are always playing a ‘rigged’ game.


Automated Forex Brokers

Here are some of the regulated, trustworthy and automated forex brokers that I have found. These brokers allow you to trade FX 24 hrs per day. I have found that the best automated forex brokers have demo trading so that you can refine your FX trading strategy before you risk real money.



Here is a nice tutorial on the MT4 platform for you to check out. This is a pretty nice informal tutorial that will walk you through the MT Forex platform and help you demo its features. Pretty useful if you are considering opening a FX account and getting started trading!


Forex Scalping Indicator Software

Other software can be useful for helping you to make money trading forex (assuming you have found a forex broker that is not screwing you!). The best scalping software that I have found is called Infinity Scalper.

Infinity Scalper Software is designed to work on the MT4 platform. It is a powerful buy/sell signal scalping indicator software. The software gives you smart signals, that you can use to profit in the market.


Check it out – the testimonials are pretty fantastic thus far and it is is currently being offered at a low price as it just launched in June 2017.



Please take care when choosing a forex broker or forex indicator software – good ones are difficult to find! I think I will stick to the nicely regulated markets of the NYSE and NASDAQ for the time being but will continue to blog about any interesting forex topics that I find!




What Do You Think Of Forex Brokers?

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