Millionaire Trader Michael Goode

Michael Goode Stock Trader – he was inspired by a Timothy Sykes DVD! Michael Goode Trader extraordinaire has a lot of things to teach you.



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I first came across Michael Goode in his educational stock trading DVD entitled “Learn to Read SEC filings” that was made a few years ago by Tim Sykes and Michael Goode.


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If you are interested in using SEC filings to essentially (but legally) ‘inside trade’ then check out the DVD.

I instantly identified with this seemingly honest, hard working and somewhat nerdy guy.



Michael Goode Millionaire Penny Stock Trader


michael goode


Michael Goode was Tim Sykes first Millionaire student – he has made more than $2 Million dollars trading penny stocks!

Michaels trading story starts back in 2008 when he became a full time stock trader. His professional background is in Cognitive Psychology (Masters Degree).

I find this quite interesting because stock trading requires a deep understanding of how people react to stimuli such as fear and greed.


Michael Goode and Timothy Sykes

In 2008, Michael began learning a stock trading strategy from the famous Timothy Sykes. In a rather ironic twist of fate, Michael was originally Sykes biggest skeptic.

Michael was convinced that Tim Sykes was a scam artist and posted regularly on his blog in attempts to ‘expose’ Tim Sykes. When Michael Goode first came across Tim Sykes blog, he really did not believe a word of it.

Eventually Michael realized that Tim was teaching a penny stock trading strategy that really worked!

Michael was dedicated to learning and adapting Tim’s Sykes strategy to his own trading style – it worked and within a few short years (4 yrs), Michael Goode became a stock trading millionaire.

Michael started trading with a small 5-figure trading account, which gives hope to people hoping to replicate his success! Michael watched many of the Timothy Sykes DVD classics and absorbed all of them.

Michael Goode has always been very transparent with his trading track record and even includes tax returns etc on his website.


Michael Goode Trader

Michael Goode Trader extraordinaire!

Michael Goode Top Trading Tips

The reason that I document and discuss the many millionaire stock traders on this blog is to help you (and myself!) learn from other people who have had great success.

When I started stock trading I was inspired by people like Michael Goode and I hope you will be too.

Here is a decent video of Tim Sykes asking Michael Goode many questions regarding his trading ability and style – I hope it helps!



The video features questions from novice traders and Michael does a really nice job answering them with full and detailed replies.

Michael is a very hard worker and I can relate to that being a very important quality to find ‘success’. The guy inspired me when I started trading and lets hope that he will inspire you to work your tail off to become a millionaire stock trader!





Michael Goode DVD

Michael Goode (in collaboration with Timothy Sykes) produced a fantastic DVD called Learn To Read SEC Filings.

This is one of my favorite trading DVDs of all time! The information that is packed into this DVD (10 hours long!) is so valuable. You can read more about it on Tim Sykes blog.


Tim Sykes blog


Most people don’t understand SEC filings or how to use them for trading stocks. If you learn how to do it, you can gain an insider edge over the competition.

I have watched Michael Goode explain how to use SEC filings and he really cleared things up for me. The guy is SMART. But more importantly he is really great at explaining complicated things to people.

Michael Goode shares the presentation with Tim Sykes. If you haven’t seen a Timothy Sykes DVD then you will be in for a treat!

I have to say that I prefer the portion (about half) that Michael presents. If you want to learn how to spot companies that are fraudulent then this is the DVD for you.


Michael Goode Net Worth

It is not clear what Michael Goodes net worth is. It is likely above $1 Million, but it is unlikely that we will ever know what he is worth.

Timothy Sykes DVD

What is your favorite Timothy Sykes DVD ?

Other Resources

If you want to watch more videos that feature Michael Goode, check out his Youtube channel (a little out of date but still has some good advice on trading related topics). Michael Goode has appeared on many interviews on national TV.

Timothy Sykes also features his success in many interviews and on his own Youtube channel.

Tim Sykes blog – read it here.

You can also find detailed information from the man himself at his own website, GoodeTrades.

Timothy Sykes – Wiki Page.

Good luck trading and be inspired!




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Michael Goode is a great stock trader that learned from a Timothy Sykes DVD and then from Tim Sykes himself! Michael Goode Trader extraordinaire came across Tim Sykes blog and never looked back!



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