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Capitalist Exploits is an investment picking advisor service that concentrates on high risk yet rewarding investments.

The newsletter compiled by experts in the money management field offers insights on the best short and long term ideas to invest in.

This insider bulletin is not only popular but also highly rated. You can access the journal through a subscription program. By doing so, you will join the already subscribed 30,000 members.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page. This means that if you click through and purchase anything, I could possibly make a commission without adding any extra cost to you.

The high membership number is a confirmation of the newsletter’s effectiveness and credibility.

You can get access to a FREE REPORT where they give you a FREE TRADE ALERT that has the potential to 5X your money!


The Founder of Capitalist Exploits

A brand’s credibility is identical to that of the founder. That is why the experience and knowledge of an organization’s establisher is critical.

Capitalist Exploits is the original idea of Chris MacIntosh in practice. Attached to his name is a number of successful start-ups mostly in the field of investments.

Besides, the founder has previously served as a banker in the investment field. That came before he made up his mind to venture into independent trading.

Chris has had his fair share of failures. This means he understands where not to put your money and where it would be best invested.

He thinks of himself as a poor marketer. I don’t see any fancy cars or mansions, so that is a good thing!


Here is another more in-depth Capitalist Exploits review

Chris MacIntosh has been a professional investor for a couple of decades.

He currently manages his own money, and that of high net worth clients of his asset management company Glenorchy Capital.

His background was in law, which he never actually used as he began his career at some top tier investment banks, financial markets having quickly taken his interest… that was until he got sick of working for “the man”.

He had started a business while working his way up the corporate ladder, and when that business was paying him more than his job, he left and never looked back.

Since then he has had stints as a full time trader, a full time real estate investor, and has started, built and sold multi-million dollar businesses.

He also ran a Venture Capital firm deploying around $35m into startups, which included seeding some friends startup RealVision, the alternative financial television group which you may have heard of.

How Capitalist Exploits Insider Works

Trustworthiness is important for a successful relationship between clients and the investment service provider. This trust is earned rather than given.

One way a provider can be trusted is by making open their way of doing business – transparency is key! Capitalist Exploits wants to win your trust and that is why you should know exactly how it works.

Below is a brief overview of the process.


1) Spotting opportunities – There are two categories of sectors at any given time when it comes to investments.

There is the loved sector and one deserted.

The former is flooded many at times while the latter full of opportunities and less competitive. The biggest challenge is in identifying the sectors falling under the category of the unloved.

It is the Capitalist Exploits team’s work to find out what the most unloved sectors are and how to trade them. The best time to do this is when they are due for revaluation. Then, the stakes are high.


2) Early positioning – Timing is critical as well as positioning. The team behind this newsletter equips itself with enough capital early enough ready for purchases, so should you.

3) Right purchases – Trading is all about buying low and selling high. Not only that, putting money in the right investment matters. The Capitalist Exploits team gives you advice on which assets will appreciate so you can buy them at the correct price etc. This minimizes risks.

4) Waiting time – Time is a compulsory ingredient of any monetary investment formulae. Whether short term or long term, the longer the time the higher the returns especially for appreciating assets. You therefore need to cultivate patience. The Capitalist Exploits experts know how long you should wait before trading to achieve optimum returns. This is guided by their research and experience.

Markets are unpredictable and things may not go as planned. In a scenario where things do not happen as envisioned, the best thing to do is minimize losses.

With insights from this magazine, you will get advice on how to do so. Or, do you want to lose your money? I bet you don’t. Nobody wants to!


What you Get With Capital Exploits Insider

A product is as good as the service it offers you. In every cost benefit analysis, a good analyst will advise you to pick the product if the benefits outweigh the costs.


Having subscribed to this newsletter service, what should you expect?


1) Stock Alerts. Opportunities only meet those who are ready. This insider alerts you when the right investment opportunities arise.

Time is of the essence because everyone is scrambling for opportunities. A delay in decision making may cost you the breakthrough you probably had been waiting for. In addition to top trade notifications, you will get strategies on the way to close the trades.

2) Direct contact with Chris, the founder. The best thing that can happen to you is to get top secrets from an experienced trader.

With these hidden tips, you will be unbeatable in trades, closing the best deals with the highest return rates.

3) Access to open trades. It is not enough to get alerts to trades, access too is important. High return trades have limited access and this newsletter lets you be one of the chosen few.

4) Weekly magazines. The medium through which information gets to you is important. Weekly magazines ensure you are always up to date with the current trends. In addition, you can access their blogs and update yourself.


Capitalist Exploits Bonus

Every legitimate product has a special offer for premium subscribers.

Are you a certified investor making hundreds of thousands of dollars annually? If yes, this is a special bonus for you.

The bonus is referred to as Resource Insider. There is a minimum income amount per annum set which you must beat to be one of the beneficiaries of the Resource Insider.

So, what is this bonus all about? You receive private placement trades on a silver platter.

In addition to the private placement pacts, you get extra stock picks. This means increased chances of landing bigger returns.

Besides, you get timely reports. Analytics are critical in proper decision making and that is why these bonus reports can really help you.


  • It is easy to learn how the newsletter works. This makes it simple to understand how you will create wealth thus hopefully improve your investment decision making.
  • Investments are high risk ventures. That said, you need a trustworthy advisor to be sure your money will grow and bring you a good return. The fact that this newsletter’s founder has revealed himself transparently and that his profile is public makes this a trustworthy course. Not only that, he is experienced and has a clean record.
  • High returns. Any monetary gain is appreciated, but higher returns are even better to receive. The Capitalist Exploits Insider bulletin assures you of high returns.



High risk. You know what this means. It is possible to suffer big losses if you buy into the wrong deal.

That should not worry you because this team is competent and experienced enough to help prevent losses. However, all investments come with some risk.

Filtered information. In some cases, you will not always receive information in detail, only briefs. The good thing is the information you receive is usually sufficient.


Conclusion: Capitalist Exploits Review

Creating wealth calls for alertness, risk taking and putting money on the right trades. I hope that after reading this Capitalist Exploits review, that you will see the potential that it offers.

When you have an informative online subscription magazine like Capitalist Exploits, you have all the prerequisites to make money online.

The only thing now awaiting you is to take action and manage the trades according to your risk/reward profile!


Good Luck!



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I hope that you found my Capitalist Exploits review helpful!

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